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Best Hoi An Attractions

Once a prominent Vietnamese trading port between the 15th and 19th centuries, Hoi An ancient town has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its well-preserved mix of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and French architecture.

Visiting Hoi An, you can easily access every sort of attraction you can expect in a Southeast Asia country.

Historical & Cultural sites

Hoi An was one of the busiest cities in Vietnam back a few hundred years ago. The demand for mental and spiritual life was uplifted and made people build many Hoi An pagodas, temples, assembly halls, etc. to create places where they can come to pray, meet, and support each other.

Nowadays, you can visit several cultural and historical sites, which are built and well-preserved by the Hoi An people, such as:

  • The Japanese Bridge
  • The Assembly Hall Of The Cantonese Chinese Congregation
  • Phung Hung Ancient House
  • Tran Ancestor Worship House
  • Cam Pho Communal House, etc.

Hoi An historical & cultural sites

Hoi An historical & cultural sites


Beach Destinations

If you love outdoor activities, especially beach sports, Cua Dai beach, An Bang beach, and Cham island can perfectly satisfy you with a bunch of fascinating activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, underwater walking, etc. There are many beaches in Hoi An for you to discover and enjoy your wonderful vacation.

Hoi An beach destinations

Hoi An beach destinations


Eco Attractions

Get out of the tranquil ancient town, you can immerse yourself in the local daily life on the rice fields, gardens, or Thu Bon river. Hoi An eco-tours give you chances to become a real farmer by experiencing tours:

  • rice transplanting like a local
  • trying buffalo riding
  • gardening in Tra Que village
  • becoming a fisherman in Cam Thanh fishing village, etc. 


Below are the most famous attractions in Hoi An. Let’s pack your stuff and contact BestPrice Travel to get the best Hoi An tours.


Hoi An Map

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  • Japanese Covered bridge
  • Hoi An Ancient Town
  • Tra Que Village
  • Cam Thanh Village
  • Thu Bon River
  • Hoi An Market
  • Cham Island
  • Fujian Assembly Hall
  • Phuoc Kieu Village
  • Hoi An Market
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    Hoi An Market Hoi An Market
    • The food paradise, from the fresh ingredients to the great dish
    • Tailoring services within 24 hours with an amazingly price
    • Chance to bargain like local people
    Best for: Group of friends, Foodie
  • Phuoc Kieu Village
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    Phuoc Kieu Village Phuoc Kieu Village
    • Profound exploration on traditional handicraft and everyday life
    • Famous for its bronzes during the 20th centuries
    • Performance of craftsman with gongs in the special sound of unique instruments
    Best for: Seniors, Young adults
  • Fujian Assembly Hall
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    Fujian Assembly Hall Fujian Assembly Hall
    • Historical and cultural values
    • A place for the Chinese ethnic group from Fukien, China to socialize and worship
    • Great spiritual significance to the local community
    Best for: Culture vulture, Extended families
  • Hoi An Ancient Town
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    Hoi An Ancient Town Hoi An Ancient Town
    • Charming ancient streets and hidden valleys
    • Yellow-painted houses mixed with unique structural buildings
    • Lovely handicrafts, sparkling lantern streets
    Best for: Couples, Seniors, Young adults
  • Tra Que Village
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    Tra Que Village Tra Que Village
    • Chance to experience authentic village life
    • Famous for vegetable growing and good-quality herbs
    • Quiet place which is near Hoi An colorful central market
    Best for: Families, Solo
  • Thu Bon River
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    Thu Bon River Thu Bon River
    • An UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • Romantic view by the way river runs through Hoi An Ancient Town
    • Experience how local people trade, export and import goods
    Best for: Backpackers, Honeymoon couples
  • My Son Sanctuary
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    My Son Sanctuary My Son Sanctuary
    • Amazing UNESCO world heritage sites
    • Impressive Hindu-themed ruins of bricks and sandstone
    • A great example of the ancient Champa civilization
    Best for: Seniors, Historical enthusiasts
  • Cam Thanh Village
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    Cam Thanh Village Cam Thanh Village
    • A stunning peaceful village
    • The shelter of the locals and soldiers under Vietnam war
    • Opportunity to learn about the craft and artisan of coconuts
    Best for: Solo, Group travelers
  • Japanese Covered bridge
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    Japanese Covered bridge Japanese Covered bridge
    • A 17th century bridge by Japanese businessmen for traffic convenience
    • A long-standing icon of Hoi An ancient town
    • The fusion of cultures from this city over the past centuries
    Best for: Honeymoon couples, Families
  • Cham Island
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    Cham Island Cham Island
    • 8 gorgeous islets that string along in the shape of mermaid
    • Beautiful scenery, pristine beaches, stable and quality travel services
    • Various water activities such as snorkelling, diving and fishing
    Best for: Families, Group of friends

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