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Typhoon Season Vietnam: Best Guide to Travel

July 13, 2023 - 3515 views

Typhoon season appears to be an unfavorable time to visit Vietnam. If, for some season, you have to start your trip during this, here is the best guide to have a not-too-bad experience in our country.

While the rainy season in Vietnam features many interesting strange things that can give you an off-the-beaten-track experience, its sibling, typhoon, is really annoying and sometimes disastrous. During the season, traffic gets congested; sudden flight cancellation occurs more frequently; tourism services, especially beach-related, have to be temporarily suspended. Everything seems to slow down when typhoons speed up to hit the country. Of course, in such weather conditions, you’d better not get out, let alone traveling to other places, which is extremely dangerous. However, if you have no choice but to travel during the Vietnam typhoon season, keep reading as below is our suggestion.

Vietnam typhoon season


When is Vietnam Typhoon Season

As Vietnam lies in the subtropical climatic region, the typhoon is inevitable, especially from both the Northern and Southern Pacific Ocean. Usually, the typhoon season occurs from June to November. During this time, there are about 7 - 12 storms and 2 - 3 tropical depressions. In fact, they don’t hit the country throughout the season but occur consecutively from August to October.

In the early half of the season (from June to August), typhoons or tropical cyclones follow the direction of north, northwest, or northeast which eventually lead to the Southeast of China or Japan. As a result, our North will be affected indirectly, which is proved by several heavy rains or rainstorms in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Bac Giang, etc. during this time. As it is just the beginning of the Vietnam typhoon season, their strength is not so great that we can still travel and join indoor activities. However, that doesn’t mean there is no damage. In the mountainous area, due to recent severe deforestation, landslides are more likely to be triggered; thus claim many lives.

Moving next to the other half (August to Oct), also the peak of typhoon season, central Vietnam is greatly affected as typhoons or storms then shift to the west and directly hit Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Quang Binh, etc. During this, their enormous strength can make them even more disastrous. In fact, most of the strongest typhoons reported occurring in this area. They caused great damage to both human life and property. Hundreds of billions are lost and thousands of deaths are reported. Apparently, tourism services are suspended during this time, so visitors are not allowed to get out to travel but stay inside and befriend with the TV.

Flood might happen in Vietnam during typhoon season

Flood might happen in Vietnam during typhoon season


Should travel to Vietnam Typhoon Season?

The answer is both no and yes. Surprised already? Keep reading as we can explain to you.

Firstly, there are plenty of occasions that you can enjoy your vacation in favorable weather. Also, it is too dangerous to travel in such weather conditions. Therefore, we suggest that you choose another time, maybe spring (in the first 3 months) of the year to visit Vietnam. However, tourist spots in these months can be crowded as it is in Tet or Southern Liberation - International Worker holiday that the demand for traveling increases significantly.

If preferring to avoid crowds, you can choose early summer to spend your trip in central Vietnam and late autumn to visit the North. Though these occasions parallel typhoon season, the country is not severely affected by typhoons but experiences rains or insignificant natural phenomena. Besides, enjoying Da Nang or Hai Phong’s beautiful beaches and visiting Hanoi in the fall are both interesting unforgettable experiences. You can still have a truly enjoyable vacation if choosing suitable times and places.

In addition, if you remain unsure about our above suggestion due to the devastating effects of typhoon season presented before, you can choose to visit Southern Vietnam during the season. The Southeast and Mekong river delta are the least or hardly affected by typhoon season. This region features a warm climate all year round and only experiences rains during the rainy season (from May to October). Therefore, they will be ideal destinations for you on visiting Vietnam in the typhoon season.

You can go on a Ho Chi Minh city tour to visit interesting modern spots and enjoy the cheap delicious street food. You can also get to Da Lat, the city of flowers, to marvel at beautiful gardens and treat yourself to extra fresh fruits as well as vegetables. Alternatively, coming to Mekong Delta provinces such as Ca Mau, Kien Giang, Hau Giang to get close to the locals and see how their daily life goes on is not a bad idea.

Typhoon season hits Center Vietnam

Typhoon season hits Center Vietnam


Tips to Travel to Vietnam in Typhoon Season

Before any trip, that everything is well prepared is very important. Before traveling in Vietnam typhoon season, it is even more crucial. Here are some tips to have a not-too-bad vacation.

  • Check the weather forecast carefully before booking anything. You can follow the VTV weather forecast on social media, seek advice from Q&A on our website, or ask your friends in Vietnam. Remember to check the weather for your whole vacation before starting and check your destination’s weather before getting there.
  • Don’t book anything too early. Booking stuff like flight, tour, etc. early is always recommended but not during typhoon season. There are two reasons for this. One is that if you check the weather forecast for a day in the far future and book a flight or tour on that day, the forecast may be not accurate. In this case, the short-term forecast is better. Another is that as typhoon season is not the peak season, flights/ tours are always available.
  • Plan B is always recommended. What if storms come when everything is already done? Your flight can be delayed. Your tour can be canceled. Therefore, a backup plan is needed. In case you, a travel newbie, don’t know how to make it, you should have things booked by a travel agency that can give you the best solution for such undesired situations.
  • The storm is unpredictable, it can set in all of a sudden while you are on your vacation. Our suggestion for this is to take part in more indoor activities, choosing tourist spots that lie in or are close to residential areas, and excluding off-shore/ climbing tours or similar ones from your plan.
  • Things for your essential kit include waterproof bags, raincoat, umbrella, napkins, scarf, anti-slip soled shoes.

Always bring rain coach when travel to Vietnam during rainy season

Always bring rain coach when travel to Vietnam during rainy season


Suggested Vietnam Itinerary in Typhoon Season

As previously mentioned, early summer and late autumn are good times to visit Vietnam. From May to June, you can come to Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Da Nang to enjoy beaches, take part in some water-related activities, and enjoy garden-fresh seafood. During the daytime, you can swim, sunbathe, and play beach volleyball. At night, a tour to nearby tourist spots such as night market, night play zone, entertainment by electric car can be great.

Alternatively, from September to October, coming to the capital to enjoy the Hanoi-in-fall atmosphere will be the best idea. You can walk along Hoang Dieu, Phan Dinh Phung, or Kim Ma street, have cool winds touch your skin, and immerse yourself in the wonderful tranquility, then sit in a corner, see vehicles moving, and enjoy your appetizing banh mi or sticky rice. How great the experience is!

Visiting Southern Vietnam can be your plan B if the center and North are both hit by storms. Arriving in Ho Chi Minh, you can spend a day getting around the city and its neighbors like Dalat as they are pretty worth a visit. Afterward, visiting the area of Mekong delta to get on with the locals and experience their day can give you an off-the-beaten-track way to enjoy your vacation in Vietnam.

Above are our suggestions for traveling to Vietnam during the typhoon season. For detailed information, advice, or booking Vietnam tours, you can contact us through our website


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