Scuba Diving Vietnam: Complete Guide

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It is time for sea tourism when summer is coming. You can climb the mountain all year long, but chilling on the beach and admiring the beauty of marine life is only in the summer. Have no hints about where to go? So think a little bit of Vietnam. Not only owns pristine beaches with white sand, but many coastal towns of this country also hide a treasure of great value- the colourful and multifaceted aquarium world. That's why many tourists pick up scuba diving, one of the most exciting, entertaining activities in summertime. Thus, the article below will show you the introduction of Scuba Diving Vietnam - Complete Guide.

The basic consideration of where you will travel is the weather. Many people think that Vietnam is a place where the country is bathed in tropical sunlight all year round and offers many adventurous things to do. However, the unpredictability of Vietnam weather is obvious as you can see both sunlight and raindrops in a day. For scuba diving fans, the weather forecast is the best tool; that's why keeping in touch with GPS is ideal.  

Besides the formal weather, the islands' conditions are also related to what you need to toss around. Most sites have their great scene with an affordable budget, but some can offer more fees according to the level of where you decide to stay. Vietnam has a long coastline with lots of delightful sites, but maybe some information about the expenses can confuse you. Then, the following guidelines will help you decide when and where.

Vietnam Scuba Diving

Vietnam Scuba Diving

Equipment Required for Scuba Diving in Vietnam

Equipment is one of the most important elements contributing to safety for tourists in scuba diving. Here are Equipment Required for Scuba Diving in Vietnam that you need to keep in mind.

Goggles: Whether you're a professional swimmer or enjoy a dip in the water, wearing goggles offers so many benefits that no other tool can replace, such as preventing aquatic bacteria. A pair of high-quality swimming goggles will minimize the penetration of water into your eyes. And of course, when your eyes are not subject to the stimulation caused by seawater, you can swim more comfortably.

Wetsuit: Remember that never dive without a dedicated diving suit. Not only gives you a high-fashion vibe, but scuba diving gear also keeps you warm and protects your body from being scratched by bumps or bites from marine life. There are three types, and you can choose any of them for the weather conditions and body measurements depending on the destination and your personal needs.

Equepment required for scuba diving in Vietnam

Equepment required for scuba diving in Vietnam

Fins: Like a motor for the body, the fins help you swim faster and farther when underwater smoothly and flexibly. Surfing without a propeller also means losing strength more easily as the water will pressure your body. A good set of fins offer good flexibility, durability, large displacement force and create a comfortable feeling for the user.

Scuba Tank: Another important part of diving equipment is the diving box. It stores a lot of air so you can breathe underwater. Scuba diving tanks are usually made of steel or aluminium and come in various styles and sizes. If you plan to dive frequently, you can rent them or invest in one of them.

Regulator: You can only hold your breath for up to 5 minutes. Therefore, a snorkel is a great accessory for keeping your breath without having to raise your head. 

Depth Gauge: The gauge can specify the current maximum depth during the dive, and SPG will also show how much air is left in your scuba diving tank. It is to ensure that you can end the dive before the air supply becomes too low. 

Best Places To Diving In Vietnam

Vietnam has a long coastline and many islands offer diving, let's discover the best places to do it.

Cham Island Hoi An

Never absent in the ranking of the best diving services in Vietnam, Cham Island makes people dazzled by the coral reefs stretching across eight areas. Unlike other sites with a high budget, the price of diving Cu Lao Cham is also quite soft, completely worth your wallet and experience. One note you need to remember is that the corals are quite shallow, so be careful not to step on them.

Most tours to Cham Island have a service for scuba diving, and you can book at any travel agent or ask the hotel where you are renting. One thing special about this place is the pre-learning course. After arriving at the dive site, you will learn the basics of scuba diving in a 2-hour to practice breathing with an underwater regulator and make the most of the feeling of the tank and mask.

