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Best Cafés in Ho Chi Minh City

March 15, 2023 - 4274 views

In Ho Chi Minh City, cafes dotted throughout the city. Each place has different characteristics, but they all bring to customers interesting and comfortable.

After Brazil, Vietnam is the second-largest exporter of coffee, in particular, the robusta and arabica beans, which have a dark, rich flavor. It was the French who introduced the beans to Vietnam in the late 19th century and it wasn't long before the country began growing its own coffee in the highlands and exporting it. Saigon has maintained its strong cafe culture even amidst its growing responsibilities as Vietnam‘s economic center with thousands of great cafes spread out over the city.

Speaking of tea and coffee, Saigon gathers hundreds of different well-known brands, of which, there are big brands from abroad as Starbucks Coffee, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Coffee Benne, The Coffee House, etc.

1. Highlands Coffee in Saigon

Highlands Coffee is one of the most successful Vietnamese coffee chains, established in 1998. Their first café is opened in October 2002. They now have over 65 cafes internationally and are looking forward to sustained growth. A proudly Vietnamese brand, Highlands is not only famous in Vietnam but also one of the brand names positioning in the world, especially famous in countries such as USA, UK, Korea, Japan... To compete, Highlands Coffee has had quite effective policies, such as low prices, free Wi-Fi service, diverse food, music and spaces, and the most special thing being coffee beans from Vietnam. They serve both Vietnamese-style Robusta coffee and traditional espresso-style Arabica blends. Highlands is a comfortable spot to get your morning coffee or spend the afternoon nestled with a book and a cup of tea. Around Ho Chi Minh City, there are a number of Highlands Coffee outlets.

Highlands coffee in Saigon

Highlands coffee

2. Trung Nguyen Coffee in Ho Chi Minh city

Trung Nguyen is the largest domestic coffee brand within Vietnam and exports its products to more than 60 countries. Along with producing and processing coffee beans, Trung Nguyen operates a nationwide chain of over 1000 coffee shops in Vietnam to distribute its products. The first one was opened in October 1998 in Ho Chi Minh City. Throughout the following years, franchises were opened in Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and China. Today, Trung Nguyen is the most sought-after pleasure by tourists when visiting Vietnam. These rich, multi-species, heirloom coffees are deep-roasted but never burnt, giving you a uniquely delicious coffee experience. The coffee menu is extensive and the prices are on the high side, but you can't beat it for quality. If you enjoyed it, you can buy a bag of beans to take home. Regulars say they come back because it's consistently good.

Trung Nguyen Coffee in Ho Chi Minh city

Trung Nguyen Coffee

3.  Phuc Long Coffee and Tea House in Saigon

Phuc Long coffee and tea house – a coffee and tea brand in Vietnam still has a certain position in the hearts of Saigon people in general and tourists in particular. 

 Phuc Long Coffee and Tea

The Famous Coffee Chain Phuc Long. You Hardly See Starbucks Along The Street But You See Phuc Long Everywhere.

Diverse types of coffee and tastes of tea, Phuc Long coffee and tea house will be a gift carrying the really characteristic flavor of Saigon. Especially, Phuc Long has branches in Ho Chi Minh city only; hence, the gift of Saigon will surely make your loved ones favorite.

Phuc Long with tea products: peach tea, green tea, jasmine tea, black tea, etc. are packed to help tourists can conveniently purchase as a gift without worrying about damage during transportation.

4. Une Journee a Paris in Ho Chi Minh

Une Journee a Paris is a little patisserie/restaurant conveniently located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City which is only half a block from Ben Thanh Market and adjacent to Lavender Hotel. The place is a nice break from the bustling of the city center. It features an assortment of fantastic pastries which would nicely replace your daily hotel breakfast. The staffs here speak both English and French and incredibly friendly.

5. L'usine Cafe in Saigon

If you ask locals to name a trendy, must-see cafe in Saigon, L’Usine is bound to come up pretty quickly. L’Usine is more than just a café: it is a fashion boutique, café, and art gallery complex inspired by the timeless elegance and enterprising industry of the Indochina era. The original café is located on the first floor of a 19th-century French colonial building on historical Dong Khoi Street. Thanks to its success, the founders opened a new branch at 70B Le Loi Street, District 1. The eating experience follows the tradition of the French bistro, focusing on quality produce and homemade cakes.



6. M2C Bistro & Café Saigon

This place is definitely somewhere everyone should experience, especially if you like Saigon’s atmosphere. Located on a busy Dong Khoi Street in the heart of the city which makes it easy to find but surprisingly peaceful and calming once you head upstairs where the bistro is located. Once you go up the narrow stairs, you will be surprised and will be greeted by an ambient atmosphere with a modern architecture design. They have a great menu suitable for all types of occasions. Whether just for drinks or food you will get a nice corner for a relaxing time. 

M2C Coffee

M2C Coffee

There are many cafés in Ho Chi Minh City and above is just some most popular ones. If you are coffee-addicted, don't forget to try the coffee when come and visit Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Mai Linh

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