Luon Cave Vietnam

Located on Bo Hon island, 14km to the South of Bai Chay, Luon Cave is a good stop for your Halong Bay wandering tour

Luon CaveLuon CaveLuon Cave

Luon cave is one of the most unique caves in Halong Bay has got its name thanks to the self-contained lake inside a closed arch-shaped mountain. With a length of 60m, the cave is tall 2,5m – 4m depending on tidal wave’s height. Owning a stiff cliff, peaceful green lake like a mirror throughout the year-long and impressive stalagmite system, the cave attracts tourists from all over the world.

 Luon Cave

The cave connects to the ocean with a “tunnel” water cave. To get inside, travellers have to row a kayak or take the rowboat. Inside the closed cave, an ecosystem with lush plants, giant trees, fragrant orchids, monkeys and a rich marine life underwater appear in front of your eyes. Locals believe there was village life here due to the discovery of many fresh-water snails which has been fossilized on the grotto’s wall.


It is recommended for tourists to travel around the Bay by boat or book a cruise to stay on the water for a night. You can look for “Ha Long Bay Cruise” as a preferred option. They would include Luon Cave on the agenda. It takes only 20 minutes for a tour in and out of the cave. However, if you are rowing your own kayak, you definitely want to standby for a good floating relax session in the middle of a magnificent harmony between great mountains, blue sky, green plants and fresh air. Some Halong Bay tourism agency includes Luon Cave visiting in the agenda. Nevertheless, you can rent a kayak from Cat Ba island and row your way to the beautiful cave and enjoy yourself with nature.

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