Scuba Diving in Cham Island

Scuba Diving in Cham Island


Nha Trang Island

Besides beautiful islands with many coral reefs and many colourful fishes along with green beaches stretching to the end of the horizon, Nha Trang immerses you in the sun, wind, and the clear blue water. Not only that, underwater activities are attracting anyone who comes here, especially the diving journey. These are some sites for you:

  • Monkey Island: As one of the reassuring places in southern Vietnam, Monkey Island inspires beach lovers with pure seawater and green coral reefs. This is a refuge for many strange and precious marine fish. Nothing is nonsense that attracts visitors' curiosity when they want to explore the blue ocean.
  • Hon Mun: Another destination with similar features as Monkey Island is Hon Mun. Visitors who want to snorkel should take a boat to the middle of the sea, then follow the guide's instructions and jump from the boat down. Rather than swimming, the feeling of sinking in the deep sea can boost up your mood. But remember not to touch the coral as it can be very damaging.

Scuba diving in Nha Trang

Scuba diving in Nha Trang


Phu Quoc Island 

As the tourist paradise, Phu Quoc is your chance to drown in nature where there is a simple rural life. Whether you are a beginner or a certified diver, this hassle-free experience allows you to see diverse marine life under the guidance of a professional diving instructor. Not only that, hotel pick-up and drop-off service, food and refreshments are also counted in to provide a seamless experience.

If you come here to have fun, then there is nothing like the feeling of being soaked in the cool blue water. Thanks to the shallow continental shelf, Phu Quoc tourism offers a diving service without using boats. So prepare yourself with the proper gear, then you can chill out as much as possible.

Phu Quoc Island diving

Phu Quoc Island diving


Con Dao Island

The activity not to be missed in your trip to Con Dao Island is scuba diving. Why? It's that the highest density of coral reefs in Vietnam converges. You can delight under the clear blue sea water and discover hidden treasures on the ocean floor, which are brilliant coral reefs, colorful marine life. More intriguing, you can go fishing and see how different types of fish eat prey as a vivid experience.


Son Tra - Da Nang

Besides the elegant vibe of the landscape, visitors to Da Nang always enjoy the games under the sea, especially scuba diving to watch the Son Tra peninsula's corals. In addition to original activities, visitors will experience the action of hunting heavy fish with extremely exciting chases and ambushes.

Diving in Son Tra - Da Nang

Diving in Son Tra - Da Nang


Vinh Hy Bay (Phan Rang)

Not only allure the natural scenery on land, but Vinh Hy Bay also impresses the tourists with the beautiful blue sea. If you are tired of walking on the beach, try wearing swimsuits and oxygen tanks and dancing with cool sea water. The vivid scenery of hills and oceans will make you over the moon!

Local tips when diving in Vietnam

  • Dive in groups to support each other when needed: Scuba diving to see corals is highly safe, but it doesn't mean you can manage yourself when diving alone. It will be very dangerous when no one can assist you in emergencies such as seasickness or heatstroke.
  • Comply with the rules and instructions of the tour guide: Attention is never redundant. Some of you may have experience taking scuba diving; however, be humble and cooperate with other staff. 
  • Do not leave the ship's anchored position: Nothing can assure your lives if swimming too far from the sight of the lifeguards onboard. The ultimate thing is to always swim in the area under expert guidance, which is usually notified before you jump into the ocean.
  • Avoid driving while drinking: Although alcohol can push up your feeling and, in some cases, it lessens the aquaphobia of some people, it causes your body to become dehydrated faster. It brings about serious problems with increased pressure.

A relatively new country - Vietnam, has mass potential to become your destination for scuba diving. In terms of breathtaking beaches and thousands of roads traveling through a vibrant metropolis, Vietnam is a site for those fond of natural beauty and cultural experiences. With these hints above, we hope that you will have an amazing adventure. Summer is ready to shake you up. Coming to Vietnam and you know that all tips above will work out!

No more time for hesitance, please contact us to book your Vietnam tours to combine with your diving experience!

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