Mountain Bike Vietnam: Challenge Yourself via Great Trials

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Although it is famous for its rugged mountain roads, Vietnam is always a must-visit for fanatics. As a connoisseur, but have you experienced all of the following Vietnamese streets? Here are some suggestions that will captivate travelers. Not only possesses the guide of Mountain Bike trails, but the text below will also show you the latest guide to Challenge Yourself.

Mountain bike in Vietnam is one of the adventurous things to do in Vietnam. In this article, you will know why you should do mountain bike and which is the best trail for you to start. Please follow it carefully until the end of the article.

Reason Mountain Bike Vietnam is a Big Challenge

Mountain biking is an ideal family activity. It is equipped with a child seat and trailer so you can take your family with you at almost any age. Suppose you want to do mountain biking in Vietnam, you can choose a variety of good places, and these trails usually take you to a remote place, where you can communicate with nature, meditate and enjoy outdoor activities.

Biking through the mountain you have a chance to enjoy majestic, pristine nature, with bumpy and challenging sections, ensuring that any man who loves conquering will like it immediately. The unsteady mountain ranges incessantly on this road create curves that could not be more beautiful. The truth is that no noisy landscape painting can fully describe the beauty that this place owns. So, do not let you wait too long; the reference is always for hot!

Moutain bike Vietnam is a big challenge

Mountain bike Vietnam is a big challenge

Best Vietnam Mountain Bike Trails 

Northwest is a seamless block of mountains and rivers, is a land with many difficult mountain roads in Vietnam because of its danger. However, if once passing here, surely adventurers will give their hearts for the beauty that can seduce anyone who has ever visited. And below are typical Norwest Vietnam trails that you must try once in your life.

Norwest Vietnam Moutain Biking Train

Norwest Vietnam Moutain Biking Train

Lao Cai - O Quy Ho - Lai Chau

This route is one of the most majestic passes in the Northwest, connecting the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Besides, the top of the pass is also the boundary between the two provinces. O Quy Ho Pass is also known as Heaven Pass as it is cloud-covered all year round. It is a pass that holds almost a record, with a length of up to nearly 50 km. The height, ruggedness, and length of O Quy Ho make the pass unofficially dubbed as King of the Northwest mountain pass.

At any time of the year, the trial also brings you heart-stopping experiences. During nearly 50 km of the pass, you will admire the majestic beauty of Hoang Lien valley, Silver waterfall, or Heaven Gate. The top of O Quy Ho Pass at an altitude of 2,035m makes this road classified as one of the four great passes of Vietnam and is one of the paths you must go once in your life.

vietnam moutain bike trails

vietnam moutain bike trails

Pha Din pass

In the middle of Pha Din pass, it is often clouded, and at the foot of the pass are scattered villages. Just standing on the mountain pass slope and looking down, you will see the valley stretching with a thousand green hills, glistening the first villages of the district. However, when approaching the top of the pass, you can see almost no village, but only the deep blue sky and majestic mountains and forests merging into one. Overcoming many levels of emotions, from suspense and worry, you will be satisfied with the wonderful scenery of nature while standing in the middle of this pass.


Want some peace? Sapa is for you. It is the silence that many people want to enjoy while away from the hustle of the city. In the cool mountain climate, there is nothing better than a walk on the empty asphalt roads. In addition to the night food court, you can visit the stone church. In the evening, both the square and the church area are brilliant, shimmering with the light from the streets. This is also a bustling exchange and shopping place for indigenous people with tourists in the evening.

Backpacking by bike in Sapa is a big deal for anyone. But once conquered, you can taste your feelings. Towering undulating mountains surround an immense valley. Below are white clouds, blurry around the mountain, the houses looming in the clouds must be a worthy reward for anyone to come here.

