Visit Vietnam’s Tet Flower Markets This January

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Right after the International New Year Eve, Vietnam is waiting for its annual biggest festival – Tet (Lunar New Year). Vietnamese Tet comes soon this year as the first day of 2019 in lunar calendar is going to drop in 5th Feb 2019 of international time.

If you want to enjoy the Tet atmosphere in Vietnam, do not wait until February, Vietnamese prepare for Lunar New Year really soon, normally about at least two weeks before. Few days before the middle of December in lunar calendar, flower markets throughout Vietnam are crowded as farmers and sales person will start to sell typical ornamental plants and flowers for Tet and the atmosphere in these markets will be hot until 1-2 days before the Lunar New Year Eve.

On the other hand, flower markets are not the only place that Tet ornamental plants being sold, they will also be available in many center streets of big cities from North to South of Vietnam. There are diverse types of plants and flower sold in this occasion and some typical decorating plants for Tet only cannot be missed such as: Cherry blossom, Apricot blossom and Kumquat. And while Kumquat plants with different sizes and shapes can be found everywhere throughout the country. Cherry blossom represents for Tet in the North of Vietnam and Apricot blossom is the symbol of Tet in the South.

Cherry Blossom Garden in Hanoi - Vietnam’s Tet Flower Markets

Cherry Blossom Garden in Hanoi

Apricot Blossom in the South - Vietnam’s Tet Flower Markets  

Apricot Blossom in the South

Besides those typical Tet plants, many kinds of flowers and plants is going to be sale such as Orchid, Peony, Poinsettia, Azalea, Fig, yellow Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Narcissus, etc. Traditionally, Vietnamese prefer to buy the colorful or bright colors flowers and plants to decorate their houses during Tet holiday as a wish for a lucky, wealthy and healthy Lunar New Year.

Flower Markets in Hanoi - Northern Vietnam

Quang Ba flower market  - Vietnam’s Tet Flower Markets

Quang Ba flower market 

If you want to enjoy fully the bustle hustle atmosphere of flower markets in Vietnam, you should choose to visit a big flower markets in a weekend or some traditional fairs of big cities. In Hanoi – Vietnam’s Capital, travelers can come to Quang Ba market which is the biggest flower market in the North of Vietnam, where first-hand sellers come here and trading with each other and buyers everyday. Normally, Quang Ba market only works at night, but before Tet holiday from 2-3 weeks, it will be active all day long. Another famous place that most of Hanoians will come to choose flowers and plants for Tet is Hoang Hoa Tham road. This street is where an ancient traditional ornamental plant fair organized monthly and it becomes a hot spot before Tet as many sellers will not wait until the market day like other months but work on their business there everyday; however, the market day and 3 days before Lunar New Year Eve are the most crowded time as all the sellers and buyers will gather here for trading.

A corner in Hoang Hoa Tham st's flower fair

A corner in Hoang Hoa Tham st's flower fair

Flower markets in Ho Chi Minh City - Southern Vietnam

In Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon), the most popular flower market is Ho Thi Ky. Different from Quang Ba flower market in Hanoi, people call Ho Thi Ky a “non-sleeping market” as it works 24/24 – wholesale at night and retailing in day time. Before Tet, this place gathers a huge number of sellers, buyers and tourists who come to trade or enjoy the beauty of flower and the bustle atmosphere here. Beside Ho Thi Ky, Ho Chi Minh City also has another famous flower market: Dam Sen (means Lotus Pond). While Ho Thi Ky market has been working for generations, Dam Sen market was opened in 2000 and still is considered as a new flower market there. As a new one, Dam Sen market is not as crowded as Ho Thi Ky so it is suitable with buyers and travelers who do not like huddle places and want to take time to enjoy the flower shopping and admiring slowly.

Dam Sen flower market - Vietnam’s Tet Flower Markets

Dam Sen flower market

Vietnam before Tet holiday is covered by the aroma and beauty of colorful flowers and plants at flower markets and fairs throughout the country. Not only being a trading place, flower markets are an important part of traditional culture of Vietnam and cannot be miss before Lunar New Year Eve. If you come to Vietnam this January, just spend time at a flower market here and enjoy the soon Tet atmosphere of this country.

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