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Fishing Vietnam: Absolute Guide

December 23, 2023 - 4367 views

With 3260 km seashore plus many bays and lakes, Vietnam can be an ideal destination for those who enjoy fishing experiences. There are thousands of activities that you can join in while visiting Vietnam and fishing is among the most popular. Usually, it is not hard to come across someone fishing when you come to waters of the country like Halong Bay, Nha Trang, or Da Nang as the activity is easy and doesn’t need much money to take place. Besides, there are many other reasons on which you should try fishing in Vietnam once in your life.

To learn how to do fishing in Vietnam and where to do it, please follow this articles carefully.

Reason to do Fishing Vietnam

As previously mentioned, with more than 3600 km coastline, over 2000 islands, and 400 rivers, Vietnam offers plenty of chances for you to go fishing. From North to South, you can easily find a place to fish either in freshwaters like a river and lake or in the sea.

Besides, fishing is a very healthy hobby that not only helps relieve stress effectively but also provides you with natural, garden fresh, and delicious sources of seafood. It will be so interesting to sit on a small boat, wait for the fishes to bite the bait, have them cooked right away, and enjoy appetizing dishes later.

In addition, many places in Vietnam that allow fishing possess an extremely stunning scenery. Therefore, it will be also a chance for you to admire at the breathtaking beauty that is blessed by the amazing nature. Enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and fresh air can refresh our mind after days of living in the bustling urban as well as bring you the inspiration of life. If taking part in the activities with friends, you will have some unforgettable memories.

Fishing in Vietnam

Fishing in Vietnam

Finally, fishing in Vietnam is incredibly cheap and doesn’t require any effort, unlike other activities such as rock climbing, scuba diving, or deep water soloing. All you need to do are hiring a small boat, a fishing rod, and buying some baits. If you are the newbie to this, the local fishermen are willing to help for free.

Fishing in Vietnam is such an interesting activity that once you start, you will never want stop. If having chance to visit Vietnam, especially Halong Bay, Nha Trang, Da Nang,…, you should never miss the experience.

Below are some useful information about the activity that may help you prepare for the best experience.

Vietnam Fishing Types

As Vietnam offers plenty of fishing places for tourists, Vietnam fishing types vary from places to places. Basically, the fishing type will depend on the features of where it occurs.

Vietnam Offshore Fishing

This type of Vietnam fishing is popular in the areas that are near the sea such as Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island, Nha Trang,… If choosing to take part in offshore fishing, you are usually recommended to go on a cruise tour that includes the activity as the service quality is professional. The cruise will take you around the bay or the sea area then stop at a point that can be located in the center or near some fishing village. After that, you will be moved to a small boat to take part in the activity.

As the fishing point is among the bay, the water is quite calm and sometimes you can feel the slight wind. While waiting for the fish to bite the bait, you can take your time marvel at the magnificent scenery of the sea. Besides fishes, Drums, bass, grouper, red snapper, squid, mackerels… are the animals you may catch during your sea fishing. Despite of its interesting points, the type of Vietnam fishing also contains risk. As the water is quite deep, don’t get near the corner of the boat and remember to wear the life jacket.

Offshore Fishing Vietnam

Offshore Fishing Vietnam


River Fishing in Vietnam

Like offshore fishing, river fishing Vietnam also takes place on a small boat. Besides, if you want to, you can wade across the river to find the fish as the water is much more shallow. Fishing in Vietnam river, you will have a chance to catch fishes that are really big. This is also an opportunity to live close to the local and see what they do everyday. Red River, Tien River, and Hau River are the three biggest rivers in Vietnam where you can enjoy your fishing habit.


Lake Vietnam Fishing

You can fish on a small boat or at the banks of the lakes, or small channels in Vietnam. In some parts of Vietnam, people use bare hands to catch the fish in the mud. Mud fishing is a lot of fun, however, you can get your clothes dirty. Sometimes, it is dangerous putting your bare hand in the hidden places because some species of fish have venomous spines. In this case, do not forget to use fishing gloves. Some freshwater fishes in Vietnam that you may catch are bronze featherback, eel tail catfish, shark catfish, climbing perch, giant gourami, carp, or even eel and shrimp…

Lake fishing VIetnam

Lake fishing VIetnam

All fishing types have their interesting points that you cannot miss during vacation. To take part in the activity, you can come to the following places where fishing is popular.

