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Da Nang Weather in June: Temperature & Things to Do

June 10, 2021 - 934 views

If you plan to visit Danang in June, do not miss the below article about Da Nang Weather in June: Temperature & Things to Do. Hope that you have the information necessary for your next trip to Danang.

Da Nang weather in June

June is the first month of the summer in Danang when the temperature varies from 25°C to 32°C.

Temperature: June is the hottest month of the year. The average high temperature is 32°C, and the average low temperature is 25°C.

Humidity: June is the least humid month, with an average relative humidity of 78.6%.

Rainfall: It rains for 3 days, with typically 55.4mm of accumulated precipitation.

Sea temperature: The average sea temperature in Da Nang in June is 30°C.

Daylight: The average daylight is 13.hours, making June having the longest day of the year in Da Nang.

Sunshine: The average number of sunshine hours in a day is 12 hours

Da Nang weather in June


  • Beautiful weather, lots of sunshine, no rain makes June a convenient time for sightseeing trips, outdoor activities. Most of the day is no rain and a lot of sunshine throughout from morning to afternoon, so it is ideal for swimming and sightseeing, and other activities.
  • The number of tourists coming in June is quite high, and the tourist areas will be more crowded than in the off-peak months, so you will become more excited.
  • The seawater is clear, clean, and beautiful, so it is very convenient for sea activities such as swimming, skydiving, canoeing, and especially diving to see corals.
  • June is the time when Da Nang launches a lot of incentive programs, lasting until mid-July, so travelling during this time you will not need to worry too much about costs.


  • The weather in Da Nang is quite hot, so sometimes you will feel uncomfortable and tired during long trips. The number of visitors going to the attractions is extremely crowded, so you should start the tour early to avoid waiting in long lines to buy tickets.
  • Hotels from luxury to budget price can be booked out quickly, so you should book accommodation early in advance.
  • Some services such as hotels, restaurants may be increased and the quality of service will not as good as it is in the off-peak months


Things to do in Da Nang in June

Besides interesting places to visit, there are many activities in Da Nang that tourists can join when coming to visit. Famous as the worth-living city of Vietnam, Da Nang knows how to make itself new and more attractive. Travelling in June, you will feel it most clearly.

Dive to see coral in Cu Lao Cham

Traveling in June gives you the opportunity to participate in a coral diving tour in Cham island, where you can see the most beautiful and diverse coral in Vietnam. Moreover, environmental protection activities are the big concerns here, so island scenery is pristine, seawater is fresh, and you can see coral at a very close distance. The sun in June is beautiful, so you can see the best of the spectacular coral reefs surrounding the Cham Islands.

Dive to see coral in Cu Lao Cham

Dive to see coral in Cu Lao Cham


Get up early to see the sunrise on the beach

Blessed with a long and beautiful coastline, Da Nang is always on the list of the ideal places to watch the sunrise and sunset. The scenery of Da Nang beach becomes more and more charming while waiting for the sunrise, and everyone seems to want to capture this moment. If you travel in June, remember to get up very early because the sun rises very early, from about 5 am. My Khe Beach, Ban Co peak, Xuan Thieu beach, Rang Nam O, or Ba Na Hill are the best places in Danang to admire this spectacular moment.

Get up early to see the sunrise on the beach

Get up early to see the sunrise on the beach


Ride motorbike on Hai Van pass

Riding a motorbike on Hai Van Pass is one of the best experiences when coming to in June. Reaching the peak of the pass, you can watch the panoramic view of the sea and city from above. It is difficult to describe the feeling when conquering Hai Van Quan, the famous relic atop Hai Van. Although Hai Van Pass in June is not too cloudy, it still offers a poetic scene and refreshment.


Taking a cruise on the Han River

If a cruise on the Perfume River in Hue offers the opportunity to listen to Hue songs, taking a boat on the Han River brings countless interesting things. The Han River is like a peach silk strip, lit up poetically at night. Taking a boat ride through the quiet Han River allows you to see the scenery on both sides with high-rise buildings, cafes, and bustling restaurants. Da Nang at night, especially, at weekends, there will be a spitting fire performance on Dragon Bridge. The cruise will depart from 8 pm, take visitors along the river, and will stop at the beginning of the Dragon Bridge at 9 am so that everyone can enjoy the special fire and water spray.

Taking a cruise on the Han River

Taking a cruise on the Han River


Tips for travelling Da Nang in June

Avoid going out at midday, as the sun's rays will shine directly, causing your skin to darken. You should choose to go out, and join the tours in the early morning, or at night. Danang at night is the most sparkling and has many interesting things to explore.

Travelling in June, the weather is hot, so everyone should prepare the following items to protect you from the sun as below:

  • Shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Sunglasses, hats, umbrellas
  • Sunscreen

Danang can hold many events and festivals in June to attract tourists coming to visit this city. You had better check the news before travelling if you want to join exciting events and festivals in Danang.

Your next holiday is in June, do not hesitate to plan a trip to Danang. You will have a great time in this beautiful city. Contact us to book your Da Nang tour.

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