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Halong Bay Full Day Itinerary 2024

January 02, 2024 - 1135 views

What will you do if there’s only one day in Halong Bay? Join this full-day itinerary in Halong Bay and forget about the time constraints. 

Halong Bay offers a range of beautiful attractions to spend a couple of days immersed in the scenic atmosphere of the bay. When your time is limited to only one single day, an organized tour will be perfect for a day trip to get a glimpse of Halong Bay. Instead of choosing an overnight cruise, you can follow a one-day cruise with various choices of four-, six- and eight-hour cruises. The longer time you spend on a one-day cruise, the more opportunities to explore the hidden charm you will get.

On a full-day trip to Halong Bay, you will have a chance to feast your eye on the spectacular scenery and observe the life of the locals in the floating village as well as satisfy your taste to the fullest with the freshest local-sourced dishes. The Halong Bay itinerary usually stops for mysterious caves where you can explore huge chambers adorned with stalactites and stalagmites of all kinds. Let’s see numerous things to do during a full-day trip to Halong Bay.

a Halong Bay day cruise

Halong Bay day cruise


Morning: Transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Morning is the time for transferring between Hanoi and Halong. Around 7:00 - 7:30 am, you’ll be picked up at the hotel in Hanoi and the departure from Hanoi to Halong takes around 3 hours. There’s usually a break en route at a rest stop where you can have a cup of tea or coffee, and take a look around the arts, crafts, and specialties.

Lunch on board

Your full-day journey in Halong Bay will start around noon when you arrive at Tuan Chau Harbor and embark on your cruise. The cruise will be leaving Tuan Chau Harbor for an incredible trip by the time lunch is served with Vietnamese traditional specialties on board. Of course, fresh seafood and vegetable menu is available.

Lunch is available for a full day trip in Halong Bay

Lunch is available for a full-day trip to Halong

While the boat is cruising, you should get ready for stunning photos and feast your eye at extraordinary landscapes with thousands of limestone islands and islets in Halong Bay. Among the natural splendors, limestone bedrocks, and sheer cliffs, the highlight names contain Dog Rock, Duck Rock, Fighting Cock Rock, and Lu Huong Islet. Every single islet has its own legend and reminds tourists that Halong Bay is a wonderful heritage that should be conversed for future generations.


Afternoon: Sightseeing & Activities

Most day cruises in Halong Bay will arrive at the Hoa Cuong area, one of the most beautiful hidden corners of Halong Bay. The area is surrounded by limestone karsts and presents a mysterious world of wildness and grace. This one-day Halong Bay itinerary will give you a once-in-a-while chance to wake up to the sleeping beauty and the hidden charm of this world’s natural heritage.

A striking limestone islet rising from the sea in the shape of an enormous thumb, called Thumb Rock, will get your attention. The Thumb Rock is approximately 6,000 years old and formed as a result of sea-level changes. Mother Nature has given the Thumb here to send the message of goodness and fortune to every passenger on the Halong Bay cruise.

Thien Cung Cave is a familiar attraction with full day itinerary in Halong Bay

Thien Cung Cave

Back to the cruise, the next stop of a full-day Halong trip is usually Thien Cung Cave, a heavenly palace depicting the mysterious story and legend about Vietnamese culture in the past. Thien Cung is a dry cave formed by unique shapes of limestone karsts. Take your time to explore the awe-inspiring museum of natural arts elaborately created by the magic hands of Mother Nature.

On this day trip, your camera should be well prepared to capture the most amazing photos and save the treasured moments in only one day of Halong Bay.


Kayaking & Swimming

After sightseeing, the cruise head towards Ba Hang fishing village, one of the top kayaking destinations in Halong Bay. It’s time to go kayaking and explore the gorgeous Ba Hang area in 45 minutes. Kayaking must be the most exciting activity during the Halong Bay day cruise trip. The majority of day cruises offer kayaking free of charge and you will be guided on how to master your kayak in case you’re not familiar with this physical activity.

Kayaking is the most exciting activity during Halong Bay full day trip

Kayaking is the most exciting activity during Halong Bay full-day trip

Cooking class

Continue to enjoy the day cruise, you will have a chance to participate in a cooking class on board. As the cruise back to the harbor, you’ll learn how to make fresh spring rolls demonstrated by the chef on the sundeck.

By the time cruising back to the harbor, you will have a chance to enjoy Vietnamese lotus tea served with candied lotus seeds. The perfect combination of the bitterness of lotus tea and the elegant sweetness of lotus seeds creates a mesmerizing taste lingering in your mouth. It’s a chilling time to enjoy Vietnamese culture and the delicacy of two unique specialties from the lotus, the national flower of Vietnam. Especially, if you’re interested, take the opportunity to learn how to make tea in the traditional Vietnamese way through a sophisticated demonstration.


Sunset party on the sundeck

It’s time to enjoy the sunset party and soak up the scenic atmosphere on the sundeck. Take your time to contemplate the magnificent sunset over the bay. It’s an ideal time to make acquaintance with new friends, share your traveling experience, or simply put your feet up and marvel at sunset after a full-day trip in Halong Bay.

Watching sunset after a full day trip to Halong Bay

Watching sunset after a full day trip to Halong Bay

Evening: Back to Hanoi

In the end, the full-day itinerary in Halong Bay will finish as the cruise arrives at the pier. You’ll be transferred back to Hanoi and the day trip ends at your hotel around 20:00 - 20:30.

All in all, a day cruise in Halong Bay is a perfect choice when you have limited traveling time. Let’s pack your suitcase and have an unforgettable trip with BestPrice Travel. Check out for the best deals on Halong Bay's full-day cruise. Let's visit our website for different types of cruises available for every budget, from backpackers to luxury.

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