Best Fishing places in Vietnam

1. Halong Bay

Most of Halong bay cruises have fishing activity in their itinerary. You will be guided by a local fisherman on board about how to fish, mostly squids. The caught fish or squids will be used to make dishes for you. It is great to fish in the middle of the world heritage, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, listening to the stories of Halong Bay, and local’s experiences. You can also hire a boat with local fishermen or tour guides to fish in poetic fishing places like Ti-Top Island, Cong Do Lake, and some floating villages.

Fishing in Halong Bay

Fishing in Halong Bay

2. Nha Trang

There are a lot of tours in Nha Trang which allow you to fish in deep water in the sea. You can discover the beauty of Nha Trang and fish at the same time. The most beautiful places for sightseeing and fishing in Nha Trang are Hon Mun Island and Hon Tam Island.

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3. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is one of the best places for fishing in Vietnam, which is home to many ponds, rivers, and reservoirs. There you can find an incredible range of native fish such as Black Carp, Catfish, black shark, rigal, Red River giant catfish, Chinese bighead carp. You can use the fishing net, rods, bamboo traps, or just by hand to catch the fish. Then you can cook your own fish which you have caught. It will be a great experience during your trip to Vietnam.

Fishing by hand in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Fishing by hand in Mekong Delta Vietnam


3. Saigon

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best places for fishing in Vietnam due to its dense population of rivers and lakes. Here, you can take part in fishing activity in any rivers or lakes you came across as long as you bring enough tools along. To fish in Saigon, you are suggested to sit in the bank and just wait for the fish to bite the bait. Be patient as the fish will soon come to you. Fishes in Saigon rivers and lakes are quite abundant; therefore, the chance for you is big.

Once in your life, try as hard as you can to catch the biggest fish and break the previous record of a tourist’s catching a Mekong giant catfish which weigh over 27 kg. This kind of fish is also super healthy, so if you have a chance to catch it, have it cooked right away and enjoy the delicious and healthy dishes.


5. Danang

For those who prefer offshore fishing, going on a fishing day in Danang Bay with the local fisherman will be a great experience. During the day, you will have chances to immerse in the tranquility of nature and to be taught how to fish by the qualified “expert”. And If catching some big fish, you can also enjoy a sumptuous fresh meal for dinner.

After settling in a small fishing boat, you will be taken around Son Tra Peninsular and stop at some point that is the best place to fish, according to the fisherman. Then, your fishing starts. As the local fishermen are all friendly, you can ask them for help. This experience is real and authentic, thus promise to bring you an unforgettable memory.


6. Hoi An

Besides a marvelous ancient town in Vietnam, Hoi An is a good place to go fishing as here lies Cam Thanh Village, the village of water and mangrove palms. From Hoi An old town, you can ride a bike to the village, then start your fishing trip with the local fisherman. You can be taken to the center of the lake and taught to use the nat to catch the fish. This experience will be really fun.

One fascinating point of fishing in Hoi An is that besides the small fishing boat, you will have a chance to sit in the coracle, a special type of boat in Vietnam. After a day fishing in the lake, for dinner, you can enjoy the delicious meal that is cooked from the fish you catch.

Tips for Fishing in Vietnam

1. Choose a suitable fishing times fishing

Avoid fishing in the stormy and raining season from April to November because there could be strong winds, monsoons, tidal waves or rain. Freshwater: Best time to fish is from August to November when high tides bring more fish. Nighttime is much better than day time.

2. Find out which type of fish you want to fish

Like humans, different kinds of fish like to live in different water levels. It can be shallow or deep water, clear or muddy waters. Decide which kind of fish you want to catch to choose the proper fishing rods, fishing machines, bait, fishing lines.

3. Go fishing with your friends

Do not forget to invite your friend to go fishing with you. Fishing will become more fun and you will be sharing the experiences, knowledge about fishing and life

Join Fishing Tour in Vietnam

Fishing in Vietnam is such a great experience that you should never miss during your vacation. However, fishing tours are now available in quite a small number. If already interested in the experience and desiring to try, you can contact us through our website or call (+84) 4 3624-9007 as we can give you the best fishing tour that can meet your demand. Alternatively, you can book one of our tour that include fishing as an activity. We are always here to help you have an unforgettable memory about our country.

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