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Thien Cung Cave

If the largest cave in Halong Bay belongs to Sung Sot, then Thien Cung Cave is the most legendary dry cave with uniquely breathtaking scenery. This is also one of the most attractive destinations that can’t be ignored when visiting Wonder of the World.

What do you know about Thien Cung Cave?

Wonderful Thien Cung Cave

Magnificent Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave is as beautiful as an underground paradise made of nature in reality, which you can admire through the eyes. Let’s explore what is interesting in this reality of heaven!

  • This cave has a layer of phosphorescent emitting fanciful light like the legendary heavenly palace
  • The longest dry cave in Asia, with an area of up to approximately 10,000 m2
  • This place is associated with the legendary story of the Dragon King



This dry Paradise underground is located in the Southwest of Halong Bay, about 4km from Dau Go Island. With a complex interior structure and multi-floors with high ceilings, Thien Cung Cave has become a worldwide tourist attraction for such a magnificent system of stalactites and stalagmites.

Thien Cung Cave Cruise Map

Thien Cung Cave Cruise Map


The Legendary Story

According to folklore, Thien Cung Cave is the place where the Dragon Prince (Long Vuong) held his wedding for 7 days and 7 nights with his wife (Nang May), the daughter of an ordinary couple in the village.

In the cave, the strange and majestic shapes on the ceiling of the cave are images of dragons flying with different animals celebrating the wedding. And 3 ponds at the end of the cave are said to be the place where the Dragon's wife bathed her 100 children.


What to see?

Visit Majestic Thien Cung Cave, you will have a chance to admire the wonderful scenery that Nature Mother has given you from the moment you move to the gate to the time you get inside the Cave.

Things to do at Thien Cung Cave

To reach the entrance, you have to go through a road located on the cliff edge; both sides are covered with trees. The scene is beautiful and airy, motivating the upcoming discovery journey.

The first compartment, the more you will be amazed at the vivid and magnificent beauty of stalactites: dragons hidden in the stalactite clouds, giant eagles spreading their wings, serpents curling around the ancient banyan tree, etc. 

The second compartment is as known as the center of the Palace. Here, you can admire the four huge pillars carved in unique shapes from the bottom to the top of the pillar, such as the daily activities of people, birds, flowers, etc. Not only scenery, but you also can hear the sound of wind blowing between rocks.

The last compartment is called the way to the fairy scene in the cave. The dark lighting in this compartment space draws attention to the stalactites' equally enigmatic beauty. In the mountain bed, there is also a slit through which water flows, creating crystal-clear ponds.


How to get to Thien Cung Cave

Due to the location on the bay and quite far from the shore, the best way to visit is to book a Halong day excursion tour. If you rent a boat for a day excursion, you should book a Halong Route No. 01, which includes visiting Thien Cung Cave on the route.

  • Starting Point: Tuan Chau Port
  • Transportation: Boat
  • Time: 4 hours of total visit
  • Route: Thien Cung Cave - Dau Go Cave - Dog Stone Island - Ba Hang Cave - Dinh Huong Island - Ga Choi Island (Trong Mai Island)
  • Price for Route No. 01: ~US $13/person
  • Price for rent the boat: ~US $7/person (excluding meals)
  • Total Cost: ~US $20/pax


Extra Tips

  • Remember to wear sneakers before visiting, and avoid high heels because the road in the cave could be slippery
  • You should bring a light jacket to not to be cold when getting inside the cave
  • Don’t plan your trip in August and September if you don’t want your trip to be canceled
  • You should find some beautiful angles and many lights in the center of the cave to take photos

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Thien Cung Cave Map

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