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An overall guide of waterbus in Saigon

March 14, 2023 - 2970 views

Are you expecting a new experience when traveling around Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam? Let’s give a try on Saigon waterbus, a cheap and convenient vehicle that only exists in Ho Chi Minh. 

Have you ever tried a waterbus before? Let’s come to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, you will have a chance to experience the Saigon waterbus, public transportation that utilizes the beautiful river of this area. Then, you can see almost all the gorgeous views of Ho Chi Minh city. What is better than that?

Saigon riverbus

Saigon waterbus @hafoodtours

1. What is Saigon waterbus and why is it worth a try?

Saigon waterbus is the first and multi-stop kind of public transportation in Ho Chi Minh City which utilizes the river. Just so you know rivers in Saigon are known as a focal point for commerce to come to hangout, promenade, work and live. The riverside land in Saigon is now developed into public spaces, condos, and offices. And therefore, the Saigon water bus has become a part of this transformation.
Saigon water bus has really worth a try because it is super cheap, easy to use, comfortable, fun and it is one of the greatest ways to contemplate the whole city in the impressive skyline.

2. Itinerary, schedule, and ticket fee of Saigon waterbus

In terms of stops and stations, there are currently 5 stops available on the waterbus route including Bach Dang (District 1), Thanh Da (Binh Thanh District), Binh An (District 2), Linh Dong (Thu Duc District), and Hiep Binh Chanh (Thu Duc District). But the city is going to expand more spots in the near future.

Regarding schedules, you can watch the waterbus schedule online via the official site on the Internet. The instructions are very easy-to-read. You will see around 6 to 15 sailings southbound and northbound in operations every day. However, during weekends and public holidays, there will be additional sailings. Normally, the waterbus operates from 7 am to 7 pm with the first boat coming from Linh Dong and the last one arriving at Binh An.

The ticket fee for Saigon waterbus for 1 adult is just 0,5 USD. There will be a seat number on the ticket, nevertheless, in case there are not so many commuters on the bus, everyone will choose to sit anywhere they want without caring about the allocated seats.

timetable Saigon river Bus

Saigon waterbus timetable

saigon river bus route

Saigon waterbus route @pianotohikouki

3. Tips for the best experience with Saigon waterbus

Saigon water bus is in the top 5 things to do in Ho Chi Minh, it is fantastic, cheap, and convenient. However, you should also bear in mind some tips and tricks if you want to enjoy it the most.
Because there are only 5 stops available, the queuing time is inevitable. Thus, you should check the timetable in advance carefully and be ready for the departure time.
Plus, there are no tour guides on the bus so if you are a foreigner and it is your first time going by waterbus, you may get confused. Almost all the passengers are locals and the driver will not announce the name of the next destination, so you should tell him or other locals to remind you when you need to get off. Or else, just find a local tour guide and he or she will help you with your journey.

4. Final thoughts

Saigon waterbus is really a new and economical way of transportation in Ho Chi Minh city. If you have a lot of time in this city, don’t forget to check it out.

Jenny Tran

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