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3 Best Ways to Get from Chiang Mai Airport to City Center

June 11, 2022 - 1678 views

Thailand is a country with many beautiful scenes that everyone wants to visit once. When you come here, you usually choose to stop at Chiang Mai airport and go to the city center. How Chiang Mai airport to the city is moved and what is the best way is the question of many tourists. Through this article, you will know the 4 best ways to move from Chiang Mai airport to the city center.

chiang mai airport

Chiang Mai airport 

1. Travel from Chiang Mai airport to the city by Bus

The bus stop is about 100 meters from the airport terminal and you can walk there. Take the bus from Chiang Mai airport to downtown Chiang Mai you can take bus lines 4 and 9. Traveling by bus helps you save on travel costs and is suitable for those who bring. little luggage. Each bus ticket is also quite cheap, only about 1 USD.

Chiang Mai Airport to City Center by Bus

Bus from the airport to the city center in Chiang Mai

2. Chiang Mai Airport to the city by Private car

This vehicle will pick you up at Chiang Mai airport and drive you back to your hotel or vice versa. The driver will be waiting for you right at the airport so you don't waste time searching for a seat. This is a very convenient, comfortable service and is for individuals or groups of less than 9 people with plenty of baggage. If divided, each person only costs about 3 USD a very suitable price.


3. Chiang Mai Airport to the city by Airport Taxi

If you want to go by airport taxi, go to the ticket counter to buy tickets. This ticket counter is located right across from the Exit where the baggage collection is located, so there's no need to look far. The ticket clerk will ask you where to go, how many people are there, and if there is plenty of carry-on baggage. Taxi fees you need to pay directly to the driver driving you, not at the ticket counter
After giving the ticket, the staff will show you the direction to the door of Door 1 of the airport to pick up the car. The distance from the ticket counter from Door 7 to Door 1 is quite far, just go straight 1 circuit. When you arrive, give the ticket to the staff standing there, they will transfer the ticket to a driver and you just need to follow the designated driver, get on the bus and pay at the stop. Each ticket will be priced in the 4.5 USD range you can consider whether or not it is suitable

chiang mai airport taxi

Use an airport taxi to get to the Chiang Mai center

The architecture of Chiang Mai Airport is quite special because, from the exit of the airport, you have to pass another large yard to reach the main entrance to the airport. All other non-airport taxi companies must park outside this gate. Just go to the gate and you will easily see a series of green-yellow taxis waiting for customers. However, you need to pay a sober price or you may have to pay a higher price.

Above are the 3 best ways to get from Chiang Mai airport to the city that you can refer to. Have a good trip!

Jenny Tran

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