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Useful Local Tips In Mandalay

April 07, 2021 - 4016 views

Mandalay is known as the second-largest city in Myanmar and also the capital of the last empire of the country. The city not only is the sacred land for major Buddhists’ pilgrimages but also contains many mysterious things that await being discovered.

1. Weather and when to visit

Summer in Mandalay lasts from March to May and from then on the temperature cools down in the rainy season. Because Mandalay is in the central dry zone so the precipitation amount is less than in some countries in the south. Winter lasts from November to February. The peak time of the tourism season is between October and December which is the most beautiful time of the year. Moreover, if you visit Mandalay in mid-April, you will be able to join the Water Festival which is also called Thingyan. During the festival, Mandalay maidens go around the city or at water-playing marquees while the air is filled with music probably by the renowned Myoma Musical Troupe, which is a trademark institution of Mandalay.

Sunset at U Bein brige in Mandalay

Sunset at U Bein bridge in Mandalay

2. Transportation in Mandalay


In case you are in a group of 3 to 4, you can hire a taxi to go around the city. Taxi drivers, who can speak decent English, will take you to some famous attractions in Mandalay within a day and charge you about $10 - $12/person/day. It is quite convenient since the city is rather dusty.

Motor taxis

If you travel alone, motor taxis may be a good choice instead of taxis which are found easily near hotels and on many street corners in Mandalay.


The same as motor taxis, trishaw is very popular in many cities in Myanmar, even in big villages. The fares are cheaper than those of taxis.

Trisaw in Mandalay

Trishaw in Mandalay


Another common means of transportation in Mandalay is the bicycle which is suitable for discovering the city on your own. You can rent one at a very reasonable price everywhere. Remember to check whether the bicycle works well to help you have a good trip around the city.

3. Shopping in Mandalay

Zegyo Market is the oldest and largest market in Mandalay which was founded in the 19th century during the reign of King Mindon. You can find here various types of products from spices, fruits, food to handicrafts, housewares… Visting the market, you can not only buy things at reasonable prices but also witness the daily life of local residents.
Location: 84th St between 24th and 26th Streets Chanayethazan, Mandalay.

Amara Waddy shop is one of the best places in Mandalay to buy sculptures - the typical product of Mandalay.
Location: Location: 493/25, 81st Street, between 35th Street & 36th Street.

In the evening, you should pay a visit to Chinatown (located at 75th street) to taste delicious Chinese cuisine and find some lacquer wares that are locally crafted.
In case you are interested in gem and jewelry, let’s go to Gem Palace. It is considered one of the best places to purchase these items. It is located at no. 376, Corner of 33rd Street and 83rd Street, Chan Aye Thar San Township.

4. Must-try food

Although Burmese gastronomy is influenced by Indians, Chinese, and Thailand, it still has its own distinctive taste. There are some dishes that you should try once you are in Myanmar in general and Mandalay in particular.

Tea leaf salad

One of the most special dishes in Myanmar is lahpet – fermented tea leaves which are used to make the salad or eaten as a snack or a starter. They are mixed with chopped or shredded cabbage, slices of tomato, beans, garlic oil, chilies, etc. to make a special salad.

Tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad

Burmese curry

Curry in Myanmar is much different from Indian and Thailand one which is remarkably spicier and does not contain coconut milk. It can be served with pork, beef, lamb, or seafood. In restaurants for Muslims, curry is eaten with salad, raw vegetables... An interesting thing in enjoying the dish is that you will receive a traditional dessert of Myanmar which is pickled tea leaves and many types of seeds that are stored in a lacquer tray.

Burmese chicken curry

Burmese chicken curry

Shan noodles

This is the typical cuisine of the Shan ethnic minority living in Northern Myanmar. It is the perfect combination of thin rice noodles with spiced chicken, pork, roasted sesame, garlic, and a light broth that is often used with pickled vegetables.

Shan noodles

Shan noodles

Nan gyi Thohk

Different from Shan noodles, Nan gyi Thohk includes thick and round noodles. It sometimes called Burmese spaghetti but without tomato sauce and beef. The dish is eaten with boiled eggs and chicken sauce. You can add a little lemon juice to enhance the flavor.

Nan gyi Thohk

Nan gyi Thohk

Deep-fried food

Burmese exceptionally love deep-fried food; therefore, it can be found easily from street stalls to tea shops. Fried spring rolls, bread, donuts… are used with a sauce made from tamarind creating an undeniable attractiveness to both locals and foreigners.

Deep fried shimps

Deep-fried shrimps

That Myanmar has opened its door to international tourism gives tourists a lot of opportunities to explore and understand this beautiful country. Have a look at some of the interesting tours to Mandalay and Myanmar, maybe you can choose a suitable one!

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