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Hue to Da Nang Train: Local Guide

December 20, 2022 - 952 views

Train from Hue to Da Nang is one of the best way to travel and enjoy the wonderful scenery along Hai Van Pass. Our article will show you detail about the train price, train class and booking the train. Don't miss it!

Da Nang is a beautiful city attracting millions of tourists in Vietnam. But after traveling in Hue, many tourists wished to move from Hue to Da Nang to experience many other interesting activities in this city. Of course, there are so many means for tourists to travel from Hue to Da Nang, but to save money, tourists choose the means of transportation as trains. 

train from Hue to Da Nang

Train from Hue to Danang

1. Overview of Hue to Da Nang train

The railway from Hue station to Da Nang station is about 103 km. There are 5 trains including SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, and TN1. The train departs every day and the average travel time is about 2.5 hours. The route from Hue City to Da Nang is served by 9 trains leaving from Hue station to Da Nang station.

Each train will have different types such as sitting soft seats, hard seats, soft beds, hard beds. In each of these categories is further divided into conditioned and unconditioned.

  • With the train code SE21, the train will depart at 06:47 AM and arrive at Da Nang Station at 09:40 AM with a total travel time of 2 hours - 53 minutes. Prices range from $ 2.97 to $ 7.50.
  • With the SE19 train code, the departure - arrival time of the train is 09:34 AM - 12:05 PM with a total travel time of 2 hours - 31 minutes. Prices range from $ 2.33 to $ 14 (VIP cabins are available for you to select).
  • With the NH1 train code, the train departs at 4:08 PM and arrives at Danang Station at 7:34 PM with a total travel time of 3 hours - 26 minutes. The price is a bit cheaper from $ 3.02 to $ 9.05.
  • With the SE7 train code, the departure - arrival time of the train is 7:53 PM - 10:31 PM with a total travel time of 2 hours - 38 minutes. Prices are between $ 2.2 and $ 7.8
  • With the SE5 train code, the departure - arrival time of the train is 10:50 PM - 01:28 AM with a total travel time of 3 hours. Train fares are between $ 2.03 and $ 7.2.

Train to Da Nang  from Hue soft seat

Train to Da Nang from Hue soft seat

2. Book the train ticket from Hue to Da Nang

2.1 Booking Train ticket online

You can book train tickets online via the official website of Vietnam national train: or call direct to 19006469 for advice and direct guidance.

Steps to book online train tickets:

#Step 1: Visit the website “”

#Step 2: Choose the itinerary information that suits you. This includes information such as Departure: Hue, Arrival: Danang, One-way / Round-trip, Time (Departure/Return) or choose the exact time you want to leave. Click on the Find section to check the ticket status.

#Step 3: Select the train ticket and look up the ticket price to book. You only have 5 minutes to book, the tickets change constantly during rush hours. Therefore, you need to perform agile and flexible operations to get the ticket you want.

First, select the train, the train you select will be displayed in green. Please check all information such as train code, Time of departure/arrival, Number of available seats, Number of booked tickets.

Booking train ticket Hue to Da Nang

Red boxes, please note when buying tickets online @vietsoultravel

Select the train car, just click on the car you want to sit, the seats in the car will show for you to choose. Continue to choose a chair or bed using the white display on the screen. Yellow is already booked or reserved. Purple is the seat for people who book a long trip. Green is where you choose.

Select the ticket basket to confirm the reservation. If you are not satisfied with the selected result, you can delete the selected ticket by clicking the Trash button.

#Step 4: Fill in the full passenger information to book tickets including Full name, ID card number, Passport number, Email, the Phone number to contact. Select the invoice extract to guarantee accuracy and certainty. You can choose the appropriate payment method from the bank, by post, or at the station to pay and get tickets.

#Step 5: Please confirm your ticket information carefully before payment.

Enjoy train trip from Hue to Da Nang

Enjoy train trip from Hue to Da Nang

2.3 Booking train ticket at the Train agency

There are many train agency you can find in Hue City (at hotel, tourism company) to book the train ticket to Da Nang from Hue. You also can book direct with BestPrice Travel by contact us then we will help you issue a train Eticket for your travel.

Depending on your economic conditions and needs, you had better choose a train that is suitable and comfortable for you. We hope this article will be helpful to you and wish you having a pleasant experience traveling from Hue to Da Nang by train.

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