Definitive Guide to Do Snorkeling Vietnam

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Vietnam has a lot of beautiful islands and bays, which are home to a great variety of plant and animal species in the underwater world, especially coral reefs. Exploring the ocean by snorkeling becomes one of the most exciting experiences when travelling in Vietnam. You will be able to see a lively world under the ocean. See the Definitive Guide for Snorkeling in Vietnam below and you find useful information there.

Snorkelling is one of the best things to do in Vietnam which you should not miss because the long coastline offers great beach and island. Let's learn detail about it with us via this article below:

About snorkeling Vietnam

With more than 3600kms of coastline & 2000 islands, Vietnam offers ample opportunities for snorkelling. When snorkelling in Vietnam, you will have chances to see rare species of fish such as frogfish, paper fish, and cowfish, a selection of soft and hard corals, or even sharks, rays, turtles, and dugongs.

The best places for snorkelling in Vietnam belong to the centre and south Vietnam with pleasant weather for snorkelling most of the time during the year. Temperate on the central coast near Danang or Nha Trang ranges between 72°F - 85°F with the coolest temperatures occurring between November to March while southern Vietnam is a bit warmer and the water temperatures range between 74°F - 90°F.

Moreover, water visibility in these regions varies based on the season, but you can expect to be able to see at least 20 feet. You can snorkel 40 feet more during the dry season.

Best places to snorkeling in Vietnam

Throughout Vietnam, there are many places for snorkelling. Here is the list of top 6 sites for snorkelling in Vietnam that await you to explore

1. Cham Island Hoi An

Cham island is a group of eight islands located 15 km from the centre of Hoi An. It is one of the most popular snorkelling destinations in Vietnam. The island has many beautiful beaches and fishing villages and home to a large variety of marine wonders including beautiful coral reefs. Exploring the deep blue depths of the oceanic paradise on Cham island is definitely an unforgettable experience, so do not miss it. It is not recommended to snorkel or engage in any water sports during the monsoon season ie., between October and February.

Snorkeling in Cham Island

Snorkeling in Cham Island


2. Nha Trang Island

Travelling a bit down south from Hoian is Nha Trang, one of the most attractive beach cities in Vietnam. Crystal clear water with perfect visibility, beautiful tropical fish, and coral make Nha Trang the ideal place in Vietnam to go snorkel. The sea around Nha Trang is extremely diverse, so while snorkelling you can expect to see all kinds of interesting sea creatures including putter fish, butterflyfish, moray eels, and beautiful corals all around you. Snorkelling sites in Nha Trang are not far away from the city, so you can easily find one to visit among the recommended snorkelling spots below:

Hon Mun: It is located in a protected marine area that is home to at least 300 different kinds of corals and more than a thousand species of fish. The island is just 45 minutes away from the city by boat. During the peak season, this area becomes filled with tourists and boats which is still great snorkelling here. The waters are very clear, the coral reef is so colourful & lively, so you can even see the bottom from the boat.

Hon Ong or Whale Island: A bit north from the city, Van Phong Bay is stunning Whale Island or Hon Ong, which is less touristy than Hon Mun island, making it a perfect escape from all the bustle and noise of the city. Besides, snorkelling here, tourists can join many other water activities like diving and kayaking.

Hon Lao or Monkey Island: located just off the coast of Nha Trang in Nha Phu lagoon, which is home to more than 1000 monkeys. This island has a very clear sea, colourful coral reefs, and many kinds of sea life. The water level is from 3 to 5 meters, so it is good for beginners or families with kids who want to experience snorkelling here.

Snokerling in Nha Trang

Snokerling in Nha Trang


3. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc island is filled with romantic beaches and many evergreen forests. The water is crystal clear, calm, the sand is white and the ocean has great visibility. Snorkelling in Phu Quoc, you may not see the big fish, but numerous schools of small fish along with large coral reefs. The entire island is filled with a variety of sea life and the islands are preserved very well, which makes it best suited for snorkelling.


4. Con Dao Island

Con Dao island which consists of are a group of 16 islets with warm water all year long, healthy coral reefs are the ideal place for snorkelling in the south of Vietnam. The island has plenty of places suitable for snorkelling, and you can see a wide range of animal life near the seas, some of which appear in the list of endangered species in the world. Top places for snorkelling in Con Dao are:

Ong Dung beach: It is located on Con Son island has a reef located about 700m to 1000m from the shore. Snorkelling here, you will be able to see clams, parrotfish, hard coral, carbs... The current sometimes is strong, the visibility is not at its greatest, but the reef is really healthy

Dam Trau beach: It is located near Con Dao airport. Like Ong Dung beach, the current in Dam Trau beach is quite strong, the visibility is not the greatest, but you will have a chance to spot the blue turtle while snorkelling.

Snorkelling in Con Dao Island

Snorkelling in Con Dao Island


5. Son Tra - Da Nang

About a 20-minute drive from the Danang city is Son Tra Peninsula, which is known as a diverse natural conservation area with a large number of underwater creatures. Snorkelling deep into the blue waters of Son Tra, tourists can see a beautiful ecosystem including coral reefs in all shapes and colours such as countertops, deer horn, and many species of fish, eel, lobster, scorpionfish, tigerfish… Bai Nghe Beach is the favourite place for snorkelling in Son Tra. The Coral Reefs are so large here that you can see them from the Canoe itself.


6.  Vinh Hy Bay (Phan Rang)

Being one of the four most beautiful bays in Vietnam, Vinh Hy bay is an unspoiled area of Vietnam's coastline, just about a one-hour drive from Phan Rang city centre. The bay is a great destination for those who would love natural scenery and life under the water. Vinh Hy Bay is green all year round with more than 300 species of coral. Snorkelling is a great way to explore a colourful world under the sea and admire the splendid beauty of the coral forest swaying underwater.

Tips & Experience

- Do not touch the marine life while you are snorkelling in Vietnam because they can be poisonous.
- Pay attention to information like current, the size of waves and swell, and wind speeds, and any other potential hazards.
- Do not forget to use sunscreen and hydrate yourself well before snorkelling.
- Do not forget to use a mask, fins and snorkel fit snugly & check your equipment carefully
- Go snorkelling with a friend or an instructor

Snorkeling in Vietnam

Kids love snorkelling

Vietnam with its beautiful seas and bays will definitely please your passion for snorkelling. If you are looking for other adventures like motorbiking, trekking or biking, please visit our Vietnam adventure tours to find the best one.

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