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What to Expect in Halong Bay during Autumn

September 22, 2022 - 371 views

Let’s learn about autumn weather in Halong Bay, things to do in autumn, and areas to visit in Halong Bay autumn - all you need to know before your vacation!

Autumn in Halong Bay is considered the most romantic season of the year and also the most beautiful time for tourists to explore the Bay. In the midst of that magical space, the legend of the mother and baby dragon descending to the earth will be even more interesting through the narration of a local guide. Beyond that, autumn in Halong Bay offers tourists so much more. Let's see what to expect in Halong Bay during autumn.

What is Halong Bay weather like in autumn?

Autumn in Halong Bay starts from September to November when the temperature fluctuates around 20 degrees Celcius. Under the pleasant autumn weather in Halong Bay, tourists can feel free to take part in fascinating things to do with an endless of areas to visit. Autumn in Halong Bay is not as rushing as in the summer, nor is it as quiet as winter, the sun is no longer dazzling, nor are there any big storms.

Halong Bay in autumn

Halong Bay beauty in autumn

During the autumn time, Halong Bay becomes beautiful and gentle with the turquoise blue sea, sparkling golden sunshine, and purple sunset that dyes the vast sky. At this time, the trees on the islands are turning little orange, fluttering with red paper flowers and ripened sim fruits, altogether creating a picturesque scenery.

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Top things to do in Halong Bay’s autumn

Enjoy the autumn vibe on deck

Relaxing On Deck of Halong Bay cruise in autumn

Relaxing on deck

Nothing feels better than sitting on the deck, rolling through the mystical mist in the early morning, and reaching for the rays of morning sunshine. Heaven and water seem to blend into one with crystal clear water connecting to the vast blue sky. Lying on the deck, feeling each breeze striking through your soft hair, gliding through the red lips, and sensing the salty taste of the sea spreading to your chest will be the most refreshing moments that you can never get in other seasons of Halong.


Go kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking is perfect for autumn time in Halong Bay

Kayaking is perfect for autumn time in Halong Bay

Autumn in Halong Bay is known for its honey-golden sunshine, calm water, and chilling winds, suitable for many fascinating things to do in autumn at Halong. Islands are among the best areas to visit in the autumn in Halong. There are many beautiful islands here with different shapes: those that look like flying dragons (Dragon Island), those resembling 2 chickens playing together on water waves (Trong Mai island), or those symbolizing an old man fishing (La Vong island). Calm-water autumn in Halong Bay is suitable for renting a boat or a kayak to explore these islands at a reasonable price.

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Explore the majestic caves and islands in Halong Bay

Cave In Halong Bay

Cave In Halong Bay

Not only watching the bay but also entering inside the best areas to visit in autumn of Halong that actually make you surprised at how beautiful Halong can be. Exploring Sung Sot cave with countless fossil stalactites of all colors is probably among the worthy things to do in autumn at Halong. Nearby are Ti Top beach, Bo Nau cave, Me Cung cave, and Luon cave; gathering to form a system of most beautiful areas to visit in autumn of Halong.

One of the not-so-far-away areas to visit in autumn of Halong is Tuan Chau Island. Tuan Chau is particularly beautiful during autumn in Halong with the cool breeze, many high-class services, entertainment activities, and culinary diversity, serving as the top choice to visit during autumn in Halong.


Visit local villages in Halong Bay

Cua Van Fishing Village in Halong Bay autumn

Cua Van Fishing Village

Not to be missed is the Cua Van fishing village - a Vietnamese destination popular with backpackers. During autumn weather in Halong Bay, tourists can live in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, learn about fishing life and spend a day in the life of the locals here. Cua Van fishing village is also ranked in the top 10 most mysterious tourist destinations in the world in 2015, enough to know how interesting this place is.


Experience Halong Bay cruise

Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

Emperor Cruise in Halong Bay

One of the things to do in autumn at Halong is experience the feeling of being alone in the vast ocean and admiring the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay on a private boat. The phrase "Halong Bay cruise" has become familiar to many people recently when they think of the activities to take part in during summer in Halong.

Exploring Halong by cruise is among the new and interesting things to do in autumn at Halong that not everyone has had the opportunity to experience. Autumn is not a peak tourist season in Halong. Therefore, tourists can experience the best services with the cheapest hotel price, no wait lines for cruises, and available resort rooms.

With the cool autumn climate in Halong Bay, tourists are recommended to bring along a sweater to keep warm. Booking with BestPrice Travel in advance is also a good tip during the autumn in Halong Bay.

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