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Halong Bay Weather in December: Temperature & Things to Do

December 22, 2022 - 717 views

December is the coldest time of the year in Halong Bay Vietnam. It's cold & dry, and a lot sunny, So it is a very nice time to sightsee the best scenery of Ha Long and join in outdoor activities. Let's review the detail about Halong Bay weather in December. 

Halong Bay is beautiful all year round. Coming in December, you may experience a little rain. Sometimes you can see the sunshine, sometimes it can be foggy. Sometimes, you may feel a little bit cold. Understanding the weather condition before your trip is necessary, well prepared to have an unforgettable memory.


Halong Bay Weather & Temperature in December

December is quite good for traveling to Halong Bay. It is wintertime, but not as cold as you may think. The weather condition is still better than in many other parts of the globe, and it is a good time to take part in many activities. In fact, December is one of the busiest months. Below is the weather in Halong Bay summary in December.

Halong Bay weather december

Halong Bay weather in December

  • Temperature: The weather in December is quite pleasant with an average temperature of 19°C. The highest temperature is 21°C, and the lowest temperature is 15°C.
  • Rainfall: The average rainfall is 22mm. It is much drier than in summertime when the rainfall can reach 260mm.
  • Rainfall day: About 4 to 8 days
  • Sunshine hours: An average of 8 hours of sunshine a day
  • Humidity level: December has one of the lowest levels of humidity during the whole year. The average humidity is about 66%, making it much more enjoyable to do exercise and outdoor activities as compared to the muggy summer months. This time you can also see one of the best scenery, and enjoy sunbath in pleasant weather.
  • Clouds: The chance for a cloudy day is 56%.

Halong Bay weather december

Fishing village in Halong Bay on a misty day


Suitable Activities for Weather in December

  • Halong Bay cruise

December, the last month of the year celebrates the world's biggest holidays: Christmas & New Year. Halong Bay Cruise is among the best choices for these special occasions. Even if it is foggy in the early morning or late afternoon, you can see the mystic Halong Bay which people can never have that view on sunny days. Mysterious islands are hidden under thin foggy when the boat is cruising slowly, passing the towering limestone pillars and discovering the scenery in front, which is so beautiful.

  • Beach relaxation

The weather in Halong Bay in December is suitable for you to join a lot of activities. It can be just relaxing on the beach. If there is a low chance of rain, the weather is dry and a lot of sunshine, you can just relax on the beach or the sundeck.

  • Kayaking

If you are looking for some outdoor activities, kayaking in Halong Bay may be good for you. After a few movements, you get warm and get used to the water. Go kayaking to explore the hidden caves is a perfect choice in December.

  • Squid fishing

After sunset, you can try squid fishing. Changing temperature and weather conditions in December makes Halong Bay a great place for squid fishing; you may catch more squids than you thought. One tip for squid fishing is using light to attract this kind of animal. Prepare the light or borrow it from the cruise staff.

  • Christmas & New Year's Eve

If you are on a cruise during Christmas & New Year, there is an interesting activity on board to celebrate Christmas & New Year. The cruise will be decorated with a lot of beautiful lights and ornaments; you can join BBQ dinner, sing, dance, and drink.

Halong bay weather in December

Celebrating Chrismas with new friends on Halong bay in December

Halong bay in December

Christmas Eve on cruise


Pros & Cons of Traveling in December

  • Advantages of weather in December

The low humidity levels, the long sunshine hours, and the warm temperature make December a perfect month during the year to explore Halong Bay and take part in outdoor activities. Low rainfall and dry water make Halong bay calm and there is no storm, so you can confidently book the cruise without any worries of canceling the trip.

Moreover, December is the favorite time for western tourists but not domestic tourists. So you can avoid the crowd of local people, and enjoy a more private beach.

  • Disadvantages of weather in December

Some days in December, the temperature can drop to 15 degrees Celsius, or there can be heavy fog and drizzle, you may need to wear a jacket or a warm sweater.

Besides, Christmas & New Year is in December, so there will be a surcharge for these days. Halong Bay can be busier on this occasion.

Halong bay december

Beautiful Halong Bay at the sunrise


Tips for Traveling to Halong Bay in December

Some days in December, daylight does not last for long. Therefore, take your chance to join outdoor activities when the temperature is not too low. After sunset, the temperature quickly drops, and you can come back to the cruise and join indoor activities on the cruise.

Even though December is not the time when local people travel, the cruise can be fully booked by foreign tourists. It is highly recommended to book a cruise in advance to avoid disappointment. There will be a surcharge for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve on some cruises, you had better contact your travel consultant to check carefully before booking. There are always promotions for Halong Bay cruises in advance, do not miss your chance to have the best deal.

If you will be staying in Vietnam during Christmas or New Year, there will be a surcharge for hotel accommodation for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. The surcharge for the hotel is often higher than the cruise. It is a better choice to stay on a cruise on Christmas and New Year's eve to save your money. If you do not want to pay for a surcharge, chose to stay in 3 stars hotels or less.

What's to pack?

Besides, the usual things you need for your traveling in other months, you may need some more when traveling in Halong Bay in December. As it can be cold at night, you had better bring warm clothes like a jacket, or sweater. Moreover, you may need a pair of shoes for visiting the caves. Long sleeve shirts, hats, caps, or sunscreen are necessary for sunny days.

Halong bay weather december

The dining room on the Signature cruise during Christmas time

Weather conditions in December are in general, good for traveling. Do not just stay at home, book a trip to Halong Bay - one of the seven natural wonders in the world. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with us!

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