Banh canh cua - a delicious traditional Vietnamese dish

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Banh canh cua is easy to eat and full of nutrients, made on the weekend of changing meals for the whole family to be delicious and Vietnamese flavor.

Banh canh cua is a familiar dish to many people. The chewy texture of the bread, the sweetness of the broth, and the characteristic aroma of crab meat have made many attractive things for this dish. Although the method is quite simple, not too picky, the taste of Banh canh cua has always won the hearts of many people. Sizzling with a spoonful of Banh canh cua, you will slowly feel the taste of the cakes made of slippery flour, white crab meat fibers, fresh shrimp, sweet mủhooms... and the paste is thick, spicy and spicy delicious to delusion. Let's find out about this Banh canh cua dish!

Banh Canh Cua

A bowl of Banh Canh Cua @facebook: Banh Canh Cua Bot Be

Overview of Banh Canh Cua

About Banh canh cua
Banh canh cua, crab is a delicious dish, very popular with gourmets. The noodles are tough, clear, the broth is slightly thick, sweet, rich, crab meat, sweet, sweet, spicy satay… all combined to form a great combination of flavors.

Banh canh cua is actually a type of bc made with crab meat and other spices to create a new bc. The bread soup can be made from rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca or tapioca or tapioca flour. The cake is made from dough rolled into sheets and cut into large and short fibers. The cake is put in a pot of stewed water just enough and waiting for it to cook. You can replace the broth with many broths from bone, shrimp, or different meat.

Banh Canh cua 247

Bowls of Banh Canh Cua @banhcanhcua 247

Banh canh cua making materials

Banh canh cua making materials
Talking about Banh canh cua is very diverse and there are many ways to cook with different flavors, depending on the region. Banh canh cua is also renovated from traditional soup cake with the characteristic flavor of sweet, fatty fresh crab meat. The main ingredients for cooking Banh canh cua are rice flour, crab meat, crab rolls. Rice flour is sliced ​​and has a moderate level of toughness. And fresh crab meat is cooked, separated.
According to the creators of this unique dish, to get a pot of sweet, fragrant, and sweet soup, the most important thing is to choose crabs and crabs. Fresh crabs make fresh broth and crab meat, crabs are also easier to separate, the meat fibers will not be broken, so that new eaters can fully enjoy the taste of the sweetness of crab meat.
To ensure the deliciousness, the toughness of rice flour, Banh canh cua is cooked one by one. Because flour, broth, crab meat, crabs are ready, when a customer calls the chef, just blanch the dough and have a bowl of hot, aromatic soup. Not only are crab and crab meat separated, they are sweet and greasy, but the accompanying patties are also very tasty, medium flavor, fat leopard, crab flavor, aromatic pepper flavor.

Some addresses sell delicious Banh canh cua

Some addresses sell delicious Banh canh cua

Banh canh cua Hoang Lan
Hoang Lan Banh canh cua is one of the oldest shops and is highly appreciated by customers in Saigon for both taste and quality of food. Just stop the car in front of the bar, make sure you will be attracted by the aroma from the pot of steaming water.
Address: 484 Vinh Vien, District 10
Price: 45,000 VND - 50,000 VND

Banh Canh Cua Hoang Lan

Banh Canh Cua Hoang Lan @BanhcanhcuaHoangLan facebook

Banh canh cua Hoa Binh market
Referring to the Banh canh cua dish, surely every gourmet must know a famous sidewalk line that is "luxurious" with an unbelievably high price. The banh canh in Hoa Binh market is simple but it brings extremely quality culinary experiences.
Address: 37 Bach Van, Ward 5, District 5, Saigon.
Average price: 150,000 VND - 200,000 VND / 1 piece.

Banh canh cua 320
Banh canh cua 320 is highly rated for broth. The broth is sweet, rich, and stewed from bone and seafood, seasoning well. Noodles are chewy, clear, and delicious. The restaurant has a very delicious homemade soot sauce. When eating, you can order more meals that are very suitable.
Address: 320 Vo Van Tan, Ward 5, District 3
Average price: 45,000 VND - 150,000 VND

Banh canh cua is not only a delicious dish combining unique foods but it also brings Vietnamese cuisine flavor. Coming to Vietnam, you will not be able to miss this delicious Banh canh cua dish.

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