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Halong Bay Weather in January: Temperature & Things to Do

March 13, 2023 - 808 views

A lot of people choose to travel to Halong Bay in January though it is wintertime. Is it a good time to travel? The below article will help you answer all questions regarding Halong Bay weather in January.

  • January is the driest month with a pleasant atmosphere
  • A wonderful chance to taste Vietnamese cuisine only being made on Lunar New Year
  • Swimming this month is still available for people who live in cold countries
  • Booking an overnight cruise during special holidays is recommended due to fewer surcharges than hotels


Halong Bay January Weather & Temperature

  • Temperature: Halong Bay weather in January is really pleasant. You can experience some freezing days hitting the lowest temperature of 14°C, but it is not as cold as you may think. 18°C is the average Halong Bay temperature in January, which is cool for people living in Western countries, and warm enough for swimming.
  • Sunlight: Despite the fog and chilly atmosphere in the early morning, it is quite clear to witness the scenery during sunshine hours (up to 7 hours per day), enabling you to organize a lot of other exciting activities.
  • Humidity & Rainfall: January is one of the driest months of the year - only 15 mm of average precipitation and 69% humidity level, which is perfect for outdoor expeditions.


Average: 18°C

Average precipitation


Rainy days

5 days

Humidity level


Sunshine hours

7 hours/ day

Halong Bay weather January

Halong Bay weather January

Popular Halong Events & Festivals

International New Year

  • Time: 1st January

International New Year, which can be called Western New Year, is a global holiday marking the beginning of the new year.

This occasion coincides with the Winter Break of Western countries, and this is an ideal time for you to get great cruise deals, especially on Christmas Day.

Having 5-star dinner on Scarlet Pearl cruise on Christmas Day

Having a 5-star dinner on the Scarlet Pearl cruise on Christmas Day

Vietnamese Lunar New Year

  • Time: Late Jan/ early Feb
    • 2024: 8th February - 14th February
    • 2025: 27th January - 2nd February
    • 2026: 15th February - 21st February

Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the most significant and longest festival in Vietnam. It lasts for three days or even more than two weeks.

During this occasion, some shops, and restaurants are closed, and it becomes hard to order a transfer or tour.

Capella Cruise staff on traditional Vietnamese costume

Capella Cruise staff on traditional Vietnamese costume

However, if you are on the cruise this time, you will have the chance to taste traditional Vietnamese food, which used to be served on New Year only.

Note: There will be a surcharge for traveling during this time.

Chung Cake - Popular Vietnamese traditional cake in January

Chung Cake - Popular Vietnamese traditional cake in January


Best Things to Do In January


  • Best for: People living in cold places

In January, swimming is not for everyone, especially people who are not used to the cold weather.

To swim, you need to warm up with some movements. Stop swimming when you feel numb in your toes and fingers, dry yourself immediately with a towel, and wear warm clothes after getting out of the water.

Taking a cruise tour

  • Best for: Relaxation lovers, Experience seekers

Getting on a Halong cruise and relaxing on a comfortable bed with a great bay view, or going to the sundeck for sunbathing and savoring tasty cocktails are the most incredible experiences for relaxation lovers.

You can also join other indoor activities such as a cooking class to learn about how to make Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, or basic fruit & vegetable carving from professional chefs.

Celebrating Christmas with friends on a Halong cruise

If you are an experience seeker looking for the most typical thing when traveling, try going kayaking through beautiful limestone caves - a popular yet must-try activity included in many Halong Bay itineraries.

Sightseeing by seaplane

  • Best for: Luxury tourists, Active travelers

If you are an active traveler, do not miss the chance to try exploring the beauty of Halong Bay by seaplane.

Traveling by seaplane allows you to have a glimpse of the heritage from above through thousands of unique limestone islands and emerald water, making it to be an unforgettable experience.


  • This transportation can be expensive if you are tight with your budget.
  • You will be required to have good health conditions without heart attack and acrophobia.

If you want to see the bay from a different viewpoint, sign up for a Halong seaplane tour to admire the landscape from a high position.

Pros & Cons of Visiting Halong Bay


  • The Halong Bay weather in January is ideal for outdoor activities because of the few rainy days and the pleasant atmosphere.
  • There is a low risk of cruise delay/ cancellation due to the bad weather.
  • You will have a chance to experience the special atmosphere and vibrant decoration everywhere during the Lunar New Year 


  • Halong Bay may be crowded with foreign visitors because January coincides with the International New Year holiday.
  • The climate in this month may be too cold for some people, especially children can have a high possibility of catching the flu.


Halong Bay Travel Tips In January

Traveling to Halong Bay is one of the best options in Vietnam to celebrate the New Year. You should take note of several suggestions below for a perfect trip.

Booking tips

  • Contact a Vietnam tour operator to arrange the whole package tour for good deals and guarantees.
  • If you travel to Vietnam during the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, you should book a Halong overnight cruise because there will be fewer surcharges than staying in hotels at that time.
  • Often check the weather forecast to bring suitable things for your trip.

Packing tips

  • In case the Halong Bay weather in January becomes cold, you need to prepare warm clothes such as a fur coat, cardigan, sweater, etc. A waterproof jacket is also recommended for sudden rain or drizzles.
  • Do not forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a swimsuit as there can be sunshine some days.
  • Due to the chilly weather in January, it’s easy to catch a cold, so remember to carry Influenza Antiviral Drugs.
  • Use moisturizing creams in case your skin is dry or cracked because of low humidity.


In general, January is a perfect time for traveling to Halong Bay. No need to worry about the rain, thunderstorm, or intense heat; just enjoy the bay in the chilly weather.

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