Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay Cruise: Long or Short Cruise?

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Vietnam is the perfect cruising destination thanks to its spectacular natural environment, striking coastline, fantastic cuisine, enduring culture, and dynamic cities. No matter which cruise you choose, either a long cruise from the south to in the north, or a short cruise in Halong Bay, Nha Trang, or Ho Chi Minh, a cruise ship in Vietnam is always rich insights, tastes, history, and experiences. Therefore, do not miss your chance to join either a short or long cruise to Vietnam, and admire the beautiful scenery, explore exciting features, or just relax under the sunshine on the cruiser. The below article includes useful information about cruises from Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay: short or long cruise. Hope that you can pick up the one which is best for you.

Halong Bay is in the north of Vietnam which is close to the border, Ho Chi Minh is in the south, the distance between Ho Chi Minh city and Halong bay is about 1700 km. Traveling on the plane is the fastest way, with only 2 hours on the flight. The journey takes about 33 hours if by train. But, if you have plenty of time, and love to travel on the water, you can take a cruise to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay. There is no cruise starting in Ho Chi Minh and ending in Halong Bay.

Tourists interest in taking a cruise from Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay can buy a long cruise starting from Singapore, passing Ho Chi Minh City and Halong Bay. Alternatively, if you are in Ho Chi Minh city, you can fly to Van Don airport in Quang Ninh, Cat Bi in Hai Phong, or Noi Bai in Hanoi, then take a day or overnight cruise in Halong Bay

Map Of Distance From Ho Chi Minh City To Halong Bay long and short cruise

Distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi 

Long Cruise from Ho Chi Minh City to Halong Bay

There are some long cruises starting from Singapore or Hong Kong, passing many ports including Phu My in Ho Chi Minh and Halong international port. The journey lasts for two weeks or more. Normally, the cruise stops in Ho Chi Minh for 2 days in Phu My port. From there, foreign tourists who have a visa are allowed to enter the Vietnamese mainland to visit famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh and surrounding areas such as Mekong Delta, Cu Chi tunnel, or other historical and cultural sites in the city.

Continuing traveling up north, it takes around 3 days to reach Halong Bay, including a day stop in either Da Nang or Hue. Whilst in Halong Bay, the cruise often has its own organized tours for its passengers to choose from: exploring Halong Bay on a junk boat, kayaking adventure, Halong countryside, or visiting Hanoi. The prices for these long cruises start from 2000 USD per person.

Below are some recommendations for a long cruise passing Ho Chi Minh and Halong Bay.


Seabourn Encore - Seabourn Cruise Line (Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam)

Seabourn Cruises are an ultra-luxury cruise line, but relaxed and less formal than other cruises. The ship has rooms for 600 guests in all-suite accommodations. It has five excellent restaurants to choose from as well as four bars, two pools, and a deluxe day spa. Indeed, Seabourn Encore feels like a floating luxury resort.

  • Departure port: Singapore
  • Arrival port: Hong Kong

Seabourn Encore Cuise to Ho Chi Minh & Halong Bay

Seabourn Encore Cruise to Ho Chi Minh & Halong Bay


Silversea Cruises (11 nights Far East Cruise or 14 nights Far East Cruise)

This cruise spends a lot of its journey in Vietnam including Ho Chi Minh, Hue, and Halong Bay. The cruise has the capacity to accommodate 596 passengers on board. Silversea’s small luxury ships are designed for those who delight in the thrill of discovery. All accommodations are spacious, ocean-view suites that include butler service, and most include private verandas.

  • Departure port: Singapore
  • Arrival port: Hong Kong

Silversea Cruise sailing from Ho Chi Minh to Halong

Silversea Cruise sailing from Ho Chi Minh to Halong


Oceania Cruises (28 nights World Cruise)

Oceania Cruises is the world’s largest upper premium cruise line and specializes in cuisine, comfort, service, and outstanding value. The 28 nights World Cruise has the capacity to accommodate 680 passengers on board. It has the best food at sea, with no-fee specialty restaurants and vast menu choices. It stops in Saigon for 2 nights, then cruises to Hue, and stays in Halong Bay for 2 nights before heading to Hong Kong.

