6 Amusing Things to Do in Mandalay after Dark

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Exciting nightlife in Mandalay could not be perfect unless you try at least one of these amusing activities after dusk. Let's check this article out and enjoy your trip with our list of top 6 nightlife activities to do in Mandalay.

If you did enjoy a vibrant night in Yangon, you will find everything in Mandalay totally upside down. A large number of pagodas and monasteries have made up the exclusive features in the living habits of Mandalay people. Almost night entertainment has inclined towards artistic activities such as fascinating puppet shows, live music concerts, despite the absence of lively pubs or bars does not mean that you couldn’t enjoy Myanmar beer. Let’s find some delightful activities after dark in Mandalay with BestPrice Travel.

1. Gorgeous sunset from the U Bein Bridge

Situated near Su Taung Pyae Monastery, U Bein Bridge will be the most spectacular place to watch the sunset that you have seen in Myanmar. The image of the bridge and the fading sun against the river will make your heart melt when you see this picturesque sight. This beautiful sunset in Mandalay will definitely be one of the formidable opponents of the sunset in Bagan. If you have free time, come sooner one hour before the sunset to rent a boat and find yourself the best shooting angle.

Gorgeous sunset from the U Bein Bridge

The glorious sight of sunset next to the longest wooden bridge in the world – U Bein Bridge

  • Location: Amarapura, Myanmar (Burma)
  • Opening hours: 24 hours
  • Entrance fee: Included in pass ticket of Mandalay

2. Memorable dinner at Restaurant

One of the unignorable places for a night out in Mandalay trip is a dinner at Ginki Mandalay Bar & Restaurant. You will be overwhelmed by not only the large botanical garden but also the mixed menu from China, Thailand, India, and Western. Thanks to its charming rustic vibe from rhythmic music and charming staff, this restaurant attracts many tourists and native people to come and enjoy an amazing night in Mandalay.

  • Location: Ginki Mandalay Bar & Restaurant, 71st Street Corner 28th Street, Mandalay Myanmar
  • Opening hours: 10.30 am – 11.00 pm

3. A glimpse into Burmese culture

Marionette Puppet Show is one of the cultural shows that had an important part over the last 500 years of history and development of the art and culture of Myanmar. This show is still played daily in the evening to educate the young generation and introduce other foreigners to the literature, history, and religion of Myanmar. With an hour in a small cozy theater, you will be lived in the cultural space with admirable traditional dance and puppet show. A very clear explanation in English will allow you to know more about each segment and observe how puppeteers control the puppet. It must be one of the most admirable activities at night in Mandalay.

Wooden puppet with exquisite clothes controlled by skilled puppeteers

Wooden puppet with exquisite clothes controlled by skilled puppeteers

  • Location: Mandalay Marionettes and Culture Show, 66th Street, Between 26th and 27th Street, Mandalay
  • Opening Hours: Regular Show: 20:30-21:30

4. Classical Myanmar dance and traditional music show

Mintha Theater provides nightly performances about traditional Myanmar dance, a paradise for those who are falling in love with folk arts to enjoy the most memorable night in Mandalay. It is a social activity operated by Inwa School of Performing Arts to maintain the quality and authenticity of Myanmar performing arts. The program is staged carefully with beautifully choreographed and changed nightly with more than 12 distinct dances to illustrate folk dance forms of native people.

  • Location: 58th Street between 30th and 29th (East of the moat) Mandalay, Myanmar
  • Opening hours: Performances nightly 7 days a week at 8:00 PM
  • Ticket Price: 16,000 kyats

5. Best coffee ever in Goffee Coffee

With new-style decoration escaping from the silhouette of Buddhism, Goffee Coffee will take you to a new refreshing space to enjoy the city at night time after a long day wandering around Mandalay. With minimalist decor, numerous choices from coffee to frappes, and tasty pastries, if you are lucky, you can join the coffee campus where the boss with a strong passion for coffee will share more knowledge to make a better tasty cup of coffee. A chilling night at Goffee Coffee will let your hair down in Mandalay.

Minimalist design from the outside of the coffee shop

Minimalist design from the outside of the coffee shop

  • Location: No.6 39th St, 78th-79th Street, Mandalay
  • Opening Hour: 9 am – 6 pm

6. Outstanding view from the highest rooftop bar 

Lied on the 12th floor of Apex Hotel, Apex Sky Bar is the highest rooftop bar in Mandalay and offers an awe-inspiring space to wrap up a night out in the town. It will be an impressive destination to enjoy famous Myanmar beer as well as creative cocktails and whiskeys. Owing to the cozy, spectacular view and live band music every night, it is worth your time to chill in this sky bar for a night getaway in Mandalay.

  • Address: 35th Street between 58th x 59th streets
  • Opening Hour: 5 pm – 1 am
  • Price: Large bottle of Myanmar Beer (660ml): 3,000 kyats

Awesome night with panorama view at Apex Sky Bar

Awesome night with panorama view at Apex Sky Bar

Alternative bar options:

  • Ned Kelly

Address: 28th Street between 74th x 75th streets
Open: 4pm-12am
Pint of Tiger Draft: 3,000 kyats

  • Brolly Sky Bar

Address: 22nd Street Between 65th x 66th streets
Open 11am-11pm
Large draft Tiger beer 3,000 kyats

  • Sky Bar at Ayarwaddy River View Hotel

Address: Strand Road between 22nd x 23rd streets
Large bottle of Myanmar Beer (660ml): 3,000 kyats

  • The Hangover Sky Bar

Address: Hotel Yi, Corner of 22nd and 86th streets

Indeed, this list is not exhaustive since there will definitely many interesting activities at night in Mandalay. Seek unique adventures and experiences to find the best terrific time in Mandalay.

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