A O Show - A Unique Vietnamese Cultural Performance

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Apart from beautiful tourist attractions and delicious food, visitors can always enjoy traditional shows and performances while travelling through Vietnam. One of the most special shows that have been attracting many travellers is A O Show. In this article, we will be providing details about the show as well as its special points.

    About A O show and what makes it special

    The name ‘A O’ comes from ‘Lang Pho’ with the meaning of ‘village and city’. A O show features the charming beauty and wealth of Vietnamese life in the countryside. It is completely opposite to the nation’s racing urbanization at the time. The show’s content includes Vietnamese bamboo circus, dance, and theatrical visual art which capture well the Vietnamese fascinating culture.

    As you can see when you visit the countryside provinces of Vietnam, bamboo is a main feature of the rural life. Bamboo circus is a combination of story-telling circus and a creative use of bamboo to perform an inspiring art with unique traditional music.

     Bamboo circus is an inspiring art

    Bamboo circus is an inspiring art

    Attending the show, you can also see the contrasting portrait of Vietnam, which is the peaceful country life and the noise of urbanization while listening to folk Vietnamese music played with 17 traditional instruments. In addition to that, the show can make you feel completely relaxed with its touch of humor. You can see cheeky smiles, amusing creature’s body language in funny situations which track Vietnam’s transition from rural life to urbanization.

    Where can you watch the show and how to buy the ticket?

    A O show plays at Saigon Opera House. Located at No 7 Cong Truong Lam Son, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Saigon Opera House was built in 1898 with the French’s cultural and architectural influences. It is not only a great entertainment for family, but also an enjoyable show to watch with friends. Ticket prices fluctuate from 700.000 VND to 1.600.000 VND for a one hour show. You can book the tickets online, however, you must arrive 45 minutes prior to show time to exchange the e-ticket to a Theater Pass.

    The show plays at Saigon Opera House

    The show plays at Saigon Opera House

    The show usually starts at 6pm, and theater doors will be closed 15 minutes before show time. Bear in mind that only a number of guests who are stipulated on the e-ticket will be accepted into the show. Others, including group members must check in together to exchange their e-tickets to Theater Passes. In addition to that, you are not allowed to use cameras, cell phones, video recorders and cigarettes in the theater. You are also not permitted to bring food and drinks bought from outside, instead, you can buy them at the theater.

    If you come late for the show, you might not be seated in a specific area even if you buy a ticket for that area. And the A O Show management team will not refund the ticket price’s difference. If you go watch the show with your family, you should be noted that the show is not suitable for children under 5 years old.

    A O Show is expensive for a cultural performance, but it is spectacular and immensely enjoyable. Travellers will have a good time and fun experience learning more about Vietnamese culture with A O show.

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