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Da Lat Weather in October: Temperature & Things to Do

December 14, 2023 - 1024 views

If you plan to visit Dalat this October, keep reading our article about Dalat Weather in October. You will find useful information about the weather condition as well as things to do, and some tips for travelling this month.

Endowed with all-year-round temperate weather, romantic pine tree forests, awe-inspiring flower fields, French boulevards, and villas from the colonial period, Da Lat has long been touted as the City of Love and Eternal Spring. Each month and season during the year, It has its own special things to offer to its visitors. October is not the peak season for travelling.

in Dalat, however, it has a unique beauty that other months of the year do not have.

Dalat weather in October overview

October is late autumn and early winter in Dalat, so the temperature is lower than in the previous months. Daytime temperature ranges from 13°C - 24°C, while the nighttime temperature can drop as low as 13°C -14°C degrees. The sky becomes cloudy, with a lot of rain and cold at night.

October is also the rainy season in Dalat, when the rainfall becomes to increase, ranging from 30mm to 100mm. At this time of the year, almost rains every day. However, at the end of October, the weather in Da Lat started to get better. The rain is not too heavy, and it is sunnier. That is the time when you can enjoy the city of thousands of flowers.

Min Temperature 17°C Precipitation 288mm
Max Temperature 24°C Rainy Days 28 days
Humidity 92% Sunshine hours 6 hours/ day


Da Lat weather in October


Pros: October is the low season for travelling in Dalat, so you can take advantage of low prices for hotel booking and other services. Moreover, the city is not too crowded this time of the year, and you can enjoy the beauty of the city at your own pace. Visiting this time, you can stop at any place as long as you want to take beautiful pictures in the beautiful wildflower forests.

Cons: Just like in March, travelling to Da Lat in October, you can meet sudden rains. The rain was not too heavy; it does not affect your trip much. In fact, Da Lat in the rain is also very romantic.


Things to do in Dalat in October

Da Lat in October is a great time to have fun and visit many places and landscapes. Keep reading to see interesting things to do in Dalat.

Check-in Valley of Love

The Valley of Love has the wild and natural beauty of the vast pine hills combined with the skilful arrangement of human hands. The gentle green lake, the clumps of trees, the garden, the beautiful models all create a beautiful shimmering scene of the valley. This place will be great for couples to be together, to immerse themselves in the natural scenery, and enjoy the fresh air.

Valley of love in Da Lat

Valley of love


Visit Dalat station

The trip to Dalat is uncompleted without a visit to the train station, the oldest station in Indochina. Was built in the 1930s by French colonists, the station is famous for its ancient and timeless beauty. Today, although it is no longer in operation, the train station is still an ideal place for tourists to come here for taking photos or experiencing riding a train to explore the city. A short section of the track, which is over 4 miles long, was reopened in 1991, so passengers from the Old Dalat Station to the nearby town of Trai Mat, where there is a local produce market and the famous Linh Phuoc Pagoda.


Visit Cau Dat Tea Hill

Although Cau Dat tea hill is quite far away from the city centre, the hill is always on the list of places to visit in Dalat. The tea hills are especially lush in October. The best time to visit the hill is early morning or late afternoon (before 9 am and afternoon from 4 pm to 5 pm). At this time, the sunlight creates beautiful scenery. Coming there, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hill, take photos with the tea plantation, visit the tea factory, or try tea at Cau Dat Tea House, find great gifts for your friends and family back home…


Shop at Dalat Night Market

Dalat night market is one of the most attractive destinations for both local and international tourists. The market is large with a huge number of stalls selling food, souvenirs, handicrafts, footwear, … You can be confused about what to buy here. The fresh fruits like strawberries and durian are very cheap, the food like crab soup, corn sticky, grill sweet potatoes, etc. are delicious. If you forget to bring warm clothes for winter, you can also easily find cheap items here such as woollen pants, sweaters, wool scarves, and hats.

Da Lat night market

Da Lat night market


Tips for travelling Dalat in October

  • The weather at the end of October is much better than at the beginning, so you can choose to travel to Dalat in the second half of October if possible.
  • If you can bring warm clothes for cold weather, you can easily find them in clothes shops, however, do not forget to bargain as the locals often ask for high prices.
  • It can be cold at night, so it is unnecessary to look for hotels with air condition.

What to pack?

  • If you have chosen to visit Dalat this month, make sure that you bring warm clothes, gloves, and socks.
  • Do not forget to prepare for the rain has started to have showers this time. You can bring an umbrella. It is good for walking in the rain or check-in in with the rain.

October under the eyes of romantic people is likened to the most beautiful season of the year in Dalat. If you have a chance, plan your trip to visit Dalat next October.

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