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Da Nang Weather in May: Temperature & Things to Do

June 11, 2021 - 1042 views

It is said that May is a good time to travel to Da Nang. Do you know the reason why? Keep reading our article: Da Nang Weather in May: Temperature & Things to Do, and you will have the answer

Da Nang weather in May

May is the last month of the spring. The climate in Da Nang during May can be summarized as hot, humid, and reasonably dry.

Temperature: The lowest average temperature in Danang in May is about 25°C while the highest one is about 32°C.

Humidity: The average humidity in Da Nang in May is around 80%.

Rainfall: The accumulated precipitation is around 62.6 mm. During the month, the rain falls for 22 days.

Sea temperature: the average water temperature in May is 28°C.

Daylight: the average length of the day in May is 12 hours

Sunshine: The average sunshine hour of 11 hours

Da nang Weather in May


In general, it is quite hot during the day, but in the evening there is cool wind from the, so it is quite cool. May is a great time for swimming in the sea in Danang. Some Da Nang beautiful beaches you can swim in are My Khe beach, Bac My An beach, Xuan Thieu beach, beaches in Son Tra peninsula, etc.


May is the time when the number of domestic tourists to Da Nang begins to increase sharply. Therefore, Airfares to Da Nang in May also increase, so and become more expensive than previous months. The accommodation and service price increase as well


Things to do in Da Nang in May

Visit Marble Mountain

Ngu Hanh Son is also known as Marble Mountains is one of the Danang attractions that you cannot miss upon visiting this coastal city. Marble Mountains is a cluster of 5 marble and limestone hills, which is named after the five elements: Kim Son (Kim Sơn) (metal), Thuy Son (Thủy Sơn) (water) (biggest, highest, and most beautiful), Moc Son (Mộc Sơn) (wood), Hoa Son (Hỏa Sơn) (fire) and Tho Son (Thổ Sơn) (earth). Ngu Hanh Son not only has a majestic natural landscape and charming scenery but also is packed with many deep spiritual cultural values.


Visit Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hill is a tourist destination with the coolest air in Da Nang. While places are hot, it is still cool, and a climate in 4 seasons within one day. Coming here, you not only admire the beautiful scenery but also be spoiled for fun with countless attractive games. Ba Na Hill owns one of the world-class modern amusement parks, with a lot of light, fun games for children, and games that require adventure and challenge.

Ba Na hill

Ba Na Hills - One of the top attractions in Da Nang's May

Relax at My Khe beach

The beaches here are really lovely, which is the reason to visit Da Nang. The long white sand is the perfect place to relax on a hot afternoon. You can easily find one place to lie down here on the beach. My Khe is the longest beach in Danang and is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Take a walk along the beach at sunrise to see the locals earn their livings. You can come back in the afternoon for some of the delicious seafood served in the restaurants.


Explore Asia Park

Asia Park Da Nang is an extremely popular and attractive amusement park in Da Nang for tourists and locals alike. Asia Park is divided into 3 different zones and in each zone, there are many interesting games to choose from. The entertainment park of Asia Park is the paradise of games from easy to the most thrilling ones. Sun Wheel Park, Asia Park Danang is one of the main attractions here rises to 115 meters and is a large clock tower. You can also taste the cuisine of 10 Asian countries in Cultural Park.

Asian Park Da Nang

Danang Asia Park

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is usually held on the holiday of April 30 - May 1, so everyone going to Da Nang on this occasion will have the chance to see the spectacular fireworks displays. Man countries in the world such as Russia, UK, Brazil, China, Finland, Italy, Belgium...come here to join the fireworks festival.

Da Nang Firework Festival

The International Fireworks Festival in Da Nang

International Labor Day 1/5

May is also the month of International Labor Day when everyone travels within Vietnam at this time. There will be many attractive events at tourist areas such as Asia Park, Ba Na Hill, Nui Than Tai Hot Spring, East Sea Park


Tips for traveling Da Nang in May

The warm water allows tourists to swim even in the early morning. Do not go swimming at noon, or in the afternoon. Remember to apply sun cream when going out to enjoy the sun-sea-sand, and bring along a raincoat or umbrella to avoid occasional rain.

What to pack?

  • Raincoat, Rain boots, Sandals, Umbrella, Waterproof luggage
  • Short sleeve shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Shorts
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen lotion
  • If you're going to the beach, bathing suits, swimwear

In short, May has great weather for the beach, sightseeing, and other interesting activities. This month also holds many exciting events and festivals. If you have a holiday in May, do not hesitate to book a tour to Danang.

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