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Things to Pack to Visit Halong Bay in Winter

January 04, 2024 - 1658 views

Winter is an ideal time for foreign tourists to visit Halong Bay. If you plan to visit Halong Bay during this time, you should better read this article for the essential winter packing list in Halong Bay.

As a tropical country, Vietnam features 4 seasons in the North throughout the year. It’s the reason why Halong Bay has a cold winter when the temperatures drop to around 16 – 18°C. During wintertime, you can enjoy a very different Halong Bay which is calmer and more tranquil than in the summertime. You can expect favorable conditions to cruise during the months from December to March.

Halong Bay in winter

Halong Bay in winter

For more details, check out the article about Halong Bay in winter and the overall Halong Bay weather. 

To be well prepared to dip in the cold winter, you should better pack smartly and see the following list of must-have things to pack for your Halong Bay trip in winter.

1. Clothing

Don’t overpack! Despite dressing warmer for the winter in Halong Bay, you need to pack lightly and essentially. Just bring the basic items used for multi-purposes. Here’re some kinds of clothing to prepare for the winter packing list on your Halong Bay trip.

  • A light jacket: It is the first item in the winter packing list to Halong Bay. A light jacket is perfect for the humid and rainy winter days in Halong Bay. Moreover, it can be easily matched with other items of clothing.
  • Sweater/Cardigan: A nice sweater or cardigan is great for a chilly night atmosphere in Halong Bay winter. It keeps you warm when you relax on the sundeck or go squid fishing at midnight.
  • Hoodie/Sweatshirt: As being multi-functional, hoodies and sweatshirts are easy to mix and match. Also, they make you look energetic when joining some activities like cycling and kayaking in Halong Bay.
  • Sweatpants/ Jeans: It’s a wise choice to prepare sweatpants and jeans for a long trip through different regions, especially for the winter in Halong Bay.

Tourists traveling to Halong Bay in winter

Tourists traveling to Halong Bay in winter

2. Footwear

  • Sneakers/ Boots: A pair of sneakers or boots are comfortable and necessary for every daytime activity in Halong Bay. Especially, spring in Halong Bay is an ideal time to visit caves, cycle in Cat Ba, and kayak in the Vung Vieng area.
  • Flip flops/ Sandals: A pair of flip flops or sandals is another packing item to Halong Bay in spring, thanks to its convenience. Although some hotels and cruises in Halong Bay have slippers inside the rooms and cabins, you’d better be well prepared.
  • Dress shoes: If you’re going to attend a formal occasion or dinner party on a Halong Bay cruise, a pair of dress shoes is the best companion.

Kayaking in Halong Bay winter

Kayaking in Halong Bay winter


Visiting caves in Halong Bay winter

Visiting caves in Halong Bay winter

3. Personal Items

  • Moisturizing cream: The winter in Halong Bay is dry most of the time. Hence, a mini pack of moisturizing cream, body lotion, and lip balm are indispensable to keep you away from being dehydrated.
  • Accessories: Warm accessories like scarves, gloves, and socks would be highly recommended to keep you away from the cold and have a brand new look every day. Besides, bracelets and sunglasses give you the cool look with your outfit.
  • Swimsuit: The tropical winter in Halong Bay can be a little chilly but sunny sometimes. The temperature may rise above 20°C, so it’s possible for many Western travelers to dip into the emerald water in Halong Bay. It’s a big regret if you don’t pack yourself a swimsuit to Halong Bay in winter.
  • Medicine: Don’t forget to bring a variety of medicine to avoid some winter illnesses including flu and cold. In addition, antibacterial gel and insect repellent are essential for your Halong Bay trip in winter.

Remember to prepare winter packing list on Halong Bay trip

Remember to prepare a winter packing list for the Halong Bay trip

4. Packing Tips

  • Pack not just for Halong Bay trip. Many travelers usually visit a handful of destinations during their vacation to Vietnam. If you plan to visit different regions in Vietnam, you should prepare suitable items since the weather in the South is sunny throughout the year.
  • Leave the unnecessary stuff unless you want to drag more than one suitcase along the countries.
  • Check here for some must-do packing tips for Halong Bay.

Being a smart packer will help you bring the essentials and enjoy your Halong Bay trip better. Let’s prepare things to pack to visit Halong Bay in winter then go for a trip to contemplate the magnificent World’s Natural Heritage.

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