5 Best Ways to See Halong Bay & Discover True Beauty

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Halong Bay, named UNESCO's World Heritage Site, is a destination worth visiting at least once in your lifetime. Here are 5 ways travelers can discover the beauty of Halong Bay. The pristine and magnificent Halong Bay is home to thousands of limestone islands and overwhelming sea cliffs, with clear skies and unspoiled beaches. There are plenty of sights to see via a tour package or on your own. Let's discover the 5 best ways to see Halong Bay as below.

The casual traveler often chooses to go on an overnight cruise to discover the calming waterway of Halong Bay. Adventure-seekers are interested in the thrilling sports that the destination offers. There are several other ways to take in the spectacular natural scenery while having an intimate experience with the local culture, such as visiting a floating village or shopping in a seafood market. No matter what ways you choose to explore on your holiday, the beauty of Halong Bay will leave a lasting impression on any tourist from all over the world.


1. Overnight Cruise in Halong Bay

The frequent promotion deals and the vast selection of cruises are just some of the reasons you should not miss this experience to see Halong Bay. Browsing through the diverse cruises available in Halong Bay may seem daunting for first-time travelers. However, with the Internet and dedicated travel agents, you can find the ideal cruise in a short time.

Partying away at a singles' party when the night falls, looking for a cruise to book for your middle-aged parents, a holiday for the entire family, or a luxurious romantic honeymoon — there is something for everyone. 

Overnight cruise - the best way to see Halong Bay

Overnight cruise - the best way to see Halong Bay

Halong Bay cruises usually offer similar activities such as kayaking and squid fishing typically on a 2-day 1-night or 3-day 2-night trip, but they differ vastly in the number of cabins, price range, room amenities, and onboard services. All in all, Halong Bay overnight cruises are a must-do experience and the best way to see Halong Bay.

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2. Disappear in Halong Bay Kayaking  

Paddling the calm water currents through the limestone islands and seeing the thousand limestone karst towers in close proximity is undoubtedly something worth crossing off your travel bucket list. Not to mention, this is a straightforward water activity with equipment fully provided by the cruise crew that does not require previous experience. You will be instructed upon departing on your first kayaking adventure in the safe areas of Halong Bay.

Kayaking - the natural way to see  Halong Bay

Kayaking - the natural way to see Halong Bay

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the safest and most convenient ride in Halong Bay. Our guide on kayaking in Halong Bay provides information that hopefully will convince you to take up the activity without any hesitation.

You can find kayaking included in most cruise itineraries if the weather conditions allow it. The best time for kayaking and visiting Halong Bay, in general, is March to April and September to October when the weather is enjoyable and pleasant, suitable for most outdoor water activities. Do not hesitate and consider trying kayaking on your next vacation to Halong Bay!


3. Stay at Private Island Resort in Halong Bay

Cruises often come onshore on one of the many islands for tourists to take a swim, but, if you want a refreshing experience from the usual Halong Bay cruising, you might want to consider staying on a private island. Halong Bay is known as the homeland of many luxury five-star hotels and resorts, one of them being Vinpearl Halong Spa & Resort.

This facility has a setting, not like any other — built-in 2015 on a private island in Halong Bay called Reu Island. You will need to get on a speedboat for a 10-minute ride. While Halong Bay stay on private island, all the hustle and bustle of the mainland city is temporarily forgotten.

Stay at island resort - a traditional way to see Halong bay

Stay at the island resort - a traditional way to see Halong bay

The secluded Vinpearl Halong Resort & Spa provides more than enough amenities for your several-day getaway on Reu Island. You can swim on the private beach and enjoy a variety of entertainment activities that will keep you occupied without going into the city. Though, with its convenient location, it is possible to see the nearby tourist attractions and admire the beautiful scenery surrounding the bay.  It is a traditional way to see Halong Bay!


4. Seaplane over Halong Bay

Make the most out of your visit by seeing the hidden corners of Halong not visible from a cruise on a stunning bird's eye view over the bay.

Halong Bay is often discovered through cruising and onshore activities such as trekking and cycling, but did you know you can see this beautiful destination from above with clouds? This form of traveling has become increasingly popular in recent years since its establishment in 2015 and is made possible by Hai Au Aviation.

If you have some time to spare, sit on a seaplane with clear windows, and see the vast area of Halong Bay covering towering mountains, well-preserved islands with white sandy beaches, and green ecosystems. It is an experience of a lifetime, and you will find yourself falling in love with Halong Bay even more.

Seaplane - a new way to see Halong Bay

Seaplane - a new way to see Halong Bay

A scenic flight in Halong Bay departs from and ends in Tuan Chau Island Marina. Normally, there are eight flight times available daily so you are free to choose whatever works best for you and even combine your excursion with a cruise boat upon landing.

The price for a scenic flight on a seaplane in Halong Bay is less than 100 USD for foreign tourists. The price can be higher compared to other activities in Halong Bay, but flying on a seaplane provides an entirely different perspective and is something to cross off your bucket list.

Some tourists might be interested in flying on a scenic flight directly to Halong Bay from Hanoi after exploring the charming capital city.


5. Go with Locals Who Really Know Halong Bay

The highly intimate experience provides you with an opportunity to get to know Halong Bay better. In addition to the gorgeous natural scenery, Halong Bay is home to traditional culture integrated with the locals' daily life. Despite the rapid rise of tourism services, local people find ways to preserve their long-standing culture and promote Halong Bay in a way that makes tourists feel a sense of belonging.

For example, visitors can visit the caves with the help of local fishermen using a bamboo rowboat. Not only is riding on a rowboat a great way to discover unspoiled nature, but foreign tourists will also get to know the form of transportation that has been incorporated into the lives of local villagers.

Rowing boat - a local way to see Halong Bay

Rowing boat - a local way to see Halong Bay

When traveling to Vietnam or an Asian country, you can explore many distinctive cultural features that cannot be found elsewhere, but, most of the time, it is a positive experience. The wise, hardworking locals whose primary means of living is labor work will help you connect with this beautiful northern Vietnam province despite the language barrier and leave you impressed with the cultural values that come with traveling to Vietnam.

The locals will guide you through the floating villages, a unique attraction in Halong Bay, teach you fishing with various methods for the full fishing village experience, and might even invite you to sit down for a local meal. The two well-known Halong Bay villages where you can meet friendly inhabitants are Vung Vieng Village and Cua Van Village.

floating village Halong Bay

The floating village is one of the best ways to explore Halong Bay's authentic cultural beauty

In conclusion, Halong Bay attracts the crowds for its spectacular beauty that cannot be seen elsewhere; the affordability of ecotourism, and activities that cater to a large demographic. It would be a shame if you miss out on this dream destination through popular ways and even more.

Discover what Halong Bay has to offer during your holiday, and you might want to come back again! After all, Halong Bay is fast improving tourism, being a prideful attraction spot of Vietnam, while maintaining its natural scenic landscape.


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