Hanoi Winter: Weather, Temperature & Things to Prepare

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It can be said that winter is the most special season of the year, it has special holidays and brings the most different atmosphere. The cold seems to bring people closer together, including everyday lonely souls. Imagine what you would do if you took the time to spend the winter vacation. It would be cool! Let us show you what you will find out in Hanoi with the below article Hanoi Winter: Weather, Temperature & Things to Prepare.

Hanoi Winter Weather Overview

Hanoi's winter usually starts from the end of November and lasts until February of the solar calendar. Hanoi's weather in winter has a typical tropical monsoon climate with drizzle rain, but the cold is dry and numb when the Northeast monsoon appears. However, on winter days with countless cold winds, you will still have the opportunity to immerse yourself in warm sunny days. The Temperature in Hanoi this time is between 12°C - 22°C, you can see the detailed average temperature each month below:

Month Average temperature 
November 20.5°C ~ 68.9°F
December  18°C ~ 64.4°F
January 15°C ~ 59°F
February 16°C ~ 60.8°F


Hanoi Winter


Things to do in Hanoi Winter

1. Bike along the red river delta

The form of bicycle travel is increasingly popular because of the advantages that it brings. You can ride your bike freely throughout the capital, stop anywhere to enjoy the scenery of the city. If you want to run away from the hustle and bustle of the city and don't have much time, take a weekend out for a bike ride along the Red river bank.

Biking gives you the chance to admire the pristine landscape with stretched sand, green grass, white dust, fertile green vegetable fields, boats floating on the water, in the middle of the cloudy blue sky, and rich flowers. Through each stop, visitors can feel and absorb the cultural values ​​of Hanoi. Suppose you have the opportunity to cycle at the riverbank. In that case, it will be an interesting experience when leaving the city atmosphere to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the scenery of wild plants on both sides. For those who ride off-road bikes, this is also a challenge for the rigidity of the handlebars.

How to get to the route? From the middle of Long Bien Bridge, down the iron staircase, you will discover a completely different Hanoi in the center of the Red River.

Biking Along the red river delta

Biking along the red river delta


2. Enjoy a Cup of Egg coffee & Chat with locals

What can you expect from one of the most extraordinary features of Hanoi? A mixture of sweet and bitter flavors. The egg yolks are whipped with butter, milk, and white sugar. Black coffee is available with a thick concentration. When there comes an order, the shop owner will heat the black coffee and pour it directly into the prepared egg cup.

Depending on the secret of each shop, the proportion of ingredients will change, so the quality and taste of egg coffee will vary. This drink can be served hot or added ice, but more popular is still a hot egg coffee, stored in a ceramic cup with handles and kept in a glass with boiled water.

If ever tried once, no matter how strict the diners are, they will be comprehensively conquered in all senses, from sight to smell and taste. The reason is that egg coffee is not only delicious but also very eye-catching. Egg foam mixed with coffee creates an extremely attractive golden brown color. Even though each black coffee bean has been filtered through the filter, they seem to be separated when poured together with the whisked egg, emerging in tiny dots, creating countless beautiful natural pattern streaks.

If you want to know more, chatting with locals is a good idea. You can realize how Hanoi people choose in lifestyle: Not showy, just slow at every moment.

Egg coffee Hanoi

Egg coffee Hanoi


3. Join a walking tour around Hanoi Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is one of the attractive destinations not to be missed when traveling to the capital of Vietnam. You will have the opportunity to learn about life, culture, and people and explore the unique culinary of Hanoi.

The Hanoi Old Quarter is the heartbeat of the capital, so many commercial and tourism activities occur. Therefore, a Hanoi walking tour around the old quarter is the best choice for you. What you can expect when walking here? If you like to watch Water Puppet, you can buy tickets at Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, then enjoy the show every night at the weekend. Another site for you is Hang Ma Street - one of the most crowded and colorful streets in Hanoi.