  • Departure port: Singapore
  • Arrival port: Tokyo (Yokohama)

Oceania Cruise transfers to Halong

Oceania Cruise transfers to Halong


Ho Chi Minh City to Halong bay short cruise

If you are in Ho Chi Minh city, there are several ways to travel to Halong Bay directly, or tourists can transit to Hanoi, then use another transfer to get to Halong Bay.

This is the fastest and the most convenient to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Halong. Airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Bamboo Airways run daily flights from Ho Chi Minh to airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Quang Ninh. A one-way flight ticket is around 65 USD.

Looking for the cheapest flight ticket from Ho Chi Minh to Halong.

From the airport, tourists can use other means of transportation such as taxis, shuttle buses, private cars… to the departure port for the Halong Bay cruise

  • Van Don airport (Quang Ninh): Flight from Ho Chi Minh to Van Don airport lasts about 2 hours and 5 minutes. Van Don airport is about 50 kilometers from Halong Bay pier. The airport offers a free bus to the piers in Halong Bay
  • Noi Bai airport (Hanoi): It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to flight from Ho Chi Minh to Noi Bai airport. The airport is about 190u kilometers away from Halong Bay. From the airport, tourists can take the bus, taxi, or private car to Halong Bay. The most convenient way is to catch the bus to Hanoi center, then use a shuttle bus provided by the cruise to travel to Halong Bay pier
  • Cat Bi airport (Haiphong): Flight from Ho Chi Minh to Cat Bi airport lasts around 2 hours. It is 70 kilometers from Cat Bi airport to the cruise pier, Taxi is the best way to travel from the airport to the pier.


  • Flight to Hanoi if you plan to stay in the capital for a few nights. Some Halong Bay cruise offers free-of-charge transfer from Hanoi to Halong Bay, so you can save money.
  • Vietjet Air is a budget airline. You may pay for a Vietjet air ticket less than other airlines, however, the ticket is not included checked luggage and there is a high possibility of delayed flights
  • A flight ticket to Van Don airport or Cat Bi airport can be cheaper than a flight ticket to Noi Bai airport, however, transfer to the Halong Bay pier can be costly and ends up with a higher price.

When you are able to choose the most suitable means of transfer to Halong Bay or Hanoi, it is time to book a cruise. There are a few options for tourists to choose from: a day cruise which lasts around 4 – 8 hours, a 2-day 1-night cruise, and a 3-day 2-night cruise.


Halong Bay day cruise

Halong Bay day cruise is a perfect choice for tourists who do not have much time on the holiday vacation. Traveling on a day cruise, tourists can still admire the magnificent beauty of the bay, go sightseeing at 2 to 3 famous destinations, enjoy kayaking and swimming in a stunning remote area, taste traditional Vietnamese dishes and delicious seafood. The cruise often lasts for 4 hours, and embarks the pier around 11:30. A budget day cruise costs around 59USD/person while a luxury one may reach 99USD/person.

Stellar Cruise

Stellar Cruise

Halong Bay overnight cruise

Joining Halong Bay overnight cruise is the best way to explore the bay deeply, it is the place where you can visit every corner of the bay and see how it becomes the unique natural heritage of the world. Halong Bay 2 days 1 night is the most popular choice among tourists. The total amount of time on 2 days 1-night cruise is 24 hours, and customers can join a wide range of things to do like fishing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, cycling, and other activities onboard. 3-day-2night cruise gives tourists one more day to explore the bay, get closer to the locals and nature, and visit less-touristic sites. The price for a 2-day 1-night cruise starts from 130 USD/person.

Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay Cruise: Long or Short Cruise?

O’Gallery Lotus Cruise - Halong Bay short cruise

You will never get bored with Halong Bay short cruise, the price for the cruise is also reasonable when comparing with the long cruise. The short cruise allows tourists to enter the area where a bigger cruise can not go, it also gives you a lot of chances to interact with local people and join other offshore activities. A large number of short cruises in Halong Bay are available for you to choose from. Lookup for the best cruise in Halong Bay and book in advance to have the best offer. 

Hope that the above information about the cruise ship from Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay is helpful for the next holiday vacation. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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