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All About Tasty Foods & Drinks in Hanoi

Try out the best food and drink in Hanoi with the top suggestions of traditional Vietnamese delicacies. Either street food vendors or fine dining restaurants won't fail to impress you with the unique taste of distinctive dishes. 

Hanoi is not only the political center but also the culinary hub of Vietnam. Once visiting Hanoi, you can find popular food and drink from many regions across the country as well as from many foreign countries in the whole world. 

Making Hanoi foods & drinks

Making Hanoi Pho

Like other regions in Vietnam, Hanoi food is usually served with fresh herbs, quintessential dipping sauce, and savory broth as accompaniment. You can see this uniqueness while eating the world-famous dishes in Hanoi, such as:

  • Pho (Vietnamese Traditional Noodles)
  • Nem Ran (Fried Spring Rolls)
  • Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Rolls)
  • Bun Cha (Kebab Rice Noodles)
  • Banh Com (Sweet Young Rice Cake)

Must-try food in Hanoi

Bun Cha - a must-try food in Hanoi

Additionally, Hanoi drink is well-known for a great variety of its traditional delicacies that you can't find better versions in other parts of Vietnam. The must-try drinks in Hanoi include Vietnamese coffee, with the uniquely awesome drink, for examples:

  • Egg Coffee
  • Fresh Beer
  • Herbal Alcohol
  • Local Iced Tea

At present, Hanoi owns 3 above 4 of 1-star Michelin restaurants in Vietnam and many places for dining listed in Michelin Selected and that makes this lovely city become the most famous culinary center in Vietnam.

For anyone who want to have a taste of Hanoi, below are your menu to explore how delightful this city can be!