Motorbiking in Vietnam

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No visit to Vietnam can be considered complete without a ride on a motorbike. Riding in Vietnam is fun and you will be able to have a deeper understanding of Vietnam and Vietnamese people

Riding in a new country can be a little bit challenging, however under the guidance of the tour guide or local people, you will love it. The below article will provide brief information about riding a motorbike in Vietnam, the best places for riding and some tips.

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Food tour on a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh city

Overview of Motorbiking in Vietnam

Road in Vietnam is quite poor and there is heavy traffic, especially in rush hours. Roadsides are filled with stalls, markets, and livestock. However, Vietnam is still among the best countries for tourists to explore on the motorbike. When you know the traffic rule in Vietnam and be able to choose the road which is suitable for you, you will have a great experience on the road. You can choose either to explore the big cities on the bike, it is highly recommended to sign up for a motorbike tour. Under the instruction of the tour guide, you will learn how to ride in the chaotic traffic, provide you the necessary gear, and few extra precautions you may want to consider. Another way to explore Vietnam is by going off the beaten track to remote areas like Ha Giang, or northern provinces.
It can be a little bit annoying when you hear other vehicles keep beeping all the time. You had better get used to it, learn some of local laws and customs which are not even written in books. Ridding in Vietnam needs patience and understanding. If you want to change direction or move to another place. You should use the signal on the motorbike and more importantly, look directly where you are going so other people know where you are headed. If you need to cross oncoming traffic, do so slowly and steadily; everyone will get out of your way.

Best places for riding a motorbike

1. Happiness Road in Ha Giang

The road of happiness is one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam. It has a total length of 185 kilometers, running from Ha Giang City to Dong Van and Meo Vac. The first 20 km is flat, then you go up and down on the winding & high passes along mountain slopes, pass by beautiful places like limestone walls, granite outcrops, rice terraced fields, layers of pine forests. On the way, you can stop at some places like Dong Van districts to visit Lung Cu flag tower, Vuong palaces & weekly markets, Ma Pi Leng Pass with numerous viewpoints above vertical cliff walls.

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Road of Happiness in Ha Giang

2. Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass or “ocean cloud pass” is one of the popular and stunning mountain passes in Vietnam with hairpin turns along with lush jungles, the sea on one side, and the rest of Vietnam on the other. It is a 13-mile pass connecting Danang and Hue. The pass is famous for the Hai Van Gate national relic site and The Old French Bunker. A lot of people come here to ‘hunt clouds’ because white clouds cover the top of the pass all year round. You can also stopover at Lang Co lagoon, Elephant Springs, and beaches for relaxing.

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Hai Van Pass

3. Saigon – Dalat – Nha Trang

It is 600 km enchanting coastal road taking you along beaches and mountains without the hassle of the busy roads. The first part of the road is from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne, passing by mangrove forests, pristine beaches, and mountain scenery. You can spend a few days in Mui Ne which is considered as Hawaii in Vietnam to recover, then continue the road to Dalat, passing Dai Ninh and Prenn passes. The road from Dalat to Nha Trang is the most beautiful road where you pass by farmlands and rolling hills, and the Long Lanh Pass.

4. In the cities:

Every city in Vietnam, you can use a motorbike to explore. You can choose the food tour on a motorbike. Food tour on a motorbike in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hoian is among the best motorbike tour in Vietnam. Joining the tour, you can either ride your own bike or seatback. The tour guide will bring you to the places which you never know when exploring the city on your own. You will be able to taste delicious Vietnamese food. It can be a little bit challenging for the 1st time driving in the big city, but with the help of the tour guide, you will get used to it

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Motorbike tour in Hanoi

Tips & Experience

• Be careful when driving, especially when crossing the junctions because not all drivers follow traffic lights and signals
• Watch for obstructions like animals on the road: cows, dogs, rats, snakes, monkeys.
• Get used to the use of horns by the locals, because local custom demands they be used often and use the horn to let other drivers know you’re there.
• Be careful of trucks and buses.
• Check the motorbike carefully before driving
• Bring water with you

Motorbiking in Vietnam

Have fun with riding motorbike in Vietnam

Hope that the above information is helpful. If you want us to arrange a motorbike tour in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact us.

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