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Delicious vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls and things you need to know

December 04, 2020 - 133 views

Vegetarian spring rolls are simple, easy to make, use easy-to-buy and cheap ingredients. How much do you know about Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls? This article will provide you the necessary information for the Vietnamese vegetarian spring roll.

For vegetarians, diet is very important. Although 100% of all animal-based foods must be excluded, you still need to make sure the meal is full of the necessary nutrients. In addition to the familiar dishes, vegetarians are also increasingly creative in the way of processing to create more new, tasty, not too expensive, and especially good quality foods. Vietnam vegetarian spring rolls may be one of the simple vegetarian dishes that are so familiar with salty rice trays, but it will definitely bring a new taste when you know how to turn it into a vegan dish. Join us to learn about Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls!

Delicious vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls and things you need to know

Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls

History of Vietnam vegetarian spring rolls

We will first talk about the origin of Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls, which are made from normal spring rolls or salty spring rolls with fillings made from meats.

Spring rolls are a famous dish of Vietnamese and other countries around the world. Traditional Vietnamese spring rolls often have the main ingredients are pork, shrimp, minced crabs, water-drained beanstalks, mushrooms, vermicelli, and some common spices of Vietnamese cuisine such as scallions, pepper, fish sauce,  rolled with rice paper rolls and deep-fried. Spring rolls are often served with mixed fish sauce, pickles, and salads, herbs such as basil, basil, lettuce...

Due to the higher human demand and the growing creativity in cuisine, Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls have been made for vegetarians.

Ingredients make Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls

The ingredients for making Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls are easy to find, simple and cost-effective. But the final product making Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls is very delicious.

Some common materials of Vietnam vegetarian spring rolls are:

  • Green bean rice paper roll
  • Green bean
  • Taro
  • potato
  • Small vermicelli
  • Cassava roots, carrots, tofu

Delicious vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls and things you need to know

Making Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls

Common ingredients and spices are always in the kitchen: monosodium glutamate, ground pepper, sugar, vegetable oil.

The way to make vegetarian spring rolls is quite simple, you just need to stir-fry some ingredients and mix well with the seasoning to taste, then wrap it with green bean roll rice paper. And bring fried in a pan of hot oil until crispy yellow and can be eaten.

Spring rolls can be combined with fresh noodles or rice. More specifically, when eating spring rolls certainly can not lack sauce such as spicy sauce or sweet and sour sauce.

Some good places to make Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls you should try

Some good places to make Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls you should try

  • Dai An Vegan is one of the major vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi. You can buy vegetarian spring rolls in Hanoi with the best quality. With the prestige and experience, the vegetarian food here is highly appreciated by food experts for its quality. Here customers can order online via phone number 024. 7107. 8899 - 0993. 996. 113. Store address: 70a Tran Xuan draft, Hai Ba Trung, ​​Ha Noi.
  • Vegetarian restaurant in Au Lac at 242 Lo Duc, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi. A big vegetarian food manufacturer that you can buy Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls.
  • Home Food vegetarian supermarket at 9 Truc Khe, Lang Ha, Dong Da district. It is one of the supermarkets that specialize in vegetarian food. Provides vegetarian food including Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls. Vegetarian products here are many vegetarian devotees come and buy.

In addition, the traditional spring rolls shops offer extra vegetarian spring rolls to sell to vegetarians, you can go there to ask.
Vegetarian spring rolls Vietnam is always a quality vegetarian dish, delicious, and new. If you have not tried Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls, you should find it now. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you understand more about Vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls.

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