Cycling in Vietnam: Complete Guide & Ideal Places to Do

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There’s no better way to get up close with Vietnam’s charms than on two wheels. Vietnam offers many great places for cycling. It is possible for you to find suitable places for easy countryside ride or mountainous ride. Let's find some tips to have a great time exploring Vietnam on this two-wheel vehicle and offer you some fantastic cycling tours.

Cycling has been a well-established leisure activity and is a brilliant way to see a destination like Vietnam. This is not only the budget but also the way you experience Vietnam. Thus cycling is one of the most popular Vietnamese outdoor activities for travelers. Not only good for the environment, cycling – like every other form of exercise – releases endorphins that make you feel good. It is easy for you to find the right biking trail based on your needs. 


Reason to do Vietnam Cycling or Biking

Cycling in Vietnam is an ideal activity for tourists to discover every corner here. Everywhere in the country, you can hire a bike and just explore. Some people love to ride a bike in busy cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. Others love to go further to the countryside or off beaten track like gorgeous coastlines in Hue, Hoian, or Nha Trang, majestic mountains in Sapa, Mai Chau, and much more. It can be a bit challenging for the first time as you need to get used to the chaotic traffic. Cycling in Vietnam, you will be able to see the beautiful landscapes, chat with friendly local people, taste the delicious local food. This kind of activity is suitable for both beginners or professionals. 

It is hard to say the best time to have some Vietnam cycling tours as Vietnam is a more than 3600 km long coastline country with different climate characteristics in different regions. In general, spring and autumn are the best time to go biking in Vietnam. It is some months around March and September when the weather is cool or warm.

Top places to do Vietnam Cycling/ Biking

If you are interested in easy and fun biking tours, here are some destinations we recommend:

1. Hanoi

Hanoi traffic is famous all over the world with its order in the chaos, and the secret to drive safely of all Hanoian is very simple, understanding each other. Discovering Hanoi by bike is an incredible way to see its small alleys and narrow houses or make aquantaint with this unique traffic culture.

Vietnam biking in Hanoi

Biking through Long Bien Bridge

A Hanoi bike tour around Hanoi Old Quarter, West Lake, Long Bien bridge, or some tourist attractions inside Hanoi city give you a closer look at the elegant beauty of the a-thousand-year capital city and understand the local's lifestyle better. For a longer trip, you can consider biking to Bat Trang ceramic village, or Duong Lam ancient village, enjoying some tranquility of the peaceful rural nearby Hanoi.

2. Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is cycling heaven. Here you will have a chance to get insights into rural Vietnam on your bikes. The countryside is a living museum that gives you the opportunity to get some good shots of a  villager catching fish by net, children swimming in the pond, or playing kites near the rice field...

Let's find the biking trip in our Ninh Binh tours list

Biking Tour in Ninh Binh

Biking Tour in Ninh Binh

3. Hue

Hue is the former capital of Vietnam where you can see a lot of historical sites and experience a slower pace of life. If you love some cycling holidays in Vietnam, taking a Hue cycling tour is one of the best things you can do to explore this peaceful city.

On a bicycle, you can go to visit the Perfume River, the Imperial City, pagodas, and tombs. You can also go biking through the green lush and rustic paths in the villages pine hills, beaches, or Tam Giang lagoon. And in case you don't know which is the best place for you, take a look at some Vietnam cycling tours itinerary, they will provide you the best local advice. So why not travel at the locals’ pace to truly absorb the local way of living?

4. Hoi An

Talking about the best spots to enjoy cycling holidays in Vietnam, we certainly must mention Hoi An ancient town. A bicycle tour in Hoi An is definitely a highlight for your stay in this beautiful and historic city. Hoi An is closed to motorized vehicles, but cycling is acceptable.

Biking in Hoi An is totally relaxing

Biking in Hoi An is totally relaxing

The city is flat, small, so go cycling around the city is the best way to get around. You can cycle in the ancient town, go further to the countryside to see the rice field, garden or to the beaches for sightseeing or swimming. For peace lovers or beginners, Hoi An seems to be the best spot to go biking in Vietnam.

5. Mekong Delta

Thanks to huge systems of footpaths, single tracks that criss-cross the flatlands, rice paddies, fruit orchards, forest, and huge water transport, the Mekong Delta is a fantastic location for a family or a group of friends to enjoy the time of their lives whilst touring in an ecologically sustainable way. The Mekong Delta is, as they said "as flat as a pancake", so cyclists of different levels can join Mekong Delta cycling tours without worrying.

Interesting biking tours in Mekong Delta

Interesting biking tours in Mekong Delta

In fact, the region would have to be one of the most user-friendly biking locations you could ever imagine. Travelers can organize bicycle touring through Mekong Delta from Saigon or Siem Reap, Phnom Penh in Cambodia. With a bicycle, you will have a great day to see the area and local life.

6. Ha Giang

Ha Giang is Vietnam’s northernmost province and is one of the top places for mountain biking in Vietnam although the road is not in good condition, sometimes can be muddy and bumpy. Yap, never was a remote and untouched area easy to reach. The riding can be challenging but highly rewarding if not some of the most amazing in South East Asia. The scenery is enjoyable and the locals are sure to be out cheering you along.

Challenge yourself with biking tour in Ha Giang

Challenge yourself with a biking tour in Ha Giang

7. Sapa

It is too easy to fall in love with the gorgeous Sapa where you can conquer the "roof of Indochina" - Fansipan or trek to visit hill tribe villages. The natural scenery offers a perfect ground for mountain biking as well as other outdoor activities. Some parts of the ride can be challenging especially in the off-road areas, but the outstanding scenery and hospitable people will make it all worthwhile. So if you want a one-of-a-kind adventure, then hop on a bike and explore Sapa. You will surely come home with a big smile on your face.

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8. Mai Chau

Nestled in an idyllic valley northwest of Hanoi, Mai Chau is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Lush rice paddies surround quaint farming villages, providing spectacular scenes of rural life. With minimal traffic, this is a great area for cycling. Take a guided tour to scope out the trails around Mai Chau, it’s not only a great way to exercise but excellent for sightseeing. 

Things to remember when cycling in Vietnam

  • Mind the traffic because it can be difficult to navigate for first-time travelers. Motorbikes are everywhere, and sometimes the rule is “no rule”.
  • Get used to the use of horns by the locals, because local custom demands they be used often. In Vietnam, the right of way is decided by who has the largest vehicle, so give them the way to go first.
  • Watch for obstructions: They can be buffalo, potholes, uneven roads, and drying vegetables
  • Wear old clothes because nice clothing may get dirty
  • Bring a lot of water and bike repair equipment
  • Say hi and smile with local people, especially in the countryside
  • Keep your eyes open when you stop, someone can take a break on your front porch
  • Do not forget to stop and take photos on the road

From a bicycle, of course, with the wind in your hair and tropical breeze on your face, this is an energizing and rewarding way to see the beauty and majesty of Vietnam Now it’s easy to get out into the world on two wheels and enjoy a different perspective as you bike through. Just choose one of our cycling tours that suit your style: from a leisurely ride through the countryside to a long adventure trip along with the country.

Hope that you will have great cycling holiday in Vietnam. If you want us to arrange any Vietnam cycling tour just let us know by contacting us

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