Bangkok - Weather

When you plan a trip to Thailand, you need to know the difference between each region to have the most enjoyable trip. Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in Thailand. However, Bangkok weather is different to other parts of the country. In this article, we will provide all the information you need to know about Bangkok weather.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, is home to many interesting tourist destinations and many strange dishes. You want to go to Bangkok to travel. So you should choose the most suitable time to go to Bangkok?

Thailand's capital is a shopping paradise where many delicious dishes are also famous as the land of golden temples. Bangkok is always the top destination for travelers when they visit Southeast Asia because of the short travel time and countless interesting tourist destinations. Despite being a fairly developed country, modern facilities, but the Thai people live very rustically and friendly, making sure you come here will not be disappointed or surprised at all. But for the best trip to Bangkok, you should pay attention to what time is best to come here.

1. Best Time To Visit Bangkok?

The weather and climate in Bangkok are of two types: hot and dry or hot and humid. One thing for sure is that the weather in Bangkok is quite hot, you will rarely get cold when traveling here.

The weather here is always a matter of concern for many people before every trip. According to the travel experience of many people,the best month to come to Bangkok is from November to February two years later. November is quite beautiful and is the beginning of the peak tourist season in Bangkok. The rainy season ends, the weather is cooler with the highest temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. It rarely rains, the weather is pleasant and the air is fresh. The temperature is 22°C at night, making it a good time to explore Bangkok nightlife.

Best time to visit Bangkok is dry season

Winter from December to February is the best time to travel to Bangkok. Not only are you out of the cold, but the winter of Thailand is also the dry season and the weather is very comfortable to explore places. However, these months in Bangkok are very crowded with tourists, so the cost of meals as well as hotels, travel may increase slightly.

In the dry season, there is very little rain as well as pleasant cool weather, which is an ideal time to explore the places to visit. However, this is the peak tourist season so there are many people, and the price increases. To get cheap hotel prices you should find out information and book from 1-2 months for a more preferential price in this crowded tourist season.

Bangkok is a very vibrant and crowded city, which means that regardless of the season you may have to confront the crowds at the places to visit. Especially when the big festivals such as the Songkran Water Festival (April), the Loy Krathong Flower Festival (November), or the Christmas Festival in Bangkok take place.

So the best time to travel to Bangkok is probably the end of November and early December when the city is dry with little rain and the temperatures are pleasant, as well as the lighthouse festival has just ended and Christmas has not come yet, you get 1, 2 weeks out of a crowded situation. When traveling, try to visit the attractions in Bangkok early in the morning to avoid the flow of people at noon, and this time the cool temperature will give you the best experience.

Summer weather in Bangkok

In case you want to visit Chinatown, you should come here during the Lunar New Year in late January or early February. At this time in Chinatown, there are lion dance, exciting fireworks on the street. You will find a lot of energy here and you will have the opportunity to sample some of the planet's most delicious street food.

2. Best Time To Discover Festival In Bangkok

To experience shopping, events, festivals in Bangkok, and explore more about Thai culture are also an experience that many young people love. So, which festivals are famous in Bangkok, when?

  • Lunar New Year in Thailand: The Chinese New Year festival coincides with the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, which takes place in late January and early February in Chinatown.
  • Makha Bucha Buddhist festival: takes place in mid-February for Buddhists.
  • Bangkok International Fashion Week: takes place in mid-March with many products and famous designers.
  • Songkran Water Festival: takes place in mid-April, is a famous festival that attracts the most participants.
  • Coronation of King Rama IX on 5/5: Many places in Grand Place are open to visitors. Amazing Thailand Grand Sale in early June and until the end of August, many shopping items fell sharply.
  • Loy Krathong Lighthouse Festival: takes place in mid-November, many places release the flower lanterns to create a very attractive sight.

Loy Krathong Lighthouse Festival

  • Christmas 25/12, Bangkok is beautifully decorated. Thailand has always been a country with the leading developed tourism service in Southeast Asia, with many beautiful and famous places. Hopefully, my sharing above can help you make the most perfect travel to Bangkok, Thailand.