Transportation in Cambodia: Getting Around on Local Transport

Cambodia is an absolute gem of a holiday destination in South East Asia. The country is famous for stunning islands, pristine beaches, majestic natural attractions, and finally the delicious food that will tantalize your taste buds. But first, we need to find out the means of transportation available in Cambodia to get to these fantastic places. 

Cambodia has a wide range of transportation facilities that can help you to travel around the cities and also to the other parts of the country. Huge developments to new expressways and new roads also have made traveling much more convenient than ever before. So let’s get you through some amazing forms of transportation in Cambodia.

Transportation In Cambodia

Transportation in Cambodia: Getting Around on Local Transport


How To Travel Around Cambodia

1. Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is one of the most popular transport options for tourists to get around the city, or to the famous temples of Angkor Wat. Used to be a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by a motorcycle, it is a three-wheeler vehicle now, that can carry up to 3-4 passengers and drive you through short distances in the most enjoyable way. Tuk Tuk’s main engine comes from the motorbikes, hence, it can be challenging and incredibly slow if you go with a large group of friends. Tuk Tuk rides can get quite expensive, so be reminded to ask the driver the fare price for each trip when being picked up.

Tuk Tuk

Travel Around Cambodia by Tuk Tuk 

2. Cyclo

Another old-fashioned way of traveling around the city is taking the cyclos. The Cambodia’s iconic three-wheeled bicycle will help you to enjoy a sense of relaxation and contemplate the beautiful scenes around the town. Traveling in a cyclo is one of the must-try experiences when you come to Cambodia or visit the capital city, Phnom Penh.

Get a Cyclo to Travel Around the City

Get a Cyclo to Travel Around the City

3. Car

Renting a car is the best transport option if you want to explore more places with your own schedule, at your desired speed. However, car rental price is rather expensive in comparison with other forms of transportation. The fee for renting a car can range from $50 to $100 per day, depending on factors including location, car type, or the rental company. 

Additionally, driving cars in Cambodia can be very difficult for those who first come to the country. In that situation, it is recommended that you should hire a driver to take you to your desired destinations in the most efficient way.

Renting A Car

Rent A Car To Explore the City With Your Own Schedule

4. Shared taxi

Getting a shared taxi in Cambodia can be another good option to travel to different places in Cambodia, as it is quicker than taking public transport and cheaper than renting cars. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when taking a shared taxi in Cambodia.

- The taxi won’t leave until it’s full. You will have to wait for more passengers to fill up the car, or find others wanting to come to the same destinations. 

- These taxis can get very cramped. Having 2 passengers in the front seat and 4 in the back is the norm, so be prepared. 

- You can end up paying double the standard fare if you are not cautious. Make sure to check whether the taximeter is there before the taxi departs.

Get a Shared Taxi in Cambodia

Get a Shared Taxi in Cambodia

5. Motorbike / Scooter

Hiring a scooter is the best way to enjoy stress-free riding and discover off-the-beaten-path places in Cambodia. Scooters can be rented from local guesthouses or your hostels. Prices for scooter hire range from $5 to $10 per day, depending on what type of bikes you choose. Remember to check the condition of the bike before you start your ride because you will have the responsibility to repair it if your bike breaks down. Here is a few more things to keep in mind when hiring a scooter:

- You need to always wear a helmet and bring your license when riding your bike. Otherwise, the police might pull you over, issue fines or even ask for bribes if you don’t hold the correct license (or wearing the helmet). 

- Motorbike theft is a real problem in Cambodia, especially in the south. Make sure you have installed wheel locks and leave your bike in a secure place to avoid unwanted troubles.

- The traffic here is a little bit crazy, so make sure to buy your travel insurance and check the traffic situation before going. 

Hire a Motorbike to Travel Around Cambodia

Hire a Motorbike to Travel Around Cambodia

6. Bicycle

Pedaling through the rural Cambodian villages with rice paddy fields and some ancient temples of Angkor Wat has proved to be the most exciting experience for many foreigners. If you are looking for a change of pace and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, cycling is definitely a great choice. Bicycles are available for rent around the popular sites or you can easily find one at your local guesthouses. It only costs you from $2 to $5 per day, depending on the location and the type of bike.

Pedal Through the Rural Cambodian Villages

Pedal Through the Rural Cambodian Villages


Best Way to Get to Cambodia

Since you cannot fly into Cambodia straight from Europe or North America, etc., you will need to take a connecting trip from somewhere else in the region of Southeast Asia. A different option for you is to enter Cambodia from nearby nations, such as Vietnam, Thailand, or Laos. We will also provide some information on how to get to Cambodia by different types of transportation. 

1. By train

Overland travel is far more interesting than flying and much better for nature sightseeing. Traveling by train to Cambodia will guarantee a unique experience as you can see a lot of places during your journey. 

Travelling to Cambodia by Train

Travel to Cambodia by Train

2. By boat

Another exciting way to get to Cambodia is to take a boat. Boats run on a daily basis along the Mekong between Phnom Penh and the Vietnamese border (Chau Doc). However, it should be noted that the weather isn’t always nice. But if you don’t mind, floating markets, fruit orchards, swimming houses and fish farms are waiting for you!

Enjoying your breakfast at Mekong's floating market

Enjoy Your Breakfast at Mekong's Floating Market

3. By plane

Traveling to Cambodia from Europe, North America, South Africa, or Australasia can be challenging because there are no direct flights. However, it is possible to fly direct to Cambodia from a large number of cities in the nearby region, including Singapore, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, etc. Below, we will cover the popular destinations that tourists visit to get to Cambodia.

From Vietnam

There are seven border crossings for tourists to travel overland from Vietnam, with visas being issued at all locations. As suggested above, there are several ways to get to Cambodia when you’ve arrived in Vietnam. You can take the train, the boat, the ferry, the cruise, or the plane. There is a wide range of interesting transport options for you to choose from, so choose your best.

From Thailand

There are currently six border crossings between Cambodia and Thailand that are open to tourists, with visas or e-visas being issued on arrival at all locations. You can drive to Cambodia at some crossings or take a taxi to your desired destination. Or you can just easily fly to the central city, it is the fastest way!

From Laos

There is just one border crossing with Laos in the north of Cambodia, with visas or e-visas being issued on arrival at all locations. 

In general, there are multiple ways of transportation that you can choose when traveling to Cambodia. If you are still wondering which method suits your trip, contact BestPrice Travel for the best pieces of advice.

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