Moutain bike in Sapa

Mountain bike in Sapa

Moc Chau - Ta Xua

As the favorite site for charming cloud hunting, the trail is one of the most beautiful roads in the Northeast. You can conquer the roof of Moc Chau Plateau. We bet that this will be a trip without boredom! Moc Chau is also referred to as little Da Lat of the North, with cool air and a large pine hill. Perhaps the deepest imprint in the heart of each visitor here is the romantic and lyrical 5-hectare pine forest lake. The shadow of the endless green pine forest hidden in the water rekindles our desire to explore the immense forest.

Mu Cang Chai - Khau Pha

The terraced fields will make you fall in love without leaving. The terraced fields here are especially beautiful in the winter months when the sun doesn't appear much in this area. The destination cannot be missed when coming to Mu Cang Chai; the moment everyone chooses when coming to this place is sunset when the golden sunlight shines down on the ripe rice fields. Small villages nestled around the golden terraced hills, both peaceful and full of poetry, will surely make you vibrate.

Khau Pha is most beautiful in the rice season, around September, October when the rice at the foot of the terraced fields is golden brown. This is also the time when many adventurous tourists conquer the pass to enjoy the scenery. The old forests in Khau Pha still retain many rare species of flora and fauna, such as pine oil, coriander, and other rare birds and animals. In recent years, the pass has become the starting point for paragliding in Mu Cang Chai, a part of the annual Mu Cang Chai terraced field festival.

Mu Cang Chai - Khau Pha bike trail

Mu Cang Chai - Khau Pha bike trail

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass is also one of the roads that will surely bring new feelings for you. This place is like the Great Wall of Vietnam, with an altitude of about 1,200 meters in the Dong Van plateau, and is made up of a series of sediments such as silicic limestone containing fossils more than 400 years ago. Visitors to Ha Giang tour have the opportunity to admire the majestic scenery of the rocky plateau and better understand the history of this majestic mountain pass. It is considered one of the historic passes because to build the Ma Pi Leng pass connecting Ha Giang with the lower provinces, the builders had to work very hard for six years.

Hoi An mountain bike trails

Among the most popular hiking trails, Hoi An must be mentioned for its tranquil ancient beauty full of charm. The most interesting thing is the feeling of freedom to ride along Hoi An beach. You can stop to eat some specialties around the estuaries you pass and enjoy stir-fried mussels. Another thing about this site is the trails. The roads, which were already incubated with yellow walls, suddenly became more prominent than ever with the golden leaves of trees. Deep space with the inherent golden tones contemplation will bring you a lot of interesting experiences.

Hoi An Moutain bike trails

Hoi An Moutain bike trails

Travel tips when doing mountain bike Vietnam.

  • Check information about your leader: You should know who will ensure the safety of the group's journey. If your leader is a newcomer, not inexperienced, please consider the possibility of joining the trip.
  • Consider joining: If you have never ridden a bike for a distance over 100km and longer than 3 hours, please reconsider joining. Riding a cycle for a long-distance and for a long time always requires you to ensure the factors of strong health and high endurance.
  • Prepare yourself: In some cases, leaders will not remind you. So, Self-check and maintain the whole vehicle, change tires and brakes is virtual. Your protective gear must be of good quality, including elbow covers, gloves, and helmets. All of these will limit the level of danger from the smallest things. Last, please read the journey of the entire trip carefully, if on all days you have to travel over 200km a day, think again. Traveling a 200km bike seems simple, but it is extremely hard, especially with Vietnamese terrain. Also, it's a good idea to remember the types of danger signs as these signs are extremely important and will help you a lot when you need to handle the situation on the road.
  • Have enough knowledge: Do not organize a trip if you do not have enough experience in handling arising situations. In many circumstances, you will take full responsibility for the safety of all members of your team.

The beautiful scenery of Vietnam is truly innumerable! A lover of vast and immense beauty cannot help but be held back by the breathtaking view of passes or sunny valleys. It's your chance to backpack and have yourself one of the most fantastic trips in your lifetime! Let's find the best Vietnam Biking tour at BestPrice Travel to have a wonderful experience!

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