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Where to eat in Mandalay

January 15, 2024 - 3436 views

Traveling to Mandalay, in addition, to visit historic and cultural architecture and go sightseeing, there is something that you must experience is Burmese gastronomy.

If you wander around downtown Mandalay, particularly between the southwest corner of the Mandalay Palace moat and Zegyo Market (between 22nd and 28th streets), you will find many inexpensive roadside restaurants serving a variety of tasty local dishes, as well as Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan food.

Street food in Mandalay

Street food in Mandalay

Must-try Restaurants

Here is a selection of some of the best places to eat in Mandalay:

- Lashio Lay is a downtown restaurant popular with locals and foreigners alike, serving good value authentic Shan food, and is open later than most other places. The price range is from 2.000 kyats to 4000 kyats. Location: on 23rd Street.

- 27th Street food stalls: Near Zegyo Market, you will find a number of street stalls selling cheap and tasty chapatis. Beers usually need to be brought or ordered from another store.

- Karaweik Tea House serves delicious dumplings and a variety of other local dishes. Price is from 1.000 kyats to 3.000 kyats. Location: on 22nd Street.

- Green Elephant has a lovely, atmospheric garden setting and offers traditional Myanmar food, as well as Thai, Chinese Indian, and Western dishes. Price is from 10.000 kyats to 15.000 kyats. Location: on 27th Street.

Green Elephant Restaurant

Green Elephant Restaurant

Recommended Bars

There are street-side beer stations scattered all around Mandalay, although relatively little western-style bar or coffee culture. The options are growing, however, and most bar options are located around the southeast corner of Mandalay Palace. Here are the highlights:

- Central Park is one of the few western-style bar/restaurant hangouts in Mandalay. Serving a range of tasty dishes including pizza, BBQ, Mexican, and burgers, it is located in a relaxing and stylish semi-outdoor setting. The price range is from 3.000 kyats to 7.000 kyats. Location: on 27th Street.

- Café City is an American-style diner. Price is from 5.000 kyats to 10.000 kyats. Location: on 66th Street (East Moat Road).

- Koffee Korner serves a wide variety of European dishes as well as coffees. Price is from 3.000 kyats to 8.000 kyats. Location: the corner of 27th and 70th streets.


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