Especially on holidays, the street is decorated with lanterns, glowing toys, and balloons, which makes this place filled with sound, color, and light and has a spiritual imprint of the East. Seek for somewhere with the echo of vibrancy? Welcome to Ta Hien Street. This is a small area with famous beer that young people of all ages love. After drinking beer, there is 1900 Bar around 9 am; you can come in to dance. This place is also voted as an international crossroad in must-see places when traveling to Hanoi by foreign tourists.

Join a walking tour around Hanoi Old quarter

Join a walking tour around Hanoi Old quarter

4. Shop at the Night market

The Night market will offer you nearly 4000 stalls with various items ranging from clothes, toys, knick-knacks to crafts. Besides, artworks, food, and drink with relatively affordable prices are suitable for any tourist. When entering the market, you will be immersed in the space of color and bustling atmosphere. In the light, the items on sale become more sparkling, more brilliant, especially on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas, or Lunar New Year. The colorful lanterns, decorations are sold so that anyone passing by should stop once to watch.

The space is full of chat, laughs, sales of goods, and buyer's bargaining. All create a lively and exciting sound that attracts many passersby. Visitors can take a relaxing stroll, enjoy the beauty of old town culture and art with unique street music, and captivate people's hearts.

Shopping at Hanoi Night market

Shopping at Hanoi Night market


5. See the cultural show

Cultural performance is your chance to access a unique cultural heritage. The content is often taken from fairy tales and daily stories and then raised to a high level by theatrical art, bringing real value and profound thought, reflecting noble moral values. The cultural show often follows the audience's tastes as the music is influenced by two types: folk singing and folk instrumental music. Thus, the show creates its style and also attracts wealth for both domestic and foreign visitors.


Things to prepare when traveling in Hanoi Winter


 In winter, with cold weather, the clothes to bring are also thicker. To do is to prepare clothes so neat and at least possible, avoid hugging too much will make it difficult to move. You should wear long-sleeved, lightweight shirts; the outer layer is the wind layer to block the wind. In particular, when it rains, windbreakers also help waterproof your body. Avoid wearing sweaters because wool is often not tight because there are many small holes, so the draining wind will not keep warm. Sweatshirts are the optimal choice.

Do not pamper your jeans; they make you uncomfortable. Choose cotton socks that are light, stretchy, but also warm. Boots are also one of the indispensable items. Should be soft, leather, or padded inner-toe shoes suitable for heavy-duty travel. You should wear two pairs in case it gets wet. Also, do not forget to bring wool hats, gloves, socks, scarves to keep the parts of the body warm to avoid colds.


You should bring some medicines such as anti-cold, fever, flu, headache, wind oil, ginger oil, a few bags of ginger tea and don't forget to bring water. However, you should not apply the oil while in the wind, as there is a risk that your body will get cold quickly. It is best to use a hot towel to wipe the face, wrists, and feet if it gets cold.

Heating pad

What do you think about carrying a heating pad? The patch inside the coat can warm the whole body. Even if your body really can't stand the cold and can carry a pair of battery-operated warm gloves, this can last up to 8 hours.

Skincare items

Don't forget to bring moisturizers, lip balms; they make you more comfortable with the chapped dryness. By applying moisturizers regularly, you will keep your skin from drying out and flaking. After showering, using a moisturizer will help restore the natural moisture film, create a barrier against harmful influences, and maintain healthy skin.


On a cold day, wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy a sip of warm water from a familiar thermos? With a keeping time from 6 to 10 hours depending on the type, the thermos is a perfect solution when you need hot water to use.


Winter travel is an enjoyable experience that you cannot afford to try out once. Winter in Hanoi is a strange peaceful beauty, thus travel to Hanoi in the last season of the year is the choice of many people. Hopefully, the information above will bring you a relaxing and comfortable weekend!

Now it's time for you to look for Hanoi tours to enjoy your trip!

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