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Cheap Flight from Phu Quoc to Hanoi


Phu Quoc to Hanoi flight route

Depart Phu Quoc Airport

Arrive Noi Bai International Airport

Distance 1527 km

Flight time 2 hours 5 minutes

Cheapest price US$23

Vietnam Airlines
Vietjet Air
Bamboo Airways
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Overview of flight ticket information from Phu Quoc to Hanoi

You need to know the following information when you want to buy a flight ticket to Hanoi from Phu Quoc:


Domestic Terminal T1 - Phu Quoc International Airport - PQC


Domestic Terminal T1 - Noi Bai International Airport - HAN


~ 1237 km

Flight time

2 hours 5 minutes


Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air


7 flights/ day

  • Vietnam Airlines 2 flights
  • Vietjet Air 5 flights


Airfares for one-way and round-trip

At the present time, the cheapest ticket price from Phu Quoc to Hanoi is only US $8.22 with Vietjet Air flying in September. The average ticket price ranges from US $16.09 to US $35.76 one-way and from US $32.18  to US $71.53 round-trip (taxes and fees included).

Often passengers will choose to buy round-trip tickets to minimize the risks of one-way tickets. Because when booking a one-way ticket and leaving it close to the new flight date, the ticket may run out or the ticket price will increase.

One way fare (US $)

Round trip fare (US $)




Vietnam Airlines



Vietjet Air


  • The above ticket prices are for reference only
  • Airline ticket prices during promotional periods of airlines will be cheaper

>> See more about round trip: flight ticket price from Hanoi to Phu Quoc


Getting from Phu Quoc City Center to Phu Quoc International Airport

  • Location: Duong To Commune, Phu Quoc City, Kien Giang Province
  • Distance from the city center: Around 14 km
  • Travel time: Around 20 - 30 minutes
  • Popular means of transportation: 


Cost (US $) 



US $6.12 - US $8.16

Brands: Mai Linh, Vinasun, Hoang Long, Sasco, Sai Gon Phu Quoc, etc


US $1.02
  • Bus routes (from the city center): 11
  • Frequency: 20 minutes/ turn (First journey: 6:00 - Last journey: 18:00 the same day)
VinBus Free
  • Bus route: 17
  • Bus journey: Phu Quoc Grand World - Phu Quoc International
  • Operating time: 4:00 - 3:10 on the next day
  • Travel time: Around 65 - 70 minutes/ turn (Depending on peak hours/ lower hours) 
Motorbike taxi Around US $2.44 - US $2.85 This transportation is only suitable for singles with few luggage to save the cost
Hotel/resort shuttle bus/ limousine bus US $10.20 - US $16.32 (or free depending on hotel policy, let check with reception about this service) Many hotels/resorts of 4* or more provide airport pick-up and drop-off service


Getting from Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi City Center

  • Address: Phu Minh Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi
  • Distance from city center: Approximately 28 km
  • Travel time: Approximately 40 - 50 minutes
  • Popular means of transportation:


Cost (US $) 


Airport bus US $0.98 - 1.57 Bus routes (Noi Bai airport - Hanoi center): 07, 17, 68, 86, 90,...
Taxi US $9.84 -  US $15.74

Taxi brands:  Long Bien taxi, Thu Do taxi, Mai Linh taxi, 123 taxi,...

Airport transfer US $7.34 - US $12.24 Pick-up and drop-off vehicles: a variety of vehicles from 4 - 45 seats for you to choose from
Airline minibus  US $1.57 Brands:  Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Vietravel Airlines


How to book cheap tickets from Phu Quoc to Hanoi

Please save a few tips to hunt for cheap flight tickets from Phu Quoc to Hanoi below:

  • Buy tickets early 2 - 3 months in advance to get good prices if you plan to travel to Hanoi during the peak season (Sep - Nov) or during the holidays (Jan - Feb). Because during these times, travel demand is great, ticket prices are often pushed up.
  • Take advantage of booking tickets around Aug - Nov or Mar - May to save costs. This period is Hanoi's rainy and winter season so the number of tourists is quite small, you will have many cheaper ticket options.
  • Follow airline promotions to hunt for cheap air tickets. If you don't want to miss any programs, sign up for emails at the company's websites.

