Halong Bay Weather November: Temperature & Things to Do

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People often choose summertime to visit the sea or coastal city. However, November (winter in Northern Vietnam) is still an ideal time to explore Halong Bay with friends and families. Before going, you should learn about the weather for the best travel experience. Let's have a closer look at Halong Bay weather this month.

  • Halong Bay November weather is enjoyable for a majority of foreign travelers
  • Visiting local floating villages is recommended for culture seekers
  • Book in advance for special deals and avoid unavailable accommodation


Halong Bay November Weather & Temperature

  • Temperature: November is the beginning of wintertime, but it is still warm enough for outdoor activities with an average temperature of 22°C.

The average sea temperature in November is 28°C, which is quite warm and you can enjoy swimming in the clear emerald water.

  • Sunlight: The sunshine duration in December is about 8 hours per day, still ideal for a lovely and sunny holiday.
  • Humidity: Though 77% is the humidity level this month, there is no need to worry about parched skin being caused by dry weather.
  • Rainfall: The rainfall significantly drops from 54 mm in October to 12 mm. Moreover, the average of rainy days is 8 days, making November the driest month of the year.

Compared to summertime, November has a more pleasant atmosphere and a low chance of storms, making this month worth visiting, especially for international travelers.


Average: 22°C

Low: 18°C

High: 24°C

Average precipitation

Rainy days

12 mm

8 days

Humidity level


Sunshine hours

8 hours per day


Halong Bay Weather November

Halong Bay weather November


Top Things to Do in November

Cruising overnight

  • Best for: Nature & relaxation lovers

Halong Bay attracts many tourists with its most popular activity - cruising.

Traveling in November, you should take a dip in the hot tubs while still feeling the fresh sea, which will help you unwind and put your mind at ease.

Massage service is also recommended, which is always available on overnight cruises. Enjoying the massage from professional experts on board will be an unforgettable experience.

Having a light meal on board while enjoying Halong scenery

Having a light meal on board while enjoying Halong scenery

You can just admire the bay’s breathtaking natural beauty on the private balcony of your cabin, or relax on the sundeck among significant landscapes while savoring a cold drink.

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Vietnamese lotus tea/ coffee tasting

You may know coffee in Vietnam is among the best coffee in the world.

When on a cruise on chilly days in November, enjoy a cup of hot coffee on the cruise’s sundeck, watch the sunrise and sunset, and feel the peace in life.

Besides coffee, do not miss your chance to taste Vietnamese Lotus Tea. You can try it on some luxury Halong cruises such as Nostalgia Cruise and Sena Cruise.

Delicious tea ceremony on the Capella Cruise

Delicious tea ceremony on the Capella Cruise

Visiting floating villages

  • Best for: Culture seeker

Another exciting place to explore in Halong in November is the fishing villages. You will be welcomed warmly by the kind and hospitable residents here.

If you are a cultural traveler, you would have a chance to learn more about the unique culture of the local people here while still admiring the bay's beautiful nature.

Discovering Viet Hai fishing village

Discovering Viet Hai fishing village

Cua Van, Ba Hang, Vung Vieng, Viet Hai, and Cong Dam are among the most famous fishing villages in Halong Bay, which are included the in the itinerary of several cruises below:


Local Tips for Traveling to Halong Bay

Besides the normal things you need for your holiday trip, you may need some more information about traveling to Halong Bay in November.

Booking tips

  • Book in advance to avoid room unavailability is always better than last-minute booking because November is the peak season for Halong Bay
  • Book a cruise in the summertime for the cruise departing in winter through a travel agency to get better deals

Packing tips

  • The sea temperature is warm enough for swimming, so bring your swimsuits if you want to soak in the emerald water.
  • If you easily get cold, bring a sweater, a jacket, and a scarf for a chilly day.
  • No matter whether it is hot or cold in Halong Bay, do not forget to bring sun protection with you as UV radiation can still be quite strong.


Pros & Cons of Visiting in November


  • Halong Bay weather in November is pleasant and warmer than in many other parts of the world with a large number of foreign tourists coming to visit Halong Bay each year
  • Needn’t worry about cruise cancellation because there is less chance of rain and storm this month
  • The sky is clear and blue; the humidity is low, ideal to organize various outdoor activities


  • November is also the peak season, so there may be a lot of international tourists traveling to Halong this month
  • You can experience some chilly days as it is the beginning of winter



In general, Halong Bay weather in November is more comfortable than in other parts of the world, making it a great time to travel.

Celebrate your holiday in Halong Bay and you will love it.

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