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Luon Cave Halong Bay

Luon Cave has been classified as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Halong Bay in recent years. The beauty that nature has bestowed on this place will surely make tourists admire it when they arrive. With the poetic scenery of majestic mountains and the interweaving combination of water, clouds, and cliffs, this will be an ideal place for those who love to explore by kayaking.

Fun Facts you must know about Luon Cave

Luon Cave is one of the unique caves in Halong Bay that has got its name thanks to the self-contained lake inside a closed arch-shaped mountain. Let's take a look at some exciting features of this cave!

  • Luon Cave is an underground water source that flows inside the mountain and is connected to the sea by a tunnel created by a flooded cave.
  • The only way to visit Luon Cave is by small boat or kayaking because of the cave's limited height.
  • If you visit the cave at high tide, you have to stoop to pass through the cave


Where is Luon Cave?

Luon Cave is located on Bo Hon Island along with Sung Sot Cave, Trong Cave, and Trinh Nu Cave, about 14km south of Bai Chay. The cave's structure is quite special when in front is Con Rua island, and Heaven Gate is on the right side. Steep cliffs create privacy for the cave.

An incredible Luon Cave with a shape like an arched gate

An incredible Luon Cave with a shape like an arched gate

This is considered a fabulous gift Mother Nature has bestowed on Ha Long Bay by the interweaving combination of the colors of the water, the clouds and the sky, to each cliff, to the tree stump as perfect, without defects. 

With a length of 60m, the cave is tall, 2,5m – 4m, depending on the tidal wave’s height. Owning a stiff cliff, a peaceful green lake like a mirror throughout the year-long, and an impressive stalagmite system, the cave attracts tourists from all over the world.


Why is it called Luon Cave?

Luon Cave has an arc shape, is 60m long, and is 2.5-4m high, depending on the tide. Because of the limited height, the only way to visit Luon Cave is by small boat or kayak. When entering the cave to explore, it is like you are crawling into every corner. In particular, when the tide is high, you must stoop to go through the cave. Therefore, the cave is named Luon Cave (“Luon” means crawling in Vietnamese).


Best time to visit Luon Cave

To have a complete experience in exploring Luon Cave and Halong Bay, choosing the right time to visit is extremely important. Based on the weather in Ha Long Bay and the experience of experts, the best time to visit Luon Cave is around April to June every year.

Summer is the best time to visit Luon Cave for water activities

Summer is the best time to visit Luon Cave for water activities

This time is summer, and the weather on Ha Long Bay is quite warm, with beautiful sunshine and calm sea, so traveling is convenient. Therefore, everything is perfect for kayaking or sitting on a bamboo boat driven by a local driver to explore Luon Cave. In addition, going to Luon cave at this time, you can easily catch all the beautiful moments at sea and bring back a lot of unique virtual live photos.


Things to do at Luon Cave

The cave connects to the ocean with a “tunnel” water cave. To get inside, travelers must row a kayak or take a rowboat. Inside the closed cave, an ecosystem with lush plants, giant trees, fragrant orchids, monkeys, and a rich marine life underwater appear in front of your eyes. 

Things to do at Luon Cave

See the golden monkey - the messenger of Luon Cave

Watching funny yellow monkeys is one of the interesting experiences that attracts many visitors, from children to adults. On the cliffs around Luon Cave, there are about 50 golden monkeys climbing, and you can easily touch and communicate with these lovely friends when visiting Luon Cave.

Kayaking in Luon Cave

If you are a lover of new experiences, want to be in harmony with nature to touch the sea, or observe the flower stalactites under the dome of Luon Cave, do not miss the experience of kayaking.

If a traveling couple or small family, rent a kayak for only 50,000 VND for a turn of 2 people. You will wriggle through the cave together and discover the exciting things that nature has bestowed on this place and many things that are unexpectedly waiting at the end of the cave.

Take a bamboo boat to discover Luon Cave

Taking a bamboo boat to discover the beauty of Luon Cave is a suitable suggestion for large groups. You will have a ferry driver to accompany you, comfortably chatting and listening to the boat driver tell exciting stories here. The boat rental price is about 30,000 VND for one person at a time. But if you go in a large group or rent 2-3 boats simultaneously, you can negotiate a lower price!

Therewith, it is recommended that tourists travel around the Bay by boat or book a cruise to stay on the water for a night. You can choose “Ha Long Bay Cruise” as a preferred option. They would include Luon Cave on the agenda. It takes only 20 minutes for a tour in and out of the cave. 

However, if you are rowing your own kayak, you want to stand by for a good floating relaxation session in the middle of a magnificent harmony between great mountains, blue sky, green plants, and fresh air. Some Halong Bay tourism agency includes Luon Cave visiting in the agenda.


How to get to Luon Cave

Luon Cave is one of the most attractive and famous tourist attractions in Ha Long Bay. Therefore, traffic to Luon Cave is also very well supported. Moving to Luon Cave is not tricky. You can choose one of the following two ways:

  • Option 1

From Ha Long city center, it takes about 10 minutes along National Highway 18 to Bai Chay ferry, then take a boat or rent a boat to Luon Cave. 

NOTE: the time to visit the bay is from 6:30 to 18:30, and traveling by boat to visit is from 6 to 8 hours. Therefore, you should pay attention to the time to rent a boat to visit and return to the mainland in time!

Here is the list of prices for preparing to visit Luon Cave by yourself:

Visit ticket (obligatory)

290,000 VND/Person

Rent the boat

~200,000 VND

Lunch onboard (Up to your request)

150,000 VND - 200,000 VND/Person

Sitting on the bamboo boat for sightseeing or kayaking to explore the Cave on your own

Sitting on the bamboo boat for sightseeing or kayaking to explore the Cave on your own


  • Option 2 

If you don’t want to prepare and take time to consult and book an appointment, you can choose to go on a tour or book a cruise with a pre-scheduled schedule. Travel agents that provide Ha Long tours and Quang Ninh tourism also have tours to visit Ha Long Bay and have a point to explore Luon Cave. You just need to book a tour, and the tour operator will prepare everything for you.

A Cruise package will include a visit to Luon Cave and many fascinating activities

A Cruise package will include a visit to Luon Cave and many fascinating activities


Travel Tips

To help you visit Luon Cave to the fullest, here are some tips for you:

  • Because coming to Luon Cave, you have to travel far and participate in water activities such as kayaking, you need to prepare light clothes, sports shoes, sandals, swimwear, or waterproof clothes to move comfortably. 
  • Do not forget to bring a full range of sun protection items: sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat, or a sun shirt because mainly outdoor activities
  • Prepare a compact bag. You should bring a garbage bag to preserve the landscape for the cave and a proof water case for a phone, and a camera to keep beautiful photos.
  • In order to save costs and not be "challenged", you should negotiate the price of the boat or boat before starting the excursion or sightseeing journey.
  • Fun activities in Luon Cave mainly take place during the day, so you should consult and book a hotel room in advance for convenient transportation.

Hope this information that BestPrice’s Team provides will be a helpful travel guide for your trips! Contact BestPrice Travel for more exciting and excellent travel information!

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