Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Laos in 2023

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A journey to Laos will be imperfect without visiting the Buddhist temples and main tourist attractions. It’s essential to get important updates on Laos travel so that you can avoid some troubles on your upcoming trip to The Land of Million Elephants.

As a land-locked country, Laos attracts tourists to symbolic Buddhist temples, impressive waterfalls, mysterious cave temples, as well as wonderful cultures and traditions. It’s perfect to travel on your own since you can easily control your timetable and itinerary.

But hold your horses! Here’re a few things you need to know before planning your trip to Laos from now on.  

New updates on Laos travel and tourism

In some main cities including Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Pakse, tourists are not allowed to visit these following attractions without a local tour guide.

+ All temples

+ Museum

+ Kuang Si Waterfall

+ Tad Sae Waterfall

+ Pak Ou Caves

+ All temples

+ Patuxai Monument

+ Wat Phou Temple Complex

+ All waterfalls

A guided tour is required while visiting all temples in Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Pakse

A guided tour is required while visiting all temples in Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Pakse

If tourists take a visit to these places themselves and got caught by the tourist police, the penalty is 20,000,000 Kip (approximately 2,500 USD) per pax/time. It’s such a heavy fine compared to a sightseeing tour.

How to deal with new rules of Laos travel

You want to break the rule and pay a large amount of money, don’t you? Pretty sure many people still dodge the law and let it be. But, we never recommend tourists to take a risk at undeserved experiences. It’s best to take a packaged tour to explore the cities and follow a local tour guide while traveling to Laos.

Booking a guided tour not only helps you relieve the fear of being caught but also gives you an enjoyable experience. Under the guide’s instruction, you’ll get deeper insights into the history, architecture, and main attractions. You might miss out on one of the most interesting parts about Pha That Luang, an eye-witness of Lao history, or get lost in Pak Ou Caves and don’t know how to figure out the hidden charm of the cave temple. That’s what a local tour guide is for. It’s highly recommended to take a guided tour in Luang Prabang or Vientiane full-day city tour to get a glimpse of the city. Or else, you’d better join the best Luang Prabang tours/ Vientiane tours, which cover few destinations in a package tour.

A guided city tour is perfect for tourists coming to Laos

A guided city tour is perfect for tourists coming to Laos

Let’s choose the most preferable Laos tour that provides you with a local tour guide.

Overall, here is essential updated information about travel and tourism in Laos. Share this article with your friends and find a trusted travel agent to enjoy your vacation to Laos.

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