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Halong Water Puppet Show: Must-See Vietnamese Cultural Show

September 16, 2022 - 675 views

Halong Bay offers many cultural shows that attract lots of domestic and foreign tourists. One of the outstanding shows in Halong Bay is the Water Puppet Show which features the spiritual life of Vietnamese people.

The art of water puppetry is the indigenous cultural beauty of the Vietnamese nation, developed in most villages around the northern delta provinces. The perfect harmony of people, nature and the surroundings is one of the important factors contributing to creating unique art forms. In particular, during the wet rice civilization, the Water Puppet Show in Halong Bay clearly illustrates the culture of village community activities and the spiritual life of Vietnamese people.



About the Water Puppet Show

Definitely a must-try thing to do in Halong Bay, watching the Water Puppet Show in Halong will help tourists get rid of the bustle of life and refresh their minds with unforgettable moments. Attending a water puppet theater in Halong, tourists will see the little puppets with a small folk orchestra of about 7 people; standing behind a background in a small lake.

Water Pupet performance in Halong

Water Puppet Performance

All puppets made of fig wood are carved and painted skillfully in various fascinating shapes as well as symbolic facial expressions. The themes of the Water Puppet Show in Halong focus on the daily life of farmers and the general aspects of the Vietnamese’s spiritual life. Thus watching water puppetry, tourists will have the opportunity to get to know in detail about beautiful Vietnam through a really short yet interesting play.

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The Water Puppet Theaters in Halong

There are two water puppet theaters in Halong that are famous for water puppetry: Hoang Gia International Park (Bai Chay Tourist Area) and Yen Duc Village (Dong Trieu District).

1. Yen Duc Village

Water Pupet In Yen Duc Village - halong

Water Puppet in Yen Duc Village

Unlike the Hoang Gia International Park, water puppetry at Yen Duc Village is a spectacular place to watch the Water Puppet Show in Halong. One of the most unique characteristics is its rustic experience.

Coming to this water puppet theater in Halong, guests can enjoy this type of art in a spacious and comfortable space of a peaceful village without being confined to a definite house. The stage is located outside, surrounded by the green color of rice fields and flower gardens. Interestingly, the "artists" of water puppetry here are all farmers from the village. Currently, the water puppetry here is mainly served for tourists traveling in groups with no fixed time for performances.

Yen Duc Halong Puppet show

Puppet show in Yen Duc Village

To enjoy the Halong water show in Yen Duc Village, you can join the cruise of

Dragon Legend, Dragon Pearl Junk, and Red Dragon.


2. Hoang Gia International Park

Water Puppet Show at Hoang Gia International Park in Halong

Water Puppet Show at Hoang Gia International Park

Hoang Gia International Park is a better-known theater thanks to the advantage of being located in the center of the Bai Chay tourist area, which is quite convenient and easy to find. It is worth mentioning that the facilities and tourism services are operated synchronously: from the yard, and stage performance to the seats, and sound systems. Besides, the orchestra of performers is also very professional. Currently, there are 3 water puppet shows in a day, with each show lasting from 30 - 35 minutes.


The Water Puppet Show brings a distinctive experience to Halong, beyond sightseeing and seascape activities. Planning your Halong Bay trip with BestPrice Travel, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the spectacular performance of water puppetry in Halong.

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