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Vietnamese Iced Coffee from the North to the South

July 12, 2023 - 614 views

Vietnamese iced coffee is an indispensable beverage in the lives of many people. This is one must-try beverage you should not miss when travelling to Vietnam.

Vietnamese iced coffee from North to South has an important position in the hearts of many people, it is also considered as a morning drink for many people. Every morning, sipping a black coffee will make the new day more energetic and comfortable before working. Vietnamese iced coffee from the North to the South, anywhere you can order yourself a glass.

Vietnamese iced coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee is a drink that is familiar to everyone

The development of Vietnam's coffee industry

The coffee industry in Vietnam has strong growth and high growth, providing users with many types of coffee with many different flavors. Not only domestically produced, but Vietnamese coffee is also exported to many countries around the world. Vietnam's coffee industry is also interested in the state and invested in strong development. In recent years, coffee has increased strongly. This is also considered an indispensable product in the daily menu of many people.

The area of coffee growing land is also increasing markedly because of the increasing needs of people. The coffee industry is also one of the influential industries in the country's economic development.

You should also learn some generalizations about the development history of Vietnamese coffee. One thing that few people know about is that the first coffee factory in Vietnam was founded by a Frenchman in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai. Since then, the coffee manufacturing industry has been increasing and developing strongly. Since then more coffee farmers, choosing this is a way to help them develop the economy.

After that period, many coffee production companies were formed and have been thriving to this day. There are coffee brands currently famous all over the world.

One thing that many people may not know is that although it is a type of coffee, each region will have a different flavor. Northern ice coffee will have a different flavor than southern ice coffee. Let's find out if there are any similarities and differences between these two regions.

Vietnamese iced coffee from the North to the South

Vietnamese iced coffee from the North to the South

What is special about Northern Vietnamese iced coffee?

The difference when mentioning Northern Vietnamese iced coffee first is about the object or drink iced coffee the most. The Northern people prefer coffee most to the elderly, business people passionate about the job. They usually sip their coffee in the morning in the chilly air and a few rays of sunlight crept through the trees. They did not sit for too long, but not in a hurry. For them, enjoying coffee is an art, hiding a long story to tell. They come with iced coffee to sip and sit down, tell each other the daily stories.

The Northern people can sit and drink iced coffee at anytime, anywhere and at any place. They are not afraid to sit on the sidewalk, or crowded places, they see it as everyday life.

Vietnamese coffee in the North also has a very delicious taste and unique characteristics. It helps people to dispel the heat, wake up to start a new job, help many relationships become better when sitting together drinking coffee and telling stories to each other.

You can also buy Northern Vietnamese coffee anywhere because it is currently a very popular drink, present everywhere that just steps away, you will see. You can buy coffee at stores that sell and make your own. Or if you want to taste more fragrant and not have to make concoctions, you can also go to the sidewalk cafes or luxury cafes, whenever you want to enjoy, you can search for it. 

Talking about the price offered, it is not too expensive, a cup of iced coffee is only worth from 15 to 20 thousand VND or some luxurious places will cost more than 50 to 60 thousand VND that you can Please refer to each place of purchase.

Vietnamese coffee in the North

Vietnamese iced coffee in the North

Things to know about Southern Vietnamese iced coffee

To compare Vietnam coffee of both the North and the South you will see that it is different from the taste and the way people drink coffee.

In the South, iced coffee is a special drink for all ages, unlike in the North, only some people love it. They can drink coffee at any time of the day, maybe early in the morning with the newspaper still smelling of ink, on the stool right on the curb. At times, the Southerners stayed up late, sipping a cup of coffee with a close friend, watching the strange silence of the streets when lighting up.

Southerners often call iced coffee cups as "Bac Xiu", a very different way to call the North. The flavor is also quite unique, it is a bit more charming, more eye-catching than the taste of the North.

Vietnamese iced coffee in the South

Vietnamese iced coffee in the South

Understand the tastes of people from different regions, the coffee producers and the many popular cafes that have produced and processed ice milk coffee in the region. Nam and brown coffee in the North. Coffee producers have created two different flavors so that both Northern people and Southern people can suit their taste.

Finding and buying iced coffee in the South is not too difficult. If you want to prepare and enjoy your own taste, you can buy coffee at coffee shops and grocery stores. If you want to enjoy coffee prepared by experienced people and go to a place with a beautiful view to enjoy it, you can go to cafes in the South. Can be found in luxurious bars or near you to easily travel and enjoy often. In your free time or in the mood, you can also go to the coffee shop to enjoy yourself a cup of coffee and forget about the troubles in everyday life.

To buy coffee, the price offered is not too high, there will be similar prices, there will be differences in each place to sell but not too big. Buying it on your own is cheaper than going to a store they prepared. But to enjoy the full flavor of coffee, you may want to go to those coffee shops.

Bac Xiu - iced coffee

"Bac Xiu" - Iced coffee in the South

Above is the shared information about Vietnamese iced coffee in both the South and the North so you can better understand the taste of each different region. Hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the flavors of the region to have more feelings.

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