Essential Guideline on Thailand’s Weather in December

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Since Thailand's December weather is very beautiful, so many tourists choose this country as a destination for year-end travel. This time is often a bustling tourist season in Thailand when families and companies often organize travel after a busy working year. Traveling to Thailand in December is a great idea that does not make you disappointed.

1. Thailand's Weather in December

December is good weather to travel to Thailand. Thailand's temperature in December is between 20-30ºC, it is cool and nice weather to travel.

In Bangkok, the temperature is slightly warmer, between 26ºC and 30ºC, it is dry and very rarely rains, so many people choose to come to Bangkok on this occasion.

In northern cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, the weather is quite cool during the day and at night it will be a bit cold, the temperature is 23-25ºC. In some mountainous areas, such as Pai, the temperature returns to The night is quite cold, remember to bring your jacket if you come here.

On the southern coast, rain still sometimes occurs but not too much, usually in the late afternoon, like in Phuket. Only in Koh Samui and Koh Tao, the weather is very rainy, especially in the first weeks of December.

Bangkok - Thailand’s Weather in December

Many people choose to come to Bangkok on this occasion because of the fine weather

2. Events and Festivals in Thailand in December

  • Christmas Holiday: Although the vast majority of Thais are Buddhist, Christmas in Thailand is celebrated equally as well as in other countries, and you will see the Christmas atmosphere appear everywhere.
  • Beer Festival: In December, another very interesting festival in Thailand is the beer festival. When participating in the festival, visitors will taste the scrumptious beers in Thailand. In addition, the festival also has many attractive dishes prepared by talented chefs in the Golden Temple country. If you are a fan of Thai cuisine, you should definitely not miss this festival when traveling to Thailand in December.
  • Royal Festival: This can be one of the most anticipated events in Thailand during the year-end. The festival has many interesting events, but the most outstanding is the birthday of the King and Queen. On these days, you will find that many people will place wreaths under the statue of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as an act of reverence for his king.

Christmas -  Thailand’s Weather in December

Christmas in Thailand is celebrated equally as well as in other countries

Let's travel to Thailand in December to join this special festival.

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