7 Must-try Water Sports in Nha Trang

July 22, 2021 - 1113 views

Nha Trang attracts visitors not only because of its beautiful bay, delicious cuisine but also extremely interesting and challenging sea sports games. Follow the text below to discover and experience the 7 Must-try Water Sports in Nha Trang, buddies!

Nha Trang city has diverse natural conditions from topography, climate to hydrological conditions. The coast has many beautiful beaches and bays with high tourist value. Besides, this city has many rivers and streams, which become the main source of water supply for industrial-agricultural activities, tourism, services, and people's daily life. Hence, the development of Water Sports is obvious indeed.  


1. Swimming

With an ideal beach length, Nha Trang opens up a vast natural scenery for you to experience. Let yourself immerse in the blue water buried in the fine sand, take a walk along the beach, lie down on the sand and listen to the waves crashing on the shore or have moments of watching the amazing sunrise and sunset. Not only that, building sandcastles or playing beach volleyball will also help you have those wonderful relaxing moments.

In addition to the crystal blue sea, the shade of green trees and mountain slopes are obvious things not to be missed when swimming in Nha Trang

Beautiful beach is best for swimming in Nha Trang

Beautiful beach is best for swimming


2. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Nha Trang is a subject that is both difficult and extremely easy. Even if you can't swim, are obese, or are nearsighted, you can still join a scuba diving tour with the support of professional divers. When diving, the guide will equip you with a diving suit, glasses, snorkel, and tank. Before officially starting to explore the ocean, you will learn simple movements and signs in the water to communicate with each other.

You should warm up carefully before entering the water. It is recommended to hire an additional person to take photos with you to save the wonderful moments under the ocean. You will get pictures of colorful coral reefs and schools of fish swimming around.

Scuba Diving in Nha Trang

Scuba Diving


3. Snorkelling

Nha Trang Snorkelling is a scuba diving sport with swimming goggles. Visitors will face down in the water to see the coral reefs below. Many people will wonder in case they can't swim, whether they join in or not. It is possible. Because Snorkeling is swimming above the water and looking down below, so if you don't know how to swim, you can wear a life jacket. Those who already know how to swim can dive deep below to see more clearly.

However, don't touch or break the coral when sinking because many corals are very easy to die when being directly reached. 

Snorkeling in Hon Mun Nha Trang

Snorkeling in Hon Mun


4. Rafting

This form of adventure tourism seeks thrills, expressing the players' will and desire to conquer nature. The journey often takes place on rivers with steep slopes and many rapids - treacherous reefs that you and your teammates must overcome.

You can also participate in the game without fear of anything, and the technical team is very well equipped to ensure the safety of players when sitting on the boat. Besides, you will also have very beautiful photos because there is a team of professional photographers to capture every moment of the game.

Rafting in Nha Trang



5. Stand up Paddling 

Compared to surfing, paddleboarding is somewhat simpler and easier to play. A complete beginner can master this sport in just a few hours. Thanks to paddles, participants can travel longer distances and play on different water surfaces such as bays and calm lakes, and even canyons. Once playing this game, you will be very relaxed as you can enjoy windsurfing in the middle of the lake when the sun is gradually falling, watching the quiet scenery, the cool breeze enjoying the fresh air. Besides, standing on the balance board is also very good for health. 

Standing up Paddling

Standing up Paddling


6. Kayaking

As a sport of physical training and endurance, kayaking gradually overwhelms others in serving the tourism of marine life. The sport of kayaking is increasingly popular to many sea sports enthusiasts in the coastal city. In the immense space of the sea and the sky, tourists will be floating with the crashing waves and enjoy moments of gentle and comfortable relaxation with the sea. By the way, kayaking also helps you practice calmness, perseverance and courage in the face of unexpected situations! During your tour, don't forget to join a kayak or a basket boat!

More specifically, visitors can watch schools of fish swimming in the creek or colourful coral reefs while rowing near the seaweed flow. 

Kayaking in Nha Trang



7. Fishing

The guide will provide fishing rods and bait for you to try your luck at sea. There are many different species of fish living in this sea that promise to bring you moments of relaxation and possibly fresh spoils. 

Areas with rocky shores connected to the mainland or offshore are called rapids. In these areas, the water often flows fast; the waves are strong and continuous. In these rapids, there is often a lot of fish. Thus this is almost an ideal fishing spot for anglers. Before fish in the sea, you should ensure your health is in the best state, so let's sleep and rest properly to have an exciting trip!

By the way, don't forget to prepare a few things to make the process more secure such as sunscreen and anti-seasickness medicine. Checking the weather forecast is advisable!

Fishing in Nha Trang



The whole sea area of the coastal city suddenly became a performance stage for lovers of speed and thrills. More than 20 sea sports are waiting for players to be conquered. If you do not have experience controlling devices, do not worry. Most of the games here have a guide to help you. Sea sports are not just activities on the water. Walking under the sea will bring you a completely new experience. After the curiosity, the thrill at the beginning of each journey is the indescribable feeling when touching the coral underwater with your own hands or flying up high to see everything around. All give visitors an impressive experience on the waves! Shake it up and run to Nha Trang right away!

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