Halong Bay Rainy Season: Should You Travel or NOT?

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It is sometimes so hard to decide whether to visit Halong Bay in the rainy season or not. In that case, what you expect and what it actually is will give you the answer. Please follow our travel guide carefully.

Halong Bay has been famous for ages as one of the Seven Wonders. Each year, the bay attracts thousands of tourists with its extraordinary beauties: magnificent karst islands, emerald water, and impressive caves. Coming to the bay, tourists usually expect serenity, enjoyment, plus a place to recharge their bodies by lying in the sunlight and taking part in water activities.

Therefore, many hesitate to visit Halong Bay in the rainy season as the weather may prevent them from thoroughly enjoying the trip. Is it the case? What can you actually expect from Halong Bay's rainy season? In the topic, we will give you the answer on whether to travel in the bay's monsoon or not.


Halong Bay Weather Overview

Situated in the North of Vietnam, Halong Bay is blessed with an Asian tropical climate that features four distinct seasons a year. Halong Bay weather, accordingly, changes over time.


Spring in Halong Bay possesses moderate temperature and pretty high humidity. Due to the beginning of the year, its weather is neither harshly hot nor bitterly cold but stays pleasantly cool with the temperature rising from 18 to 30ºC, quite suitable to have a vacation. However, the average humidity fluctuating between 68 and 75% can cause long-lasting heavy fog that can prevent you from sightseeing and other activities.


Typically, Halong Bay summer is the hottest season of the year. With the temperature from 26 to 38ºC and average humidity of around 78%, it is quite a good time to take part in water activities such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, etc. Besides, at nightfall, the temperature can drop from 3 to 4ºC, making it quite pleasant and especially enjoyable when you are on a Halong Bay cruise. Nevertheless, from the end of June, there are more chances of rain and thunderstorms, which will make it hard sometimes to thoroughly enjoy the vacation.


Like spring, autumn in Halong Bay features a pretty high humidity of about 72%, but the rising temperature from 19 to 33ºC partly causes the fog to disperse. Therefore, the sky during this time is quite blue and bright with sunshine and slight wind; the weather is pleasant all day round, sometimes a bit cold. Also, in autumn, every natural scene in some way becomes more beautiful and attractive, perfect for sightseeing, outdoor activities, and other water activities.


At the end of the year, the weather grows colder and drier as Halong Bay winter comes with low temperature and humidity. In particular, the temperature in this season is about 10ºC less than in the fall; accordingly, the amount of sunshine falls to 4 hours a day, making it hard to keep your body warm without a heavy jacket.

Also, the weather is quite dry and sometimes a bit uncomfortable. Unlike others, winter makes Halong Bay return to its tranquil self as water activities are rarely held. Instead, tourists are offered sightseeing and maybe taking part in the locals' jobs of catching fish.


Halong Bay Rainy Season 

The rainy season takes place mainly during the summer months (from July to September) in Halong Bay, as the high temperature is usually the key reason for rain and other tropical phenomena such as cyclones, etc.

Halong Bay rainy season overview

An overview of Halong Bay rainy season

Particularly, in the months of July and August, the rainfall is supposed to reach its peak, at about 700 - 1,000 mm. During this time, the number of rain days can be counted up to 30, increasing dramatically, compared to that of other months. Besides, thunderstorms and cyclones are more likely to occur. According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological, the majority of Halong Bay storms hit the bay at this time every year. Therefore, you can expect at least 1 to 2 ones to happen.

In addition, as previously mentioned, the temperature of July and August is pretty high, usually from 26 to 38ºC, even 40ºC; plus the humidity level can be up to 78%. Halong Bay's rainy season in July and August is a bit harsh to have a vacation. However, at the end of it, which is in September, the rainy season of Halong Bay appears to be more pleasant with a considerable decrease in both rainfall and temperature.

During this time, the rainfall remains at its average level, at about 300 mm whereby the number of rain days reduces by 15, which allows tourist activities to be normally held. Also, the weather is expected to cool down as Autumn gradually comes. The temperature is just around 20ºC; plus the humidity level is 70%. The sky of September is a bit brighter than that of the formers. Sunshine can be seen everywhere, which makes it really interesting to take part in water activities in Halong Bay.


Should I Travel to Halong Bay in The Rainy Season? 

The answer is YES since Halong Bay in its monsoon is not as bad as we expect. Though there are a lot of rain and sometimes stormy days, the weather is pretty hot with sunlight and suitable humidity on the others, perfect to take part in water activities in the bay. Besides, in the wet season, the rain, as well as the weather, will make natural scenes become more splendid and lively.

Therefore, sightseeing can be great, especially after the rain. One more good point of visiting Halong Bay in the rainy season is that this is not the peak season for tourism. The bay is not so crowded that you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation; plus, you can sometimes get a promotion when booking a Halong Bay cruise during that time.

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Tips to Visit Halong Bay in The Rainy Season 

Besides, visiting Halong Bay in the rainy season can be a better experience if you take note of the following tips suggested by BestPrice Travel.

  • Usually, it is highly recommended that you check the weather forecast before your Halong Bay trip to make sure the weather is not too bad.
  • However carefully you can check the forecast before, the rain is sometimes unpredictable. Therefore, you should bring a raincoat and a waterproof backpack, or a small umbrella along.
  • For a Halong Bay in the rainy season holiday, you'd better book a cruise as the itinerary is well planned, which can save you from canceling your plan.
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Above is our answer to the question of whether to visit Halong Bay in the rainy season or not. On the whole, Halong Bay, at any time, is an out-of-this-world place that you never miss seeing during your time in Vietnam.

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Through seasons, the bay possesses different beauties and in the monsoon, it turns into the peaceful self. If you prefer seeing the World Heritage's tranquility, then pay your visit to Halong Bay's rainy season. For more useful information about Halong Bay, please contact us through our website bestpricetravel.com or hotline (+84) 904 99 428.

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