Please contact +84 904-979-428 for timely advice on booking tickets and other travel services.


Outstanding tourist attractions in Hanoi

Upon booking flight tickets to Hanoi, don't forget to visit the outstanding tourist attractions below!

Cultural Village of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups

This is an extremely popular tourist destination in Hanoi. Visiting here, you will not only be able to admire the beautiful natural scenery and unique architectural works but also learn about the typical cultural features of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups.

  • Opening hours: 8:00  - 16:30 daily
  • Ticket price: US $1.18 /adult and US $0.39 /child.
  • Address: Dong Mo tourist area, Son Tay Town, Hanoi.

Perfume Pagoda

As a believer in spiritual tourism, Perfume Pagoda is the ideal choice for you when traveling to Hanoi. This temple is one of the most sacred temples in our country, receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

  • Opening hours: All day
  • Address: Hoa Binh Province, My Duc District, Hanoi

Perfume PagodaPerfume Pagoda

Hanoi’s 19/12 Book Street

If you are a "literary" person who loves reading, then Hanoi’s 19/12 Book Street in the center of Hanoi is the next place you should visit. There are many different types of books here for you to freely choose according to your liking.

  • Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00 daily
  • Address: 19/12 Street, Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge bears a strong mark of national history and culture with ancient beauty. This place has become a familiar check-in location for many young people when traveling to Hanoi.

Long Bien BridgeLong Bien Bridge

West Lake

If you are looking for a place to stroll around and enjoy Hanoi street food, then visit West Lake!

West LakeWest Lake

Dishes you should try when traveling to Hanoi

Hanoi's cuisine is always an important factor attracting many tourists. BestPrice would like to suggest you a list of dishes to try when traveling to the Capital, detailed below:

Hanoi snail noodle soup (Bun Rieu Oc) 

Hanoi is famous for many dishes made from snails, but the most delicious is still snail vermicelli. The dish has a rich and delicious flavor, and the price is affordable, suitable for diners' budgets.

  • Price range:  US $1.18 -  US $1.77 /bowl.
  • Suggested restaurant address: 36 Luong Ngoc Quyen, 57 Hai Ba Trung, etc

Wonton noodles (Mi van than)

Wonton noodles originate from Chinese dishes but in Hanoi they are extremely popular. A bowl of wonton noodles full of toppings will help diners get enough energy for their trip.

  • Price range:  US $1.38 -  US $1.77 /bowl.
  • Suggested restaurant address: 107E2 Thai Thinh, 40 Tue Tinh, etc.

Green rice flakes (Com) 

Green rice flakes are a precious gift in Hanoi. This is a specialty that many tourists choose to buy as gifts for relatives when traveling to Hanoi.

  • Price range:  US $0.79 -  US $1.57 / package
  • Suggest restaurant address: 65A Hang Than, Vong Village - Dich Vong Hau

Green Rice FlakesGreen Rice Flakes

Sticky rice (Xoi xeo)

If you come to Hanoi and don't know what dish to choose for your breakfast, sticky rice is the ideal choice. This dish has bold Hanoi cuisine with a delicious and attractive flavor.

  • Price range:  US $0.59 -  US $0.98 /serving
  • Suggested restaurant address: 35B Nguyen Huu Huan, sidewalk of Hang Bai intersection, etc.

Sticky Rice With Mung BeansSticky Rice With Mung Beans

Fried fish ball (Xien que ran)

Carts selling fried skewers on the sidewalk have become a familiar image of Hanoi streets. There are many types of skewers such as: sausage, shrimp, squid,... for you to choose from.

  • Price range:  US $0.081 - US $0.32 /skewer
  • Suggested restaurant address: Bach Khoa dormitory area, etc.


BestPrice Travel is the prestigious, highest-level general agent for domestic Vietnam Airlines and many international airlines with dedicated staff, flexibility, safe payment methods, and many attractive incentive programs.

Please contact +84 904-979-428 for timely advice on booking tickets and other travel services.

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