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Hanoi to Halong Bay Helicopter: A Fancy Way to Transfer

December 30, 2023 - 3222 views

Like the seaplane ride, seeing Halong Bay from a helicopter is super cool to soak up the spectacular beauty of this world’s natural heritage. To answer all questions of what to expect for a ride, schedule and price, and how to book the Hanoi to Halong Bay helicopter, let’s take a glance at our rough guide for a smooth transfer.

A Glimpse of Helicopter Hanoi to Halong Bay

Operated by the Northern Vietnam Helicopters Company (VNH), the Halong Bay helicopter from Hanoi is a kind of modern Eurocopter equipped with innovative technology, flexibility, and comfort.

  • Maximum capacity offers 12 seats
  • Takeoff weight doesn’t exceed 4,800 kg

It means a helicopter is suitable for 05 – 11 passengers with 7 kg of luggage for each.

Not only considered the fastest way for Hanoi to Halong Bay flight, but flying also offers a superb panoramic view, including plenteous islands and islets scattered over the bay. It takes you 45 minutes to go for a scheduled flight from Hanoi to Halong, which saves you much time on transportation compared to the roadway.

Additionally, you can get an 8-minute scenic flight to spend more time admiring the magnificent bird’s-eye view from the height of 300 m above sea level. More than a rubber-necking flight, it is literally mesmerizing to feast your eye on the unique karsts and untouched areas.

Hanoi to Halong Bay helicopter

Flying from Hanoi to Halong Bay by helicopter


Hanoi to Halong Bay Helicopter Schedule & Price

From October 2017 onwards, there are either weekly scheduled flights or daily charter flights to meet the needs of transferring and sightseeing over “the Bay of Descending Dragon”.

Scheduled Flight

The copter departs at 9:00 am from Gia Lam Heliport, Hanoi to Tuan Chau Heliport on General Giap Hill, Halong Bay after a 45-minute flight. There are three scheduled helicopter flights between Hanoi and Halong Bay on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Hanoi to Halong Bay heliport

Tuan Chau Heliport in Ha Long Bay


Price Range

The average price is from 390 USD/ passenger/ way for a flight without a scenic tour. In case you wish for 8-minute sightseeing, it will cost you around 440 USD per person.

Following is the detail of Hanoi – Halong Bay helicopter prices and timetable on the fixed route.

Flight route


Flight schedule



Hanoi – Halong Bay


9:00 am – 9:55 am

440 USD

Including 8-min scenic tour



Halong Bay – Hanoi


2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

390 USD

Just flight



4:30 pm – 5:15 pm


Halong Bay Helicopter Tour

In addition to the purpose of transportation only, you can have a variety of helicopter tour services to fully discover the spectacular sea, captivating rock formations, laidback floating villages, and awe-inspiring limestone caves.

The helicopter tour in Halong Bay already includes a private transfer to the heliport, a private charter, an English-speaking guide, and cruise ships if you book a day or overnight combo tour. Let’s see which type of charter helicopter flight you can expect in Halong Bay.

Halong Bay helicopter tour

Book a Halong Bay helicopter tour for convenient transport and sightseeing


Sightseeing tour

There is no need to depart from Hanoi, you can fly for sightseeing only. Depending on the size of your group, there are 2 aircraft types to choose from, including 5-seat EC130 T2 (3 – 4 passengers) and 12-seat EC155 B1 (5 – 11 passengers).

