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Dalat Weather in September: Temperature & Things to Do

December 20, 2023 - 1173 views

September is the time at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season when you see a lot of flowers blossom, the whole city looks beautiful. To know more about the weather condition in this month, keep reading the below article about Dalat weather in September and useful travel tips for you.

Dalat weather in September

September is the transition time between the rainy and dry seasons in Da Lat. The weather this time is very pleasant, it is not too cold or hot. The warm rays of sunshine begin to tear apart the fog. Many tourists come to visit Dalat. At the end of September, this place is still in the rain but it is becoming more beautiful, romantic in the eyes of the tourists.

  • Temperature: The average temperature of Da Lat in September ranges from 16°C to 29°C. The lowest temperature can be 16°C at night while the highest temperature can reach 29°C at noon.
  • Rainfall: The rainfall in September is not high, ranging from 4 to 25 mm. It often rains at noon, or in the afternoon, and evening.
  • Sunshine: The sun will occasionally show itself with 132 hours of sunshine during the whole month. In the early morning, the sky is always clear with dense fog. At noon, the sun appears, the sky is blue.

Please see more detail about the Da Lat weather in September below.

Min Temperature 16°C Sunshine Hours  6 hours/ day
Max Temperature 29°C Rainy Days 23
Chance of Rain  77% Precipitation 26mm


Da Lat weather September


Pros & Cons

Pros: Travelling to Dalat in September is relatively great for everyone. It is the time when the tourist season is over, therefore, you will save a lot of money on hotel, or meals. In addition, September is also the time when many kinds of flowers bloom. Wild sunflower begins to appear in early September, Da Quy flower season brings a bright yellow colour after a long rainy season. In addition, Da Lat also has white mustard flowers and buckwheat triangles in full bloom, adorning the city with thousands of flowers, this month.

Cons: September is the end of the rainy season, so some tourists avoid to travel Dalat this time.


Things to do in Dalat in September

Visit Valley of Love

Located 6 km north of Da Lat’s city centre is Valley of Love, a great place for those wanting to escape the city for a couple of hours, or for couples wanting to celebrate love in a romantic setting. The Valley of Love is a picturesque valley with rolling hills, a lake as its centrepiece. Coming here, you can take pictures with a large golden statue of a pair of hands exchanging rings, many giant carved-out hearts, paddle on swan-shaped boats, or just enjoy the romance and peace in the valley. Besides, many families come here for picnicking at weekends.

Valley of love

Valley of love


Visit Dalat crazy house

The Crazy House in Dalat is definitely the weirdest house you will see in Vietnam. The tunnel-shaped stairways, uneven windows and bridges between the buildings make it the “Crazy House”. The house has a lot of twisting forms and almost no straight angles. Coming to visit the house, you can walk over the bridges, through cave-shaped hallways and get lost in the maze. There is also a small cafe were you can get drinks, such as smoothies, coffee and snacks. This house is also a hotel where you can stay overnight. The rooms have different themes and are decorated according to the theme, such as the tiger room, bamboo room and ant room.

Da Lat crazy house

Da Lat crazy house


Trek the Lang Biang mountain

Located 12 km outside the town is Lang Biang mountain which can be easily accessible it by bike, motorbike, taxi or a local bus. From the foot of the mountain, you can start to trek to the top of Lang Biang mountain. The Lang Biang National Park is stunning and if you take the right path, you’ll have an enjoyable day in the pine-tree forest. Trekking to the Lang Biang peak is a little challenging, however, the national park is beautiful with greenery and panoramic views.


Tips for travelling Dalat in September

  • There is less rain at the end of September than it is at the beginning of this month, so visit in late September if you do not like rainy weather.
  • Visiting Dalat in September, in the cold weather at night, do not miss your chance to taste delicious food such as hot pots, Vietnamese pizza, hot soymilk with bread, etc.
  • Dalat is famous for its beautiful flowers, so anywhere you visit, you can check in with many kinds of flowers here. So do not forget to bring a camera full of batteries with you any time you go out.

What to pack?

  • September is in late autumn, so it is cold at night. You can choose light clothes such as skirts, jeans and sneakers. At night, dress a little warmer, prepare a hat to keep you dry and warm.
  • It can be rain in September, so remember to bring a waterproof rain jacket to avoid being wet

In general, September is one of the bests months to visit Dalat thanks to its pleasant weather, cheap price. If you have the plan Da Lat trip this September, do not miss your chance to visit this charming city. If you need any more information or need help to book any service, contact us for any assistance.  

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