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Da Nang to Hue Train: Local Guide

November 18, 2022 - 710 views

If you are planning to visit Hue and Danang during your vacation, then Hue to Danang train will be the best way to travel between them. Let's find detail about this type of transportation in article below.


Both lying in the center of Vietnam, Danang and Hue are ideal destinations for tourists all around the world. On coming here, you will be offered stunning sceneries, a relaxing time, as well as cultural values. By combining the two places during your vacation in Vietnam, you can have a chance to enjoy the tranquility of Hue and the vibrant lifestyle in Danang, which is supposed to be an unforgettable experience. 

From Hue to Danang, it is about 93 km long and may take you around 2 hours. In general, on such a route, many vehicles are available to transfer. They include buses, trains, taxis, and even planes. Among them, trains appear to be a worth considering option. Let’s take a quick look at the following lines to know whether you should travel by train or not. 

Da Nang to Hue train


Danang to Hue train overview

Along plane and bus, the train is one of the most popular transportations that serve not only the locals and tourists all around the world. In the past, it was not true as train, then, was more like a local means of transport. This properly explained the incomplete booking system, unprofessional services, and poor facilities. Not until recently has the railway industry been improved to satisfy travelling demand due to tourism development. Nowadays, on travelling by train from place to place in Vietnam, you can have a chance to enjoy the off-the-beaten-track experience that is made of high-quality service, comfortable time, and beautiful sceneries. 

In particular, a Hue to Danang train will take you around 2.5 hours, which is quite a short time, enough for you to relax a bit. Besides, while a plane only offers you two options, economy and business, the train can provide you with a wide range of selections including hard-seat, soft-seat with air-conditioner, sleeper berth for 6 passengers, and sleeper berth for 4 passengers. Therefore, you can freely choose the suitable one to have the best trip.

Additionally, you will be taken through several stunning spots like Cau Hai Lagoon and Bach Ma National Park... These all features stunning landscaped that you can marvel at through the window. This means travelling by train is not only a way to transfer but also a style of sightseeing. Then, remember to bring along your camera to capture the moments. They will, later, make your travel even more beautiful and interesting. 

Besides sightseeing from the inside, travelling by train gives you a sense of tranquillity and slowness. As trains are usually chosen by the elderly, the atmosphere on them is peaceful and you will have time to read a book or listen to your music. Its quietness offers you your own space for everything you want. 

Usually, a train will depart from Da Nang station and arrive at Danang station. The two are ideal check-in destinations with architecture and scenery. Here, you can take some beautiful photos of yourself and the landscape. 

In general, travelling from Hue to Danang by train is a must-try experience during your vacation in Vietnam. If it interests you already, let’s find out more information about prices and schedule in the lines below so that you can start your trip right away. 

Take amazing photos from train trip Da Nang to Hue

Take amazing photos from train trip Da Nang to Hue


Danang to Hue Train Price & Schedule

Every day, 7 trains go from Danang to Hue. These include SE9, SE21, SE3, SE19, SE1, SE7, SE5. They are scheduled to depart all day so you don’t have to worry about missing your bus. If choosing to go to Danang in the morning, you can book SE9, SE21, SE3, SE19, SE1, which starts their trip between 4.55 am and 10.59 am. If not, then the others, SE7 or SE5, depart respectively at 7.51 pm and 10.28 pm, will be your choice. 

As a train offers you a wide range of seat-type selections, prices will vary. It Is your selection that you pay the price accordingly. If you opt for a sleeper berth for 4 to 6 passengers with air conditioners, it will range from $5.07 to $8.87 per person. If booking the soft seat with an air conditioner, then you will pay between $4.74 and $6.83 per person. Besides, other options such as VIP sleeper for 2 passengers and hard-seat are available.

Let's see the train price & schedule detail below:

Train  Depart  Arrival  Hard seat  Soft seat Sleeper for 6 Sleeper for 4  Sleeper for 2 VIP 
SE9 4h55 7h35 $2.40 $4.76 $6.73 $7.16 NA
SE21 7h00 9h40 $5.68 $5.81 $6.03 $7.60 NA
SE3 8h37 11h05 NA $6.64 $8.13 $8.69 NA
SE19 9h31 12h20 NA $5.86 $7.17 $8.30 $14.20
SE1 10h59 13h20 NA $6.73 $8.12 $8.86 $22.67
SE7 19h51 22h21 $3.00 $5.12 $7.34 $7.86 NA
SE5 22h28 1h06 $2.43 $4.78 $6.82 $7.25 NA


Train trip from Da Nang to Hue

Train trip from Da Nang to Hue


Tips to travel by train from Danang to Hue 

If choosing the train as a way to travel from Hue to Danang, you should follow our following tips to get the best experience. 

  • On special occasions, the number of trains can be increased to not have to worry about not having a suitable train. 
  • If booking sleeper, you should book online in advance as this type of seat is sold out fast 
  • Booking online is recommended as it is hard to avoid scammers when buying tickets directly 
  • Booking through a travel agent is also a good idea if you are strange to travelling by train
  • Try to get to the station 30 minutes before the due time to find the train and settle in your seat 
  • As the train station doesn’t offer the check-in luggage service like the airport, bring a few things with a backpack is suggested 

Above is our recommendation for travelling by train from Hue to Danang. On planning to get Danang, you may have interest in some of our Danang tours. If you do, let’s visit our website, we are always available to help you.

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