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Thien Canh Son Cave Halong Bay

Located in Bai Tu Long Bay – in the centre of Cong Do Island, Thien Canh Son Cave hides in the Cong Do Nature Reserve.

It is one of the worth visiting caves in Halong Bay with the rare natural beauty, pristine limestone stalactites, and surrounding beautiful landscape, Thien Canh Son Cave attract hundreds of tourists from all over the world. “True heaven on Earth” or “the pearl of Halong” is how locals describe Thien Canh Son Cave’s beauty.

 Thien Canh Son Cave

Regardless of 100 step stairs leading to the cave, you will be amazed by the path’s green beauty with the shades of forest and steep cliff just like climbing towards the gate of heaven. Considered as Bai Tu Long Bay’s theatre, Thien Son Cave has the beauty of mystery with a complex stalagmite system inside. The cave’s wavy dome is covered with hundreds of thousands of twinkle stalactites, which results in a beautiful light glow all over the cave. Reach out from the stalactite beauty, there is a breath-taking painting of the top view from the cave waiting for you to enjoy. Bai Tu Long Bay and Halong Bay expose to your eyes with their finest angle.

Right below the cave is a fabulous white sandy beach with naturally emerald green water. Besides wallowing in the freshwater with a windy atmosphere, travelers can also join Kayak riding to explore the island further. Peaceful as it is, Thien Canh Son Cave is the place for you to have it all: Great natural experience, mysterious cave discovery, and relaxing time on the beach.

 Thien Canh Son Mountain

Excited about the adventure? There are multi ways for you to reach Thien Canh Son Cave. The cave belongs to Route No. 4 in Ha Long tourism, many tourism boat tours are designed to stop at the cave for the night. It is recommended for tourists to travel to the island by boat or book a tourism boat to stay on the water longer and enjoy its beauty.

You can look for Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise as a preferred option for tourists which included visit Thien Canh Son Cave.

Thien Canh Son Cave Map

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