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My Village: A Must-see Cultural Show

July 12, 2023 - 798 views

The cultural show “My village” is a work of art created by a group of authors: Tuan Le, Nhat Ly, Nguyen Lan, and Tan Loc. It has been introduced and regularly performed in Hanoi. The show’s art form is quite new in Vietnam.

My Village show has been created a deep impression for both Vietnamese and international tourists just in a short period of time.

The combination of Vietnamese cultural quintessence

Bamboo is the main material of the show. It participates in the story as a character in Vietnamese people’s real life. Dozens of bamboos are designed in different shapes such as bamboo bridges, rivers, streams, houses, and others. The show brings a special meaning which helps Vietnamese people remember their original point and the international visitors understand more about Vietnamese culture and people.

Bamboo is the main material of “My Village” show

Bamboo is the main material of “My Village” show

Different scenes from sunrise to moon night, from bamboo bridges to countryside market are performed in a genuine and impressive way. It helps audiences see a strong bond between bamboo and Vietnamese people’s life. Actually, bamboo is a close friend, a tool that helps Vietnamese people earn a living day by day.

“My Village” show brings the audiences back to their childhoods with the sound of chicken in the morning, the sound of buffaloes and cows prepared to go to the field, and the wonderful sound of the flute. The audiences can enter the bamboo village through installation art, balance circus, acrobatics, ferris wheel, juggling, the melody of sensual songs, and the most characteristic activities of village life.

Bring Vietnamese culture and art to the world

The show “My Village” was first launched in 2005 in Vietnam. In 2009, it was completed and performed in many countries all around the world. According to Director Tuan Le, when the show was performed overseas, it had to face many difficulties in language and cultural disagreements. The audience may not understand everything, but they cried because the show had touched their personal feelings.

The show is proud to be performed at Perth Festival in Australia

The show is proud to be performed at Perth Festival in Australia

In early 2019, receiving the invitation of Perth Festival; Lune Production, the production unit of many famous shows like A O show, Teh Dar Show, “My Village” show and so on, did bring “My Village” show to the Perth Festival. The show’s performance received the enthusiastic support of Australian people and was highly praised and appreciated by the local press.

How to enjoy My Village Show in Hanoi?

The show “My Village” is performed from 2 to 4 days per week in Hanoi Opera House and Hanoi Vietnam Tuong Theater. Audiences can choose between three ticket price types: 700,000 VND for AAH! Ticket, 1,150,000 VND for OOH! Ticket and 1,600,000 VND for WOW! Ticket. 

The audience should book the ticket 24 hours before the show starts and check the date, time, and seat map carefully before going to the show.

Overall, “My Village” is a delicate blend of traditional values and contemporary art that brings audiences to a peaceful and vibrant space of a Vietnam village. With the great combination of more than 20 traditional instruments and ingenious performing arts, the show will create the impression that cannot be forgotten for both domestic and foreign audiences.

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