  • Time range: From 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (the last flight at 4:30 pm)
  • Departure & arrival point: Halong Heliport

Halong helicopter sightseeing tour

Flight itinerary

12-minute scenic flight

(125 USD)

Tuan Chau – Thien Cung Cave – Fighting Cock Islet – Titop Island – Bai Tu Long Bay

25-minute scenic flight

(256 USD)

Tuan Chau – Thien Cung Cave – Dau Go Grotto – Titop Island – Surprising Cave – Cua Van & Vung Vieng Floating Village – Bai Tu Long – Reu  Island – Tuan Chau

40-minute scenic flight

(395 USD)

Tuan Chau – Thien Cung Cave – Dau Go Grotto – Titop Island – Surprising Cave – Cua Van & Vung Vieng Floating Village – Dark & Light Cave – Cong Dam Island – Halong City – Reu Island – Tuan Chau


Combo Helicopter & Cruise

In accordance with high-priced copter flights, many tourists seek luxury staying in Halong on a cruise or at a hotel. Depending on your preference, you can choose a Halong Bay tour package in 1 day, 2 days, or 3 days, which bears a resemblance to the day cruise, 2D1N cruise, or 3D2N cruise option.

Halong Bay cruise with helicopter transfer

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with a Halong Bay cruise and helicopter package

What is better than the exhilaration of a deluxe helicopter ride and first-class Halong Bay cruise? Feast your eye on a spectacular natural site from a sky view, seek comfort on the 5-star deck, explore hidden gems, chill at the spa, sip a glass of cocktail, and have a dozen of amusing activities on board. Every moment of your trip is definitely mesmerizing and valuable.

Apart from these mentions above, there are also heli tours for events, examinations, filming, photography, wedding, etc.


Booking a Helicopter to Halong from Hanoi

In a minute, you can find a wide range of Hanoi to Halong helicopter services by an official provider as well as a travel agency in the locality.

Book Through BestPrice Travel

To get a better price, you should book with BestPrice Travel which is providing both Heli tours and Halong Bay cruise packages. In this way, you can save your budget on transportation and activities due to the great diversity of deal tours as well as attractive prices from a retailer. We also have a team of professional staff who understand the policy and have fluent English speaking skills then can assist you at any time.

Check your best Heli Tour's Deal now!

Direct Book with Halong Heli Tours

This operator belongs to Vietnam Heli Tours which offers flights across the country. Their office is located in Hanoi, so you can go there to meet in person, or book through the website or hotline number. It is convenient and straightforward to book directly, but you might not get a discount and promotion from the public rate.


Pros & Cons of Traveling by Hanoi – Halong Bay Helicopter

It goes without saying that copter is a value-for-money type of private transfer between Hanoi and Halong. However, you should bear in mind the pros and cons of this transportation type.


  • Time-saving: The 45-minute journey gives the most enjoyable traveling time to Halong Bay, without the inconvenience of the 3-hour car ride.
  • Extraordinary: What a fancy way to catch the aerial view of the one-of-a-kind natural heritage and gaze at the breathtaking landscape.
  • First-class: The top service and deluxe combo of Halong Bay helicopter tours are perfect for those in search of relaxation and holiday retreats.
  • High-priced: The extravagant price of 390 USD/ person or more is unaffordable for many travelers. This way is only for those who are willing to splurge a lot of money and seek an out-of-the-world experience.
  • Health problems: Due to the adventurous feeling of the copter, it is unsuitable for tourists with acrophobia, heart disease, or the elderly.
  • Policy & procedure: You have to follow some policies about luggage allowance, baggage restriction, delay & cancellation, etc.


Things to Know Before Boarding the Halong Helicopter

  • Tickets are only available for children from 2 years old or more.
  • The minimum size of the travel group is no less than 3 people.
  • Passengers need to be at the heliport before 30 minutes to complete the procedure.
  • It is required to bring along your passport, ID, and birth certificate for your kids.
  • The maximum takeoff weight is 4,800 kg which does not exceed the capacity of 12 passengers.
  • Don’t take heavy and massive items, sharp objects, flammable liquids & solids, oxidizers, and other inessentials.

Everything considered, traveling by helicopter from Hanoi to Halong Bay undoubtedly gets your money’s worth. If you have any concerns about booking a Halong Bay cruise tour with the helicopter, please make contact with BestPrice Travel for further details.


The program is currently on hiatus, if there are any changes we will update you later.

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