Hanoi Autumn: Romantic Season to Travel

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"The beauty of Hanoi in ancient and graceful autumn creates a very unique beauty for photo galleries"- Surely, it is one of the best reasons to make Hanoi Autumn so adorable to tourists. Let us show you more features! The autumn features amaze most visitors due to their discreet beauty and full of charm.


Hanoi Autumn Weather Overview

Hanoi weather has a typical pattern in the North with four distinct seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Please don't pass by Hanoi autumn as it is the most romantic time of the year with gentle weather, less rain, not too hot, not too cold. From August to September, autumn in Hanoi will be in your area. The early autumn is light and dreamy; the end of autumn will be cold and comfortable. Traveling to Hanoi in autumn, you will easily join many tours around the city in the gentle space.

Hanoi Autumn


Romantic Things to do & Flowers Hanoi Autumn

1. Biking in Sun Set and enjoying Milk flower

Nothing is more interesting than enjoying milk flowers when referring to Hanoi's autumn. Just biking around the streets of the capital and you can feel the passionate scent in the wind and the scent of nuggets from street vendors. For anybody who seeks peace of life, it's your chance to rejoice in yourself!

Don't let the sunset fall behind you as the moment the golden rays shine down on the water's surface, pass gently and then disappear under the horizon is priceless. Why don't you rest for a while? So stop by a tea shop next to the lake, breathe fresh air, and dazzle the sunset in the air. The cold air of the autumn sky is extreme enough to make you soft. Cycling to explore landmarks is an exciting new experience. The slowly revving of the wheel will bring you closer to the life of the ancient capital. Biking in Sun Set has become a hobby of Western visitors when coming to Vietnam and many people when visiting Hanoi.

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Milk Flower in Hanoi Autunm

Milk Flower in Hanoi Autumn


2. Taste green sticky rice

The aroma of nuggets, lotus leaves, and the sweetness of dried young sticky rice always bring a gentle fragrance in the autumn afternoons on the streets of Hanoi. Nuggets are a delicious gift, but not a filling, so no one buys much. Just a small package, sipping and enjoying beside a cup of green tea, chattering with friends, or watching the streets is all for anyone who needs a little serenity.

Because it has been handed down over many generations, the nuggets of Hanoi still retain the traditional flavor. To meet the needs of users and fresh rice, there are also delicious dishes from Hanoi made from nuggets. So try all, and give Hanoi a fine recommendation!

Green sticky rice - only available in Hanoi Autumn

Green sticky rice - only available in Hanoi Autumn


3. Take great photos in some famous fall foliage season street

  • Phung Hung Street

Phung Hung Fresco Street is not only a place to visit and take photos of people and tourists, but it also has an interesting space with special activities such as painting, folk games. There are 17 arches of bridges that Vietnamese - Korean artists make and paint, creating a space connecting heritage, art, and community values.

The frescoes of the general department, the tinkling train, and the word art on the arches are reminiscent of beautiful memories of Hanoi. This is also a photoshoot location chosen by many couples to capture their pre-wedding to imprint in Hanoi's gentle and elegant wedding photo set.


  • Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake and the old town are the first names that cannot be ignored in the list of beautiful free photography places in Hanoi if you want to have colorful, shimmering photos. Not only owns a famous tourist destination, but this place also has countless beautiful scenes that young people extremely love to pose for pictures.

Just try once on the weekend to enjoy the bustling pedestrian street atmosphere and take some pictures at the capital's most famous photo spot in Hanoi! You will no longer regret it!


  • Kim Ma Street

This road has produced many beautiful photos with many different styles. You can come here in the spring when the trees are sprouting, and the time for a holiday in Vietnam is beginning. Whatever the season, you will have beautiful and memorable photos.

Kim Ma Street Hanoi in Autumn

Kim Ma Street Hanoi in Autumn


4. Enjoy the sunset in West Lake or Long Bien Bridge

It will be a huge omission if you ignore a series of backlit photos of the sunset in West Lake. If searching for the lake's name on Instagram or Facebook, you can easily see among a multitude of normal virtual life pictures that suddenly pop out somewhere with bright orange color in the eye-catching sunset.

Every afternoon, Westlake wears a bright red cover tingling with strangely peaceful colors. Sunset at West Lake is a time to evoke many emotions and become an endless source of inspiration for photographers.

Not romantic and arrogant like a sunset on West Lake, the harmony between classic and modern in the architecture of Long Bien Bridge creates its attraction. All things evoke the nostalgic feeling of the old years. Anyone standing on the bridge can see the immense and endless stretch of the Red River.

Falling sunlight blends with the ancient brown color of Long Bien Bridge will create a splendid space. This is the moment of forgetting the loud whistle around, letting your soul into the photos with the sunset through your prism.

Sunset Long Bien Bridge

Sunset Long Bien Bridge


5. See the street vendors carrying the heaven of Hanoi autumn

The street vendors in Hanoi are a simple, rustic beauty and are made from the working process of poor people. Someone has said that no matter how many years old this city is, the small loads are never old. It has become a dear beauty, attached to the minds of many people. Behind those loads is a story, an identity, a life with so many responsibilities and dreams of a better life.

Street Vender in Hanoi Autumn

Street Vendor in Hanoi Autumn


Traveling to Hanoi in the autumn will be one of the best experiences for travelers who want to find a place to relax and relax after a hard-working time. All you need is packed in the article above; let's wrap up and have a holiday!

Let's look for the best Hanoi tours for your wonderful trip in Autumn now!

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