What to Expect in Halong Bay on Summer Days

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Halong Bay is known for its first wonder of the world - a masterpiece of nature with its turquoise blue sea, islands, and magnificent cave system. Summer is the best time to visit Halong Bay for beach activities such as kayaking, swimming, etc. Let's figure out what to expect in Halong Bay on summer vacation

Boasting majestic natural landscapes, Halong Bay is one of the most touristy destinations that you should not miss during your trip to Vietnam. Thanks to the clear division of the Halong Bay weather, it is always an attractive destination for tourists worldwide. In particular, with a climate suitable for cruise activities, tourists always choose summer as the golden time to come to Ha Long Bay.

How is the summer weather in Halong Bay?

Enjoy Amazing Summertime In Halong Bay

Enjoy Amazing Summertime In Halong Bay

Summer in Halong Bay lasts from May to the end of August, in which the weather is relatively hot and may rise to 37 degrees Celcius during the peak days of June and July. During the late summer, there are often scattered storms and rains, which is not recommended for visiting the bay as it may affect some sightseeing activities.

On the contrary, during the first summer months in Halong Bay, the weather is perfect for swimming and exploring the caves with the typical dry and sunny summer weather in the Bay.

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What to expect in Halong Bay on summer days

Summer is the ideal time to travel to Ha Long with its beautiful beaches, sparkling turquoise water, and vibrant entertainment areas, or participate in Halong cruise tours to admire the beauty of this sacred dragon land. Indeed you will have a wonderful summer vacation filled with happy moments with family and friends!

Swimming and enjoying fantastic activities at Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay–Ha Long is one of the most loved beaches in Vietnam, especially during the summer months. Coming to Bai Chay tourism, visitors not only enjoy the beauty of the bay and immerse themselves in the cool water but also participate in various exciting activities such as walking in the park, windsurfing on the sea, or learning about the history and diverse culture here.

Refreshing Yourself With Beach Activities And Entertainment In Bai Chay

Refreshing yourself with beach activities and entertainment in Bai Chay

Visit Tuan Chau Island

Wonderful Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau Island

Among the top things to do in the summer in Halong, tourists are always recommended to visit Tuan Chau Island during the summer in Halong Bay. Located about 2km from the center of Halong city, Tuan Chau Island is rated as the most beautiful of nearly 2,000 islands of Halong Bay.

Tuan Chau is known as the "Pearl Island" with long beaches, beautiful fine sand, and many exciting things to do in summer at Halong, such as windsurfing, water skiing, parasailing, etc. Tuan Chau amusement park also attracts tourists of all ages with spectacular entertainment performances such as water shows and indoor dolphin shows.

Explore limestone caves in Halong.

Sung Sot Cave - the most famous cave in Halong Bay, was voted as one of the worthy areas to visit in the summer of Halong Bay. Located on Bo Hon Island, the scenery in the cave is so beautiful that it makes people "stunned," just as the Vietnamese name indicates.

The ceiling is glittering with stalactites and stone statues in exciting shapes, such as raspberries, elephants, and seals... The cave can accommodate up to thousands of people and also includes primitive lakes, as well as a diversity of flora and fauna.

Summer in Halong Bay is ideal for exploring Sung Sot Cave as the summer weather in Halong Bay is dry with little precipitation, suitable for boats and kayaks to sneak in and discover the cave.

Visit Sung Sot Cave

Visit Sung Sot Cave

According to travelers on the top things to do in summer at Halong, Thien Cung Cave is in second place among the top areas to visit in the summer Halong. With an incredible width of nearly 10,000 m2, Thien Cung cave is known as a "mysterious underground paradise."

Inside the cave, stalactites form the shapes of breathtaking and fanciful scenes showing the unique sculptural hand of Mother Nature. The cave's beauty goes far beyond the imagination of humans and can only be admired through the eyes of a traveler, not from any photos on the internet.

Enjoy a Halong Bay cruise

Halong is considered an ideal destination for tourists to relax and escape the heat of Northern Vietnam, with blue sky, golden sunshine, and sandy beaches, meeting all the requirements of travelers for a Halong Bay cruise.

Spend Your Holiday With Luxury Ambassador Cruise In Halong Bay

Cruise in Halong Bay

A cruise to visit Ha Long Bay will be the perfect package to experience all the exciting activities, such as kayaking, bay routes, and caves, and enjoy Overnight cruise service on Ha Long Bay. A popular way during summer in Ha Long is Ha Long - Cat Ba (2 or 3 days), where visitors can enjoy unspoiled beaches, beautiful national parks with fresh air, and great views, the best view of the whole bay.

BestPrice’s Advice

Halong Bay on Summer days is one of the most valuable moments for visitors to spend time during their summer vacations. Not only because of the beautiful weather but also fascinating beach activities that can blow your mind in this Dragon Land! 

Family Kayaking In Halong Bay

Family Kayaking in Halong Bay

During summer in Halong, to prepare for the journey, you should bring necessities such as hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen for heat protection if you don’t want your dream trip to be bothered by sickness and UV rays. 

Find a travel consultant to give you the best ideas and recommendations for things to do not to waste your time during Halong Bay’